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Sakurai Gives Tips on Optimum Conditions When Playing 3DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

Sound advice of the visual-kind

We all know that there's a certain "sweet spot" we have to be positioned in if we are going to get the best out of the 3D effect on the 3DS, but what else can we do to make the visuals really jump out at you? According to Masahiro Sakurai, not fidgeting would help.

The Project Sora director behind the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising has been tweeting responses to his followers lately, one of which was in relation to the effect shaky hands can have on the machine's 3D output. By no means mandatory requirements, Sakurai suggests keeping the 3DS still and adjusting the slider to prevent eyes from tiring.

From Nintendo Life's hands-on time with the 3DS, we can tell you that the aforementioned "sweet spot" is a decent size so unless you're moving erratically for whatever reason, you shouldn't miss out on the 3-dimensions too easily. Perhaps you should think of it as trying to read a newspaper on a bumpy train; it can cause minor blurring, but it's still feasible and the end of the world is still a way away.


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zezhyrule said:

Interesting... Guess playing on the road is out of question? At least in 3D it seems.



Token_Girl said:

I'd imagine you'd probably be fine in a car most of the time. I can see the metro getting a bit bumpy for this though. Times like this are what the slider is for after all. 3DS temporarily 2DS. Sorry for the convenience.



HeroOfTime007 said:

"you should think of it as trying to read a newspaper on a bumpy train; it can cause minor blurring, but it's still feasible and the end of the world is still a way away."

Very good analogy, thats exactly how I would describe it. But of course anti nintendo people will complain and exaggerate the sweet spot anyway.



NintyMan said:

Nice points. The sweet spot shouldn't be so easy to get out of with a slight bump, it's not like you have to zero-in on the screen and firmly stay there. That would be a little uncomfortable.



TKOWL said:

I'm sure bumps in a car wouldn't cause too much 3D trouble, but I think the motion and gyro sensor might get confused.



Tasuki said:

This is sounding more and more like a joke and quite possible Nintendo's next flop. Come on who honestly sits still when playing a portable game system. They are made for you to move around while playing them thats the convince behind them. Take it from me its not always easy to find that "sweet spot" when you are riding the bus on a bumpy road or taking a train to work. Man I was thinking of getting one but I dont know now maybe if it survives longer than the Virtual Boy than I might consider getting it.



Azikira said:

In all honesty, i'll probably be playing my 3DS in 2D a lot. After all, it saves power, and I wont need it for every game (Animal Crossing, anyone?). But when it comes to Star Fox, I think the 3D is a must. XD DO A BARREL ROLL.



Zach said:

I read and play games on bumpy bus rides all the time and while it makes me kind of dizzy, that's no fault of the DS's or the book's. I think people are thinking of the worst possible scenarios for the 3DS because they're having a hard time believing that it's really as cool as it is. These are just suggestions from Sakurai, not requirements.



Arcanum said:

What @Azikira said. Not every game will look too different if the 3D isn't on. but a lot of games will look better in 3D.

And @Tasuki You don't NEED to turn on the 3D you know. Just because it won't be that effective on a bus or train and it would be while your sitting still, doesn't mean that it's condemned. If your on one of these vehicles while playing the 3DS then simply: go to the top screen and on the right side of it there is a small slider. If you simply move the slider down, magically, it will go back to 2D O.o
(I think thats basically why there is a 3D slider)



zezhyrule said:

@11: Who plays a game system while walking anyway? I like to actually see where I'm walking



MasterGraveheart said:

The next generation of 3DS probably won't have a sweet spot, so give technology some time. I don't fidgit when I play... except when I'm falling asleep, so...



irken004 said:

I'm always home when I play my DS, I rarely take it out in public unless I'm going on a trip somewhere. I'll be using the 3D effects to THE EXTREEEME!!!



triforceofcourage said:

I don't see this as being a problem at all. Unless of course your using the motion/gyrosensors. They might want you to turn 3D off for that when using it in a game but i doubt i would cause that much of a problem depending on what kind of motion. I geuss we will just have to wait and see.
...Wow. Do just feel the need to move your head and system around all the time to make it feel like your in an actual mariokart or spaceship... Portable games are meant to be portable! Not to be played while rolling down the stairs, or jumping on a trampoline! The convienince is in playing them somewhere that you don't have access to a TV. i.e. a car ride (not too bumpy), or at a family reunion you dont want to be at. Alls you need to do is keep your head behind the screen, And keep the screen in front of your head.



