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GoldenEye's Success "Proves Core Games Sell on Wii"

Posted by James Newton

Bond does the business

GoldenEye 007 had a strong start to its campaign across the UK, selling twice as many units as Blood Stone, and naturally Nintendo is quick to champion the game as proof that core games can succeed on Wii.

Rob Saunders, Nintendo UK's head of communications, spoke to MCV about the game's success, saying:

The sales of GoldenEye show that these titles can and do perform well on Wii – the idea that Wii owners are only after smaller mini-game compilations or first-party titles isn’t true. A good quality title, supported well by both publisher and retail, has just as much chance of performing well as any Nintendo title.

Therein lies the problem, of course: few publishers match Nintendo's clout with retailers and the game-buying public alike, with even giants such as Ubisoft and EA struggling to sell core games on the system. Then again, they didn't have the advantage of the GoldenEye name to resonate with long-time Nintendo gamers.


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turtlelink said:

This, Epic Mickey, and Sonic Colours will show that third party games can do just as well as party and first party games.



OldVikingSchool said:

Sonic Colo"u"rs is awesome and well worth the price imo.
Goldeneye needs a patch, melee is overpowered in online matches.



KrazyKain said:

OldVikingSchool... have you ever played a Cod game? melee is always overpowered, nothing more frustrating then unloading a clip into a guy who was just close enough to punch your face in... but its something I got used to by Cod2



SuperMarioFan96 said:

EA and Ubisoft are struggling to sell games because they aren't advertising said games. It's not like they don't have the money to do so, they just aren't. Just Dance, and even more so it's sequel, have interestingly been advertised (by Ubisoft no less) quite well.



paulcmnt said:

This won't prove 3rd parties do well on Wii. They are the exception, not the rule.



HolyMackerel said:

@Aviator I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but turtlelink said "third party games", not "hardcore games". Sonic Colours is by Sega so it's a third party title.



Aviator said:

Actually, I was laughing that a Sonic game is now considered to be better than a first party game.



Spoony_Tech said:

@4 Just wait till you get a health perk then it takes two hits to take you out. This unfortunately will sell on name and reviews alone. Outside of gameinformer and one or two other media publication it got good ratings!



Varoennauraa said:

In fact even Cod's have been massive hits on Wii when compared to resources that Activision dared to invest to them. Each HD-Ready Cod took 100 man-years to make and World at War + Reflex only took 40 combined. Still their quality didn't stop both Wii's Cods making over a million a piece.



LztheQuack said:

Well maybe EA and Ubisoft should stop saturating the Wii with crappy games and maybe their hardcore games will sell better



Strofan7 said:

Yeah bloodstone looks cruddy. I'm wondering how Goldeneye will affect the sales of Black Ops on Wii though? A dev finally makes a wii game just as fleshed out as an HD (graphics took a hit of course) and they might not be rewarded for it due to Goldeneye. Go figure haha



motang said:

Very good news indeed, if you make a good game then it will get positive press and it will sell. Simple as that.



LuWiiGi said:

Much like Call of Duty Black Ops, it was the name people were buying. I think to find out whether core games will easily sell on Wii we'll have to see how Conduit 2 does.



Dorkvader said:

I think Third Party games can do well on the Wii. Modern Warfare, Black Ops, The Conduit, Guitar Hero and Marvel Ultimate Alliance One & Two (just to name some) all amazing on the Wii. It's just how you make it work and EA and Ubisoft rush there games. the only EA game on the Wii that works is Rock Band



Dorkvader said:

Or i forgot about Uubisoft's Just Dance games (witch i don't like) are selling great



Crunc said:

How well would it have done had Golden Eye also been released for 360 and/or PS3? My guess is probably not very well.



Sneaker13 said:

In Holland GoldenEye only made the Wii list (entered at number 3). In the all platforms list, GoldenEye was nowhere to be found.



Chris720 said:

@8 Activision roll in money... they bathe in money... they're all about the money.

GE is by far a great game, and kind of sets the bar a little higher to expect from a FPS for Wii.

@19 I'd get Little King's Story, but it looks terrible...



Ian_Daemon said:

"GoldenEye's Success 'Proves Core Games Sell on Wii'"
<sarcasm> Yes, and it has nothing to do with its name or perceived nostalgia. </sarcasm> Get real.



Tasuki said:

@25: No it doesnt. Yeah it has some core elements of the story but its a remake. Its different. People like you are just mad cause you cant and dont want to believe that the Wii is capable of a doing a good mature game.



Kid_A said:

This doesn't prove a whole lot, given that Goldeneye is based on an existing, familiar brand. Still, very glad to see that it's selling well.



Gameday said:

@25 & 26 Yea they used the name from the original but the original character is replaced for what reasons quite obvious , Then in the beginning they tried to (trailers) make it look as if they were remaking the original 007. Then later they say its an re-imagining lol whoa whoa whoa , ha i still love this new 007 but do i need to compare it to you know what..? Ha no , i still wish they just took the original levels (even if they added different ones) and just updated them (In Multiplayer Gameplay) I mean thats what made the game "multiplayer'. Nintendo doesn't need to prove what it can do imo , because in the end they choose what they want to do and put out and so forth just like any other company. If they target kids so be it adults like me still want to play games regardless if mature or teen. True gamers play anything need i say more , but yea you notice when there's more of a certain genre of games/ratings. Off subject a bit sorry but i want to say this lol they added melee attacks and perks , just like cod and called it golden eye lol if they put the kill streak in it would be official ha.



