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Headstrong Hard at Work on Trio of 3DS Games

Posted by James Newton

But what are they?

Previously known as Kuju London, Headstrong was responsible for bringing Battalion Wars 2 and House of the Dead: Overkill to Wii, and is currently working on Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, but the studio's looking to cast its development net wider with three titles in the works for 3DS.

Steve Pritchard, Headstrong's Development Director, confirmed to German site that the studio is currently developing a trio of titles for the machine, though he revealed no further details.

With Headstrong having created titles for Nintendo, Sega and now Warner Bros., there's a whole host of potential games the studio could be crafting. Battalion Wars 3D or House of the Dead: Overkill Portable, perhaps?


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taffy said:

Issac Washington on the 3DS? Day one purchase if it was the case!



Archy said:

Maybe a House of the Dead in 3D ,,, that would be interesting.



Punny said:

Please be House of the Dead 3D! I want to see zombies attack me in 3D!



jaw51 said:

@PunnyGuy: Yeah, zombies coming out at you in 3D would be pretty sweet, so with Resident Evil Revelations and possibly this, we could be seeing a lot of them on the 3DS. Hopefully they're also making a new Battalion Wars.



Hokori said:

3DS is perfect for Horror games Im going to play horror games on 3DS on Halloween and in the Dark



Markystal said:

Horror games in the dark while in 3D,yep, this will absolutely lead to a lot of brown and yellow underwear stains. Oh, and Battalion Wars portable will own.



irken004 said:

We are already getting Resident Evil on 3DS, but more horror games on it isn't a bad thing.



SKTTR said:

They also did Geometry Wars for Wii so I think it's Geometry Wars 3D for 3DS.



NassaDane said:

Touch the dead was a good zombie killing/on rails game so i can see how a 3D House of the Dead would be amazing! When i thought the 3DS couldn't be any more perfect.



komicturtle said:

Hm, interesting. While ya'll want Battalion Wars 3DS (I do too, as a matter in fact), I want Custom Robo 3DS. DLC for parts and Robo... And that diorama mode that I spent hours on playing with my robo in Custom Robo Arena.



EdEN said:

Three 3DS games huh? Would be nice to know if they're launch games or first year games since that would give us an idea of what the games are.

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