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Harvest Moon and Little King's Story Creators Join Grasshopper

Posted by James Newton

Suda51, Kimura and Wada create new dream team

Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture should need no introduction to fans of Japanese gaming: its No More Heroes series has attracted plenty of praise from gamers across the world.

Former Marvelous Entertainment men Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura, while not necessarily such familiar names, have both been behind titles beloved everywhere: Wada-san is credited with creating the Harvest Moon series, with Kimura-san's most notable credit being monarchic masterpiece Little King's Story. Now the three Japanese titans have joined forces, Messrs Wada and Kimura joining Grasshopper, Famitsu reveals.

Wada-san becomes the company's chief operating officer, with Kimura-san taking up a role as chief creative officer; Suda-san remains the company's CEO, and he's clearly thrilled at the dual appointment.

Having these two people join Grasshopper will make us a more sturdily-organized company, and it'll improve our development, technical, and release skills.

Wada and Kimura's years of experience will hopefully help Grasshopper to forge ever onward as a developer of quirky, quality titles.


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OldBoy said:

WOAH!! Thats awesome.Can't wait to see what comes from the minds of those three!!



Hokori said:

"No More Little King's Story" (oh thats the name, not saying I dont want a LKS2) You can kill your minions in a bloody way, or command them to kill a boss that shoots a laser beam from his chest. Oh and lets not forget the king who will do anything for love.



JonWahlgren said:

@Metroid_Fan: Single company, not necessarily the same team.

Grasshopper seems to be attracting a whole slew of talent this year, what with Yamaoka hopping aboard and a Mikami collaboration. They're a really exciting developer to watch.



Popyman said:

Oh man, look out game developers, Grasshopper is going to start doing amazing things. Seriously, the talent they've been gathering is mind blowing.



Bankai said:

Interesting. I hope they don't go and try and do something mature because Suda is involved. Something tells me the guys behind Harvest Moon and Little Kings Story aren't going to understand that market. At all.



Punny said:

Make a Harvest Moon game where you can slaughter cows with Beam Katanas! Either that, or make another Little King's Story. I like this news.



EdEN said:

Looking forward to what they'll cook up. Little King's Story deserves a sequel and the 3DS is just screaming for one.



James said:

@Waltz I think Suda51 actually said he'd like to see Grasshopper developer more family-friendly games, so that's probably where Wada and Kimura come in. Whatever they work on, I'm definitely 100% more interested now.



erv said:

Aaaaand grasshopper now has little king's story and no more heroes.

Where do I send my checks?



citizenerased said:

ohhhh damn, grasshopper is full of so much win. I'm so happy to see creativity and innovation win over boring sequels!



XSakiX said:

Harvest moon creators make very cute games but they lack something but are very fun, and the prince game looks amazing. those two companys together could make a great game....



PSICOffee said:

awesome, maybe someday they can stand up to the likes of Capcom and Konami! Marvelous will be no more soon I suppose.

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