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3DS Won't Be This Cheap Forever Says Nintendo UK

Posted by James Newton

Say buy buy to low prices

Amazon's 3DS price of £187 caused plenty of commotion on the Internet ocean, then Tesco trumped them with £175. If you think this is just the start of a price war, you may be disapointed.

Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell spoke to Eurogamer about the console's opening offers, and warned customers not to stick around too long:

I'm not sure a lot of those offers will be there for the long term. Those are great offers for the launch. There's huge amount of noise and hype around the launch. Those prices will start to revert a bit. Clearly people are trying to get as many possible sales as they can in these first couple of days. After that, perhaps a little more normality will come back to the market and you'll see that creep up again.

In other words, buy your console now if you want it cheap, or hedge your bets and run the risk of paying more in the long run. Tough choice.


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edhe said:

If the 3DS had games I wanted, I can assure Nintendo UK I'd be rushing out to buy one.

And the reduced price is just about right, thank you very much - especially when you compare it to how much they're selling for in North America.



Bass_X0 said:

I'll pay £200 at most. But I couldn't buy one right now even if I wanted to.



Chris720 said:

After about a year on the market, they'll be cheaper than this for sure...



StarDust4Ever said:

And it will ALWAYS be this cheap.... If you live in the NTSC region!
Seriously, I feel for you peeps across the pond...



JimLad said:

This might be the beginning of a new trend for hardware releases. :/



Doma said:

LOL, now it’s come to scare tactics. Go ahead and solidify my choice to never buy the system in the ‘UK‘.



Ret said:

hmm, i was in tesco today. no mention of £175. all the boxes had £197 on them.



darthstuey said:

Sorry but £175 is not cheap for a handheld, especially considering most folks will own an iPhone or some kind of Android phone.
The reason the Wii was so successful was that it was so much cheaper than the PS3 and XBox 360. At £179 it was an impulse buy- as was the original DS at its launch.
Nintendo have lost sight of this and I feel that this system will not sell any where near the amounts of its predecessors. Saying that, judging by the rumours of the price of Sony's new baby, I may by wrong!!



SennaKurosaki said:

In Holland the Nintendo 3DS costs between €244 (£214, $343) and €250 (£220, $352). But big differences can be found in the price of the games.
Most shops charge €50 (£44, $70) per game, but some (MediaMarkt & Saturn) ask €40 (£35, $56) per game.
Now all of these high prices I call daylight robbery!



Ishmael9100 said:

I think it won't go up. It will always be this cheap. I could get my 3DS for £109 if I trade in my Nintendo DSi XL I got at Christmas. Even if I wanted to do that, I couldn't. Because I would then need £109 which I don't have.



bestbuck said:

Give us a break, Buy it quick before it goes up in price. Ha.
The next 6 months will tell if its going up or down in price.



imi said:

It is too expensive for me at the moment, but I don't mind waiting because there are still games I have to play for DS. I'll get it eventually though!



Capt_N said:

I'll wait some time, since I don't want a radiated DS. & I mean no disrespect to Japan over the disasters going on there. I'm just saying all tech coming from there has already been stated by news sources to have been negatively affected; that some of the radiation has done damage to the chips, & such.

There were however, shipments of electronics made prior to those disasters. I think it's possible the 3DS might have been one tech device that got @ least one shipment over here prior.

Edit: I also can't afford a 3DS now.



Buster13 said:

@ Capt N: From my understanding, while Nintendo is a Japanese-based company, their consoles are actually mass produced in China. The consoles that arrive on western shores may never have even been to Japan.



cheapogamer4life said:

@ 12:
I read somewhere that the retailers,not Nintendo, made the prices of the UK version of the 3ds so high. Nintendo only listed a suggested price for the US 3ds at 249.99.



colmtheperson said:

Cheap? It's €250... I can get a Wii sports resort bundle for €199!!!! Who makes up the prices at Nintendo?

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