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Super Mario Bros. was Gaming's Big Bang, says Kojima

Posted by James Newton

"One of mankind's greatest creations," says great man

It's been 25 years since Super Mario Bros. hit the world of gaming, and its influence is still felt widely around the world. Konami legend and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is just one individual whose life was altered by the plumbing adventure.

Kojima has said:

With the creation of Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto not only altered the future of gaming, but actually changed the concept of "value" for all forms of entertainment. And, in the process, changed my future - leading me to become the game designer I am today. Super Mario Bros. is equivalent to the Big Bang of our gaming universe. If it were not for this blindingly spectacular creation, digital entertainment as we know it today wouldn't exist.

High praise indeed, considering Kojima is a highly respected and influential designer in his own right. It seems Mario's influence runs right through the gaming industry, from creators to players.


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zezhyrule said:

Yep, without Mario, there is no Snake.

Besides the fact that Snake kills Mario in every way.
we're talking about SSBB here, right?



she_gamer said:

Hey, it's my 25th birthday on Sunday!! Wow, that totally makes me feel special now... considering the only celebrity I thought I shared a birth month/year with was Baby Shamu the whale.



mjc0961 said:

Dear Kojima,

NO @&$#. Your captain obvious costume will be arriving in the mail shortly.

Love, everyone.



Tasuki said:

I totally agree after the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 video games were pretty much done for. Than along came a plumber and little did he know he was saving more than Princess Toadstool.



Punny said:

In the beginning, there was Miyamoto. He created Mario and Peach. He also created Bowser, who tempted Mario and Peach with the sacred Mushroom...

This is really cool, but I'm not at all surprised. After all, Kojima-san did put a health-replenishing Mario bobblehead in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.



ECM said:

And then those of us that were actually there during the "Big Bang" of the 2600, Pong, et al must have imagined the entire thing...

Either Kojima has no idea what "Big Bang" cosmology is or he's decided to write off the precursors that actually allowed Miyamoto to create SMB.



SilverBaretta said:

@ECM: The 2600 and every system before it and after it before the Great Crash did just that, they crashed. It's because of a plumber and a certain Miyamoto that acted as the Big Bang of all we know today that is gaming.



Gamesake said:

@SilverBlacktail Great Video Game Crash? What are you talking about? Mr. Kojima is just doing a bit of hero worship for Nintendo's Birthday. Mario isn't responsible for inventing video games, or saving video games, it didn't even make video games what they are today. If it wasn't for steady competition forcing Nintendo to evolve they would still be making 8-bit adventures right now. The Virtual Console is their dream come true.



Gamesake said:

@lockelocke Thanks for the link. I'm not surprised I've never heard of the "video game crash" they should instead call it the "death of Atari". Doesn't every system usually tank at the 5 year mark? Nowadays isn't that what makes a company market a new system like 8 bit to 16 bit, 16 bit to 32 bit, and so on?



Machu said:

Natural selection. They so awesome! In the future, if it all crashed again, I see only one company who could save us all and evolve the industry again with something new.



dings said:

Wasn't just Atari, also the Colecovision and Intellivision, along with any stand alone game systems like pong.

When the crash happened retailers didn't want to stock video games, and consumers thought the fad was over. When Nintendo brought the NES to America, they added in the ROB and light gun and called it an "entertainment system". They even marketed it as a kind of toy because video games had left such a bad taste in retailers mouths.

Once people played SMB and Duck Hunt they were hooked! The NES took off in a surge of popularity and video games were back!



Philip_J_Reed said:

"If it wasn't for steady competition forcing Nintendo to evolve they would still be making 8-bit adventures right now. The Virtual Console is their dream come true."

I wouldn't complain one bit if Nintendo kept making 8-bit adventures. The Virtual Console is my dream come true as well.



JimLad said:

Yeah dings has got it.
Of course Mario didn't invent games, but he pretty much started the modern age of video games. Moving away from score based arcade gaming towards progressivive adventure games.



NintyMan said:

I agree, Super Mario Bros saved modern video games as we know it in North America and caused the boom of gaming. Donkey Kong started it, but Mario was what brought the industry to what it is today.



LuWiiGi said:

This is why I am embarrassed to admit I have never played an original Super Mario Bros. game.



NeoShinobi said:

@NintyFan: What exacly did Donkey Kong start?

@JimLad: I hope your aware that Super Mario bros. really only popularized that style of game design. There were plenty of "progressive adventure" type games that existed long before Super Mario Bros. It wasn't all just about scores, even back then.

Now I'm not trying to bash SMB. I'm just saying that its alittle ignorant to say that SMB "created" modern gaming.



Capt_N said:

I think that mostly the "crash" is over-done, & even more so, Mario/Nintendo being the "savior" of videogames.

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