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Prepare for a Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion on 3DS

Posted by James Newton

See Samurai Jack inside

Back in October, Crave Games announced it was bringing a Cartoon Network game to 3DS, and now we have more details and gameplay footage too.

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, despite sounding like a five word story about a particularly bad babysitting experience, is a 3DS fighting game from Papaya Studios. Featuring 18 characters from 11 series, including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory and Chowder, there'll be multiplayer wi-fi play as well as a single-player story mode.

Below you'll find footage of Samurai Jack slashing Ben 10 to pieces. If that doesn't float your boat, you won't be looking forward to Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion's launch on 3DS this Spring.

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Megumi said:, reviews first...these type of games always turn out, well, horrid, lol.



Megumi said:

I'll wait when they do Nintendo vs. Cartoon Network, like that'll ever happen....but it would be awesome. I could just imagine going up against the Powerpuff Girls with Wario and use the Wario Waft on them. (...except Bubbles, lol)



JoeDiddley said:

At this rate maybe the 3DS will turn into the next home for fighters. Like a kinda NEO GEO for the 21st century



pikku said:

Me, looks REAAALLY boring
When I first saw it, I though it was 3D, not just 2.5D, but this still looks like a DS game.



BulbasaurusRex said:

One word: Awesome!

I hope they also include some more recent shows like Sym-Bionic Titan and Generator Rex.



Kid_A said:

It's a 3D game? Yuck. If it was a 2D fighter I'd be all over it--those are three of the most visually striking cartoons in recent memory, and they'd look fantastic in stereoscopic 3D. Polygons can't do these cartoons justice. I'll pass.



OverlordMao said:

In actuality though, I love Cartoon Network, but I doubt they'd be able to pull off a good game of it, especially if it's a clone of beat 'em ups.



Ryon said:

its super smash brothers except with cartoon network characters, based off the way the animations are.



Sylverstone said:

I'm a big supporter of the game (I visit the fan page on FB and chip in my two cents) and I'm definitely hopeful.



NintyMan said:

I hope it turns out all right. Visuals don't wow me, but if the gameplay is crisp then it should be nice. A review will cast me a final judgment.



MasterGraveheart said:

Hmmm... not bad, if not a hair repetative-looking. Hopefully with the likes of the PowerPuff Girls, Dexter, and hopefully Johnny Bravo, it'll vary things up.



TingLz said:

I'm neutral to Ben 10. I don't really care either Samurai Jack on the other hand...that's a good show. Rest in peace Mako (Aku)



MasterGraveheart said:

Okay everyone, I've thought this out. Taking into consideration that they can't use Hanna Barbara characters (Sorry Space Ghost and Birdman), I've come up with who these "18 characters from 11 shows" could theoreticaly be.

Samurai Jack - Jack and The Scotsman
Megas XLR - Coop riding Megas
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Juniper Lee (duh)
Ben 10 - Ben (double duh)
Powerpuff Girls - Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
Johnny Bravo - Johnny Bravo (triple duh)
Grim & Evil - Grim
Dexter's Laboratory - Dexter
Codename Kids Next Door - #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5
Courage the Cowardly Dog - Courage
Time Squad - Buck Tuddrussel

There you are. Eleven of Cartoon Networks most popular shows, with apologies to Ed, Edd, & Eddy and Cow & Chicken (okay, maybe not so much) and eighteen characters from those help me I can't believe I actually researched Cartoon Network original cartoons! >.>

Still... the prospect of riding around in Megas... fingers crossed!



HappyHappy said:

Looks cool, but I am really disappointed by the new voices for some of the characters especially Flapjack.



ChildishHero said:

Now, while Jack beating the ever living crap out of Ben 10 does amuse me, it still won't get me to buy that. From past experiences with games like these, esspecially Gameboy Advance Cartoon Network games, I can't trust it. Even Chowder's adorable voice can't convince me, and when that can't nothing can.

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