JimLad said:

I'm pretty sure it was the name too. I've heard it is a good game, but if it had been multiplatform the Wii version would have got trounced by the other two.

Like I've said before, these 'core' games people keep referring to are almost always either watered down versions of the superior HD releases, or unheard of IPs made to a much smaller budget. Of course they're not going to sell when there's not even any demos to try.

Most Wii owners just don't buy that many games, it's simple.
They were sold a dream of motion controlled gameplay that never really extended beyond Wii Sports/Fit. There are some games that make good use of the Wiimote, but ultimately it's just wave after wave of second rate developers making the same kinds of games we've had for years only with a bit of waggle added in.

Only a new console can buck the trend now.



Varoennauraa said:

I'm pretty sure, that Goldeneye fans didn't really want to buy such an old game again. Which is why this game is new, and modern fps game, made specifically for Wii. Because its made for Wii, its quality bar is raised that one step higher, which makes it easier to sell. With well known brand and massive marketing, you can sell only that many copies, if its quality sucks. Quality = potential of games success.



Gamesake said:

@xDemon720x Trust your instincts.

@Ian_Daemon Anyone who's watched the Activision teaser trailers for GoldenEye can't deny their marketing plan to hype this game off of Rare's past success. But it wouldn't be doing so well if it wasn't also a good game.



thaantman said:

The nostalgia maybe part of the success, but at the end of the day golden eye is completely different from the original and holds its own as a good game. Activision unlike ubisoft & especially ea takes the wii seriously. Take a look at the guitar hero & COD games, they didn't port thoses games from ps2 like alot of lazy developers has been doing, they haven't taken out the online like ea been doing to games like nba jam and the entire nfs series on wii. Heck they even threw in modes you can only get on wii like in the guitar heroes through DS connectivity. All they do is scale down the graphics. Theres 3 things developers do on wii when a multiplatform games is released they either A
give us a crap wii verision, which is usually a ps2 port or a rushed piece of crap that includes choppy framerate, and no online B give us a build from the ground up wii exclusive which usually takes advantage of the wii strengths but can be hit or miss (Shaun white snowboarding, Madden 10 & 11, nfs nitro, etc...) and C give us an exact clone of the HD versions all modes intact, only problem is watered down graphics. Now for example EA just released NFS hot pursuit on all major platforms a game I been looking forward to all year, the wii version was not made by the same developers of the HD versions, and that game looks like utter crap, I've purchased every nfs since underground and this will be the 1st time ill skip over getting the latest nfs game unless I get a ps3 or fix my 360 cause I never seen a nfs game that look so horrendous, look up the game for yourselves and ask me do you think the wii version of NFS hot pursuit will sell well from it's nostalgia, anyone in their right mind would say no, because there was no effort put into the game. Long story short activision makes good wii games, activision makes money, maybe ea & ubisoft should take notes since it really seem to be that difficult for them.



Skotski said:

While you have a point, Little King's Story and Okami were hardly marketed outside of reviews (other than their magazine ads). Not only that, but they were both games where the concept and look made many would-be buyers "think twice" in purchasing.
Okami's concept and art seemed "too foreign" to many --- which is funny, because it sold MORE in the US than in Japan supposedly.



JGMR said:

@thaantman I agree. Only Activision isn't the developer of Goldeneye, that is Eurocom (who has a more than a decent back-catalogue). I really like the new Goldeneye title. It's darker, more varied and quite atmospheric in remaining the Goldeneye essence. Controls work perfect in my opinion. I didn't expect anything from the game, but i was more than overwhelmed by the game. The game is made with lots of dedication and hard work, you can tell that by playing it.



Hardy83 said:

It's okay publishers! Core games DO sell on the Wii system COUGHwithaheavydoesofnostalgia
I mean SURE there are a few dead bodies of games behind us with very marginal games that made it through, most of them bad ironically, but third parties. If you give us your money I guarantee you that their might be a change you may sell a copy or two. COUGHaslongasyouhaveagamethathasexistedyearsagoandislovedbyourlunaticfans....COUGH.



Vinsanity said:

It doesn't prove
All it proves is something most publishers already know; games only sell if you advertise them. Also, there's "power in branding". Hell, that's not even game specific. That's an entertainment industry thing. And it's the reason why Hollywood would rather remake every movie from the 80's than throw a proper budget at most original films; stuff like Inception notwithstanding.

That being said, it DOES say that gamers aren't apathetic to Wii games if they're well made, well covered, and well received. Hope to see ad pushes for Sonic Colors and Epic Mickey then, as those look like the last triple-A games for Wii this year. And I can personally vouch for Sonic Colors' quality; that game is awesome, gorgeous, loaded with content and addictive to play (GOTTA GET ALL THE RED RINGS!!!). It just sucks that most media outlets gloss over wii games, unless they have 'Mario' or 'Zelda' in the title. Pfft to that.

And I didn't forget Retro's triple-A game: DKC Returns doesn't count; Nintendo's behind it, it'll get an ad-push. But Sega and Disney are question marks. They better support their games.



pepsilover2008 said:

@18 conduit 2 will probally do fine it was a somewhat generic game and it sold 200,000 which is pretty good for a third party new ip wii title, and its looking like it improved majorly

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