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The DK Rap Isn't the Greatest Donkey Kong Song Any More

Posted by James Newton

If it ever was, in fact

Lucky American readers can get their simian fingers on Donkey Kong Country Returns today, but to give your gaming thumbs a rest have a listen to this Donkey Kong song.

Put together by Chad Nikolaus and Angie Griffin, the song takes more than a bit of inspiration from Taio Cruz's Dynamite but with a distinctly DK twist. It's a fun watch so watch and enjoy, and check out our Donkey Kong Country Returns review to celebrate the monkey's return.

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TheBaconator said:

Saw this one a while back, and, no it can never be better then the DK Rap. Not even close. I find this one kind of annoying actually.
And watch the use of the caption in the picture. That's trademarked now.



NintyMan said:

Nice! This is was in the Donkey Kong Country Returns thread too, so I've seen this appear before. Still like the DK Rap though.



Kevin said:

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hated that piece of crap. The DK Rap is WAY better.



Punny said:

This song is so cheesy that it's good. At least it's better than the "Mario Drawing Song."
Bonus points for the attractive Diddy Kong...



V8_Ninja said:

For some reason, this just makes me want to murder every pop musician twice over.



Awesoman said:

The rap was better. But I like the cute gal in this video. Hooray for cute girls!



Kaeobais said:

Yeah, I gotta agree with the people saying this is bad. I found it really annoying, to be honest. DK64 rap is better by a million.



Link-Hero said:

Even though I never really cared for the original DK Rap, it's at least 100x better then this piece of crap. This song is just so annoying and obnoxious!



Gamesake said:

This is just internet smut using DK as an excuse to watch women eat bananas -but if it helps kill the DK Rap I can dig it.



Big_A2 said:

@26.Ravage: Yeah, I know! They should have totally used Don't Fear The Reaper instead!




omg that made my day. Rap is better but hilarious obvious rip of dynamite + cute girl with...ahem stars is awesome!



LittleIrves said:

Cute Diddy, yes. Song, no.
(though I agee with Token Girl, the Miyamoto part was well-played)
I'm more of a Donkey Konga guy, myself.



Vinsanity said:

That's strong like Donkey Kong!
Eff you, Nintendo. It's just not the same now that you had to trademark "the saying".
XD Awesome song though. I'm getting pumped for DKC Returns...even though it's nestled in between Sonic Colors (which is excellent and addictive) and Epic Mickey, which I can't wait for.

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