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New Video Explains the Differences in Pokemon Black and White

Posted by James Newton

A little late, we know

Pokémon Black and White: still haven't made up your mind which version to go for? Let Nintendo's helpful new video explain a few of the differences between the two games.

Each version features an exclusive area and unique monsters to nab, as well as a few other quirks that are best discovered yourself. Find out more by reading our Pokémon Black and White review and checking out the video below:

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Lan said:

i just wanna say i really like this site. the people are super friendly and the layout is really nice



Lan said:

i've been here a while but i'm just now realizing how good it is. kinda reminds me of the old Nsider forums



Homer_Simpson said:

Any chance you guys could embed your videos in YouTube format? Would make it a lot easier for us iPhone users to view



Roopa132 said:

Well not too late for me
I sold my DSi so I didn't keep up with Black & White news but when I get my 3DS I'll get Pokémon White. I just like nature and beautiful old towns better than modern and futuristic cities.



Kirk said:

@ Dylan1

I totally agree.

It's one of the very best designed and laid out games sites I've seen.



Pogocoop said:


This game is by all means Not short at all! I got 32 hours just to get to the league the first time, (have to beat it a second time to actually win)
and my play time right now is 99:46



BulbasaurusRex said:

I got White Version for 2 reasons: I'll get to catch an electric type legendary, and the 8th gym leader is Iris instead of Drayden.



Detective_TeeJay said:

I really should have gotten White, for the reasons Rex mentioned plus the fact the EVERYBODY ELSE ALSO HAS BLACK!! D: D:



TingLz said:

@TeeJay: Even though I have Black, everyone I know has White

Therefore they must come to me to unlock stuff in their forest!!



CanisWolfred said:

I'm pretty glad I got Black, personally. It's nice to see a hyper Advanced city rather than an old one.



PSICOffee said:

That video explained nothing. So there is a city in the black version and a forest in the white version. What about them? This doesn't help me decide which version to get AT ALL.



warioswoods said:

Maybe it's not late... the purpose of the video might be to entice a few hardcore fans to pick up the other half and complete the set.

Anyhow, I've still never played a Pokemon game, but this one looks streamlined enough to tempt me, if only it were at a discounted price or something.



TKOWL said:

Reuniclus > Gothitelle
Braviary > Mandibuzz
White Forest > Black City
Zekrom > Reshiram, the white dragon with crotch fur
White Opeliud City > Black Opeliud City, though both of their musics are awesome
Iris > Drayden

So I think people should get White first.



Henmii said:

What I found to be funny is that most people in Holland go for the white version. I don't know wich version is better, but it looks like people associate white more with positive stuff.

I haven't bought either version, but if I would I'll probably would go for the Black version, since I associate that with more edge. A edgier game. I could be totally wrong though!



Chunky_Droid said:

I just got the White version purely because Zekrom looked cooler, then I traded a Manaphy I got from the old Pokemon Ranger game on the GTS and got Reshiram anyway.

So meh!

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