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Nintendo Download: 3rd September (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Another retro fighter, and more

Thankfully, the wait for another Virtual Console title wasn't long - Surely you managed to get by with just one week of no new retro games? It's accompanied by the first of Gamebridge's GO Series, and five other games.


Fishie Fishie (500pts, DK Games) – The only WiiWare title this week. Fairly similar to certain online flash games, in this, you play as a fish who is trying to become the biggest and baddest creature in the waters. To do this you'll have to feed on smaller fish, gradually growing in size and thus being able to eat larger fish. We thought it was pretty good, as you can read in our Fishie Fishie review

Virtual Console

Samurai Shodown III (900pts, D4 Enterprise) – Not as highly regarded as Samurai Shodown II, this third entry in the sword-fighting series suffered a bit from slowdown and balancing issues. We'll find out if it's still any good soon.


GO Series: 10 Second Run (200pts, Gamebridge) – The first in Gamebridge's GO Series, an effort to release Japanese DSiWare game elsewhere, this one is a very minimalistic-looking platformer game in which you control a little stick-man as he tries to make it to the goal as fast as possible. Of course, you'll have to dodge obstacles and stuff as well, but be quick about it, because as the title implies, you've only got 10 seconds. We'll have a review soon.

Where's Wally? Travel Pack 2 (500pts, Ludia Inc) – Another set of levels to search for Wally in, we can't imagine this being too different from the pack released last week. We'll have a review available in the next few days.

Jazzy Billiards (500pts, Arc System Works) – A fairly standard billiards title, which comes close to being good, but doesn't quite make it. Not very jazzy, really! You can read what we thought in our Jazzy Billiards review.

My Farm (200pts, BiP Media) – A chunk of a 2-year old browser game, which has now been ported to DSiWare. As you can imagine, it's just a simple little game in which you take care of a farm. It's not too bad, as evidenced in our My Farm review.

Again, no detailed press release this week, so you'll just have to go by our word. Will you be getting anything?

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Bass_X0 said:

Would have downloaded Samurai Shodown III but was convinced to get the Anthology instead. Also, Fishie Fishie claims to be the only one button game. Its not. I don't believe Tomena Sanner was either.



Bass_X0 said:

On the shop description, Fishie Fishie claims to be the ONLY one button game, i.e. the first ever. But Tomena Sanner came before it. I was saying Tomena Sanner wouldn't have been the first one button game either. But I don't know what else came earlier.



Kristof said:

Wow that's a pretty fast article, only few minutes after the games have been put online. Good job.
About the "Fishie Fishie" comment, the multiplayer dimension make the game funnier that a simple "flash game". Try it with friends or familly, it will surely be very fun (and challenge your brain). The soccer and CTF modes are the best (to me, but I'm obviously not very objective).

Bass X0> You are right. But when I wrote the text, I really thought it was the only one. This is a mistake from me. Sorry sorry. (I did not wrote that for the US version). But maybe this is the only game you can play at 4 players with 2 wiimotes and 2 nunchuks ??



Chris720 said:

Yay... more rubbish! Oh joy of joys...

When are we going to get a DECENT VC release? Might as well start scouting around the current VC titles list and hope I come across a gem.

And Fishie Fishie sounds waaaaay too easy... also I do believe Warioware: D.I.Y. Showcase is a "one button" only game too.

Nintendo start making Fridays memorable again instead of throwing us garbage...



Ristar42 said:

It's a long time since I downloaded any new releases.
Many Wiiware games are just gimmicky and the 50Hz VC games dont appeal much either.
Have instead gone back to buying actual retro games and will be most likley waiting to see if Super Hang On arcade shows up...



Bass_X0 said:

I ordered mine earlier in the week on Ebay. From France. It was cheaper than the English version, a £5 difference. Also, I never played it before but Samurai Shodown III is far from crap. There is a lot of crap on the VC but not the Samurai Shodown series.

On another note, Europe is closing in on America's total number of games. The difference between the two regions is a lowly nine games.



Xkhaoz said:

Now I can't find Waldo again! But seriously, not that good of an update



SKTTR said:

Only METROID: OTHER M for me this Friday.




edhe said:

Another week, another crushing dissapointment.

Why can't we in Europe receive any of Koei's brilliant games currently on the NA service? (particularly Uncharted Waters: New Horizons).

But no. We get the same boring games every week#. That is, the Holy Trinity of casual game, flash port and quirky puzzle game.

(# excluding Samurai Shodown, which i'm sure is great and all, but I don't really like fighting games.)



LuWiiGi said:

DSiWare gets about one good game in 10 up here in Europe. I'm gonna try not to go on about this every week, but I just wish people took Nintendo's download services more seriously. Why can't we have more games like 3D Space Tank? @mariofanatic128 Ditto.



Token_Girl said:


With 5 or so DSiWare games being released a week, a lot is going to have be quickly developed shovelware. Without that, it would just be long stretches of dryness while we wait for the really intensive games to be developed. Since they take more time and resources, they'll be spaced out no matter what else is in the pipeline for release.



3230ru said:

if NoE will not release Glow Artisan (!) before Holidays I bet I will smash my DSi into pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least one of them )))

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