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E3 Promises Over 30 Nintendo Titles

Posted by James Newton

Surprises not included

The run-up to E3 is almost as exciting as the event itself, with half the fun in predicting exactly what Nintendo will show. Not every company is as secretive however, as a recently published list reveals the show will play host to at least fifteen DS games and twenty titles for Wii.

That may not seem like a huge amount, but bear in mind this list doesn't include SEGA, Ubisoft, Capcom or Nintendo itself, so expect that list to swell during the days of the conference itself.

It's also interesting to note there's no WiiWare on the list, with only the recently-announced Animal Colour Cross confirmed for a DSiWare showing, but hopefully there'll be some pleasant surprises revealed for fans of downloads everywhere.


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Caliko said:

E3 = crying fans.

I'll be watching it alone and staying FAAAR away from forums.



jhuhn said:

Get a load of Reggie & Cammie duking it out in Wii Sports Resort's swordplay dual match.



Sylverstone said:

Hm, I wonder who's going head to head this year......

Reggie vs. Cammie? Reggie vs. Bill, Reggie vs. Iwata.... REGGIE VS. MIYAMOTO?

Still awesome, but at least give some love to the digital download side of Nintendo....



Wolfcoyote said:

During the yesteryears of E3 (when commencing as May showings) I would take the day off to view the live coverage of both Nintendo and Sony's showings, but I can't do it anymore because I'm needed for closing the books for my office's fiscal year (July-June). Meaning: no "off" days in June...

I'll simply do what I've one last year and keep refreshing the NL home page and conversing with friends on PSN and the Wii.



ToastyYogurt said:

I was just scrolling the list, saw "Rock Band 3" and nearly jumped for joy! I'll buy it only if it has a ton of improvements over the last one. (Rock Band Network on the Wii, anyone?)

Other than that, I'm pretty sure Nintendo's going to give out news on the new Zelda game (including the real title) and I think Mario Galaxy 2 will have a demo there. The most awesome thing that could happen at E3 this year would have to be if Nintendo unveiled the 3DS.



Objection said:

E3 is always exciting. I want a Zelda blowout to get excited for that, and an announcement of Starfox Wii and/or Pikmin 3.



Iggy said:

Like another poster said F-ZERO! That game would be awesome and i could finally wipe the dust off my wii wheels.



Crunc said:

Ok, but I looked at the list and there really isn't much there. Most of it either has the stench of shovelware, or is crossplatform stuff such as Madden '11 and Rock Band 3. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter kind, but I don't see much to get excited about. Overall the list is pretty unexciting for all platforms. Hopefully better stuff is coming.



nice_shirt said:

Zelda, Zelda, Zelda!!!
That's all they need to win the console war. Let's face it, that's why we're Nintendo fans. Excellent game-play combined with excellent expectation delivered. Come on Nintendo! Give us what we're craving!!!



Stuffgamer1 said:

lz is right; that headline IS misleading. Makes it sound like there's over thirty FIRST PARTY games coming. NoA's localization crew would have to put in some SERIOUS overtime to give us enough backlogged games for that!

Most exciting news I've heard today: Color Cross (and the DSiWare Animal version) coming to America. We need more Picross-related stuff in this country!

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