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EA Totally Confident in Wii U Online Functions

Posted by James Newton

Digs controller too

Electronic Arts' chief operating officer Peter Moore has been around the block once or twice in this industry. He first came to gamers' attention at SEGA of America before he moved to spearhead Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360, and he was recently promoted to COO of the company after being president of its EA Sports division. He's known for being a straight-talker, and in a recent interview praised Nintendo's vision with the new Wii U console.

While some developers have been quick to call the console a 'stopgap', Moore is adamant it's anything but:

I don't think that's going to be the case, and here's why. I think the controller [is huge]. This is not about specs any more... In the early days of our industry, this stuff was absolutely about how much better the games looked... Now it's about interfaces. Now it's about building a community in a rich, powerful way.

In the past Nintendo hasn't had huge success building online communities for its consoles, but Moore is confident again that the console will be a significant improvement:

It’s critically important to us and we are relieved, if anything else, that they have made a huge commitment that they have presented to us. I think Nintendo totally gets that multi-player, building community, co-op play, having the ability to bring games that are deeper — all of these things are now very important.

Nintendo is promising a massive leap with Wii U's online set-up, and EA seems pleased so far. What new feature would please you most about Wii U's internet capabilities?


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LordJumpMad said:

Peter Moore...
Like him or not,but if hes working on a better online for Nintendo.
Then I'm all for it.
Admit it or not, the Wii's online was piss poor,
and the Wii U bests not repeat it.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Personally I could care less about online gaming. If the improve the Shop Channel and up the file size restrictions, and weed out the shovelware that plagues the Wiiware site I will be more than happy.



Dizzard said:

It feels like the reality will probably end up being less satisfying somehow.......but I guess we'll wait and see.



Ryno said:

Peter Moore is just excited that his company will sell even more FPS's then ever now with them able to port (add A Wii U exclucive feature of course) games to a Nintendo console.




Yay for vagueness! I really am curious to how the online interface of the Wii U will turn out to be. Unfortunately, all I know for now is that it is customizable in some way from the developers point of view and Ninty is getting some help from 3rd parties to create it.

@Bmagwood: You may not be aware, but "First" posts are very much discouraged in this site (and so are jokes encompassing Corbs and the number seven, for that matter) and it might be useful to keep this in mind for future reference .

Here is a link for more info:



Rapadash6 said:

In his full comment, which isn't all quoted here, Moore makes an excellent point about deminishing returns as far as graphics go. What a lot of people don't realize is that console gaming has always been considered a cheap form of entertainment in the home. What this means is that it's only natural for the progression of graphics technology to slow down because the cost related to make a major jump don't fit the traditional model of marketing and selling home console hardware and software. I think Wii U is in a good position to come play with the big boys and I honestly believe that even if Sony and/or Microsoft try to userper it in the next couple of years, it might not matter if they can't make it affordable to the average consumer, not to mention the astronomical increase in development costs for publishers. Wii U might just be the sweet spot they've been looking for, assuming the hardware is more flexable this time around.



motang said:

I just hope Wii U would be leaps and bounds that of the Wii, I think the whole 3DS price drop and such was a wake up call for Nintendo to get with the times.



Gameday said:

If they screw up overall this time , there will be no forgiveness. I mean u cant talk about how ur not happy about ur own previous system , and have all this insight on the next and basically fail. Come on nintendo i expect greater things this time around. Lets get it. 3 words "Its Gameday Baby"



OorWullie said:

Why do so may people on here say 'could care less'?.It is 'couldn't care less' .I have noticed others correcting certain posters before but still the trend continues.



ArcadianDeep6er said:

I have faith in EA I hope they can break my personal cycle of sadness with this new fofangled idea.....All power to you guys......and will I am atit........Nintendo.....I have faith in you.....I believe in you....please dont fail me....



daznsaz said:

in the picture it looks like hes saying this is the size of just 1 of my wifes melons. lucky man



Splat said:

Every time I start to get excited for Wii U I remember the controller and excitement gone.



SunnySnivy said:

@19 Lol. So quick to not like it just because the controller is a giant? Have you played with it? If not, then how do you know it sucks?

Anyway, I'm excited for the Wii U. I hope the online is as great as they're hyping it up to be!



Bankai said:

Everyone remember how EA was so enthusiastic about the 3DS?

And we got that Sims game. So very enthusiastic indeed.



JimLad said:

I have faith in EA's online because they will use EA Nation.
But the lack of details regarding Nintendo's online makes me think it will be a let down, just like the Wii's 'wow' graphics.
If they don't at least introduce active friends lists, and a headset from the get go, then they will fail. Hardcore online gamers won't buy it, and in turn third parties won't support it.
Also they need to increase the filesize limit on WiiWare massively, and ship the console with a good SD card.
Only then will they be ready to compete.




1. I think they should have their own achievement system that would be nice like it would be AWESOME if everytime you did an achievement you would hear the coin sound from Mario Bros.

2. Cross game chat

3. Give the developers and gamers as much freedom as possible unlike Microsoft.

4. Strick non hacking rules just like the 3DS's.

5. For the WiiU shop channal do almost exactly what your doing with the 3DS eShop except even better if you can. Oh and have all of the great rare Wii games on there from the get go to like No More Heroes AND have a blazing fast download speed I don't want to have to be waiting 2 days just to download one little demo like the 360 and PS3 when the PC can download the full game Portal 2 in 15 minutes.

6. Have a new headset avalible from the get go.

7. Lastly just keep the games coming!!



KiroX777 said:

Online better be better like EA is claiming. We need active friends list w/o friend codes i want my wiiu able to recieve friend requests unlike 3ds and wii. I jusy cant seem to understand why nintendo holds out on us with these features they know we all want and try to go out their way to be hardheaded and try to tell US gamers what we want "oh no a second slidepad for 3ds isnt neccessary at all my fellow gamers we must listen to nintendo! We dont know what we want hey and its 250! Its a STEAL!" THIS JUST IN: Sony announces ngp with dual analogs better graphics and resolution than 3ds more features like multitouch touch screen and a rear touchpad. All for 250!
Me: "ugh fml..."
The fanboys never listen, staying 100% loyal is actually hurting nintendo giving them false beliefs that they are top gun so they put out stuff with only half their effort with a simple price tag just for money, gamer's happiness comes around last otherwise 3ds and wii would have been so beast and full of life!



ZNemerald said:

Come to think of it. A sims game could do well on the wii - u and I am not talking about the dumbed down versions for the gba and ds. I am saying the pc version. Than again, the wii - U might not have a big hard drive for custom content and etc.

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