When Capcom announced that they were working on a Mega Man Legends 3 project for 3DS, we took this to mean that the name of the upcoming game had yet to be decided. It's now been revealed that the word means much more; as Capcom's website explains, "'Project' is in the [working] title for a reason."

As explained at the recent New York City Comic Con by Keiji Inafune, Capcom Global Head of Production and the creator of Mega Man himself:

The usual way we make games is that game makers make games. They make the game, they put it out there, they give it to the fans, they say, "So you like it? How was it?" But for a game like this we felt that that wouldn't be enough. ...we want to make this game with you guys. We need your help.

Capcom's opened a Devroom in which fans will be able to submit, comment and vote on ideas that will be implemented into Mega Man Legends 3, according to a recent press release. The first piece of content that members will be able to vote on is the character design of a new heroine to be featured in the game, picking between nine selections, one of which was designed by Inafune himself.

Check out the Devroom and get involved, or in the meantime watch the announcement from the NYC Comic Con panel below.

[via capcom-unity.com]