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Sun 29th Nov 2009

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jaw51 commented on Man Steals Game Boy from Casket at Funeral, Tu...:

That's very sad for the family, a teenager dying on Christmas day. My friend's grandmother died on Christmas as well, and it's been hard on him.
That thief must be crazy; what could drive someone to steal a gameboy from a dead person?



jaw51 commented on Wanted: Your Memories of GoldenEye N64:

My favorite memory, other than playing multiplayer all night with two of my friends, was the level with the tank. Sometimes I would play that level and not even try to complete the objectives, I would go around in the tank running over Russian soldiers and whoever else got in my way. My friend put it well when he said that that level was like Grand Theft Auto before any of the more recent GTA games came out.



jaw51 commented on Review: Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii):

I guess I'll wait for a price drop on this one. I really enjoy JRPGs, but like Oregano said with The Last Story and (hopefully) Xenoblade coming up, I don't know if I want to spend the full 40$ on this.



jaw51 commented on Review: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube):

I personally liked this game better than Super Mario Galaxy and I disagree with you BB Thrilla. I thought the island music and just the atmosphere in general was beautiful and the FLUDD was a blast to use. The story was a bit hokey, but a lot of video games have bizarre stories and it doesn't take away that much from the game. Overall I didn't have that many problems with this game.



jaw51 commented on Top DS Toilet Timewasters:

Uhhh... very interesting. Personally, though I'm too klutzy to play DS on the toilet without a great risk of it being damaged.



jaw51 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

This was also my first DS game, and I loved it, but not as much as the original (the original is my favorite game of all time!). It is true that the controls weren't very good, but I definitely would have given it an 8/10.