Now on Wii in Japan.

Video services are breaking through on consoles in the West: Netflix is up and running on Xbox 360 in the US, with SkyTV coming soon for the UK, and Sony has their own iTunes-like video store. Nintendo? Not so much over here, but in the company's homeland it's a totally different story.

In addition to the Nintendo's own quirky Wii no Ma service, Fuji Soft announced today that it will add movies to its current channel Minna no Theater Wii (Everyone's Theater Wii) service tomorrow (June 17), which until now has been populated mostly with episode rentals of Astro Boy, Transformers and other anime.

To kick things off, the service will offer 34 Western movies, including the 1996 flick Mission: Impossible and Breakfast at Tiffany's, which surely will set some viewers ablaze with joy. Korean and Japanese films will be added at some point too, and around 250 movies will eventually be added, Fuji Soft says. Presumably, if the service is enough of a hit then more movies will surely make it to the channel.

On top of the 500 point entry cost for the channel itself, viewing fees start at 300 points for a two-day period for "DVD-quality" streamed video, which is on par with other online video-renting services such as the Xbox Live Marketplace and iTunes.

Would you want a service like this? Would you pay for a service like this?