Japan's Minna No Theater Channel Closes Its Curtains

It's a wrap for the WiiWare video rental service

Since its launch back in January 2009, Japan's Minna No Theater (Everyone's Wii Theater) service allowed users to stream rented video content on their Wii consoles, and half a year later, the service got a boost when homegrown and international films were added to the selection of various television shows.

So it's unfortunate to see that the video-on-demand service will no longer be receiving improvements and additions, instead, the service will actually be terminated later this year. The Wii Theater website states that users will no longer be able to download the channel from 30th April.

Kanagawa-based Fujisoft, the company behind the VOD service has stated that the service will stop this October, apparently because of increasing competition from PCs and Internet-connected televisions, and smartphones.

[via kotaku.com]

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