Ren said:

Am I missing something here? Is this not something that is months away from release? how is this "tip" relevant or useful to anyone for anything? I don't get how any factoids ever make sense about this 3d stuff if no one has been able to even see it work at all yet. Can't we stop speculating about it until someone has played it?
It's like saying: "be sure and adjust your TV settings when you hook up your Wii 2 to fit with whatever it might do whenever it happens in a few years". talk about fanboy banter.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tasuki: In my experience, most people I see playing while walking are kids. Probably just don't know any better.

That said, I've done such myself on occasion. I limit it to turn-based stuff I can look up from easily, though, so as to avoid embarrassing and/or painful collisions.



Capt_N said:

I just wanna see if my eyes can handle the 3DS, & if there's any issues, tolerate the 3DS, or not.



CowLaunch said:

I'm not that bothered, I want a more powerful handheld that can play better games, the 3D is an enhancement for certain games for me.

I don't play Wii for the motion controls, I play it because it has good games. Some utilise it very well, like the Mario Galaxies, others, like Smash Bros. don't, it's not an issue, I choose not to use motion controls in quite a few games.

And on the 3DS the option to not use the 3D effect is easier than changing controls on Wii, so not an issue.

Personally, I don't think 3DS will be as successful as DS, but I certainly don't think it'll flop like the Virtual Boy. I see it as a nice bonus, but I do find this 'new' (I use the word advisedly as of course it isn't exactly new) trend for 3D slightly bewildering. I'll be glad to buy the next Nintendo handheld which has a 3D option, but I'm in no rush to get a 3D TV or anything.



Kreegs07 said:

"but what else can we do to make the visuals really jump out at you?"

Well take LSD of course!



DAaaMan64 said:

I beat Red Alarm the day I got my VB (4 hours). I can handle a little blur from a bump no problem.



LittleIrves said:

@DAaaMan64: Teach me your ways! Red Alarm is tough stuff, man. I can barely get to the 2nd level. I might have to truck through it in anticipation of Star Fox 64 3D.
The Newspaper-on-the-subway example seems spot on. I'm not too concerned... although yes, until I see this thing in my own hands, I really have no idea what I'm talking about. Can't wait for news out of Nintendo World 2011 and then the 19th.... ooh we're close.



lex0plex said:

Hmm, I believe that the actual 3DS will look different than I pictured. I thought that the visuals would be popping out no mater what angle you look at it (like a hologram). I guess that was too far fetched. I feel like this system will be the kind of disappointment that I got from looking at 3D TVs... the 3D just isn't as good as you think its going to be.



Arcader18 said:

@Tasuki ... It's hilarious to read your comment about this, first of all... HONESTLY, many people like me, if not a huge part of handheld users, sit still to play with the device in matter... In fact I always play when I'm in bed or chilling in the garden with my earphones on. Unlike what you say, it only makes me seasick thinking of playing in a bumpy bus ride or even walking. The fact that it is portable doesn't mean that it was made for use in situations which involve movement. (just my opinion, not meant to be generalized)

The other thing that made me lol'd was the mention you made about getting one if it survive more than than Virtual Boy did... little bit of history lessons: VB wasn't made to replace Game Boy, it was just a piece of hardware that Nintendo did trying to take advantage of the "boom" of Virtual Reality that the society was having in that time (a common thing of what nintendo is doing now with 3D and 3DS). It was not a technical advance nor it was a portable device at all. The huge difference is that 3DS is not meant to be a DS with barely "3D capability" and nicer design, It is a huge technical advance to DS despite of the 3D usage. I invite to read and compare DS and 3DS tech specifications so you can see it was made to slowly replace DS. Also 3DS isn't a full 3D handheld so it is not the greatest thing 3DS has to offer, like lex0plex says, 3D just isn't as good as you think its going to be, the real deal are the graphics, it's a little bit contradictory with the parameters that DS has set to us "even the crappier graphics can make a game far better and funnier than a graphical masterpiece" but well they are welcomed with arms opened. Also I'd like to see a better version of the Internet Browser, with all the technical upgrades, I think that they can add Java script and many other thing, same thing with the formats that 3DS could handle....and oh well it's just matter of time... Let's wait to see Nintendo's surprises. Sorry if I sounded rude or something, i was just saying my point of view. Greetings Tasuki and all NL community !!!

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