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Everybody Do the Robot to this Robox Trailer

Posted by Trevor Chan

DreamBox Games releases the first trailer for its WiiWare platformer

You may remember when Dreambox Games unveiled its debut title back in February with a batch of screenshots that grabbed fans of 2D platformers' attention. Rightly so too, with its beautifully hand-drawn visuals and unique art-style, the screenshots definitely earned the game some fans. Well, there's more where that came from as we're now treated to the first Robox trailer showing the game in action.

The game is primarily played holding the Wii Remote sideways and you can see why as the game is a very traditional 2D platformer in nature. Having said that, there will be points in the game where the player will have to aim the Wii Remote on-screen using the infra-red pointer, so that should mix things up nicely.

As well as different environmental levels to tackle, our protagonist will gain assistance from creatures that inhabit the strange planet, and will have several weapons and abilities to utilise if escape is to be achieved. Being able to see this game in motion fills us with confidence that this should be a title worth looking out for.

Robox has no fixed release date or price yet, but when we hear about it, you'll know.

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Machu said:

I really like the visuals and theme, I do love me some sci-fi goodness. Bit worried about the pacing though, looked a little slow.



SMW said:

Looks interesting. Anyone notice the battery meter in the top left? At first, I thought it was merely health, but at about 1:30-1:40 into the video he gets killed without getting hit by anything. Either the collision is not quite right or he ran out of juice.



brandonbwii said:

At first glance I thought the game looked boring but after about a minute into the trailer I got a better idea of how the game will play. My big complaint through observation seems to be that the character moves a bit too slow. Hopefully they'll have to time to iron out that sort of thing (as well as what SMW mentioned).



JebbyDeringer said:

There were some spikes on the wall which could have caused the death though it didn't look like he quite touched them.

I like the slow pacing. It's fun to have games you can lay back and play rather than sit forward. While a different style game Machinarium is the best robot game I've played and that has really slow pacing.



accc said:

Looks like another day one purchase for me. Wiiware is making me so broke

@Machu - I thought the same thing about the pacing being a little slow at first but it seems to be more about solving puzzles and interacting with the enviornment like an adventure game as opposed to a pure platformer, so the slow pace might suit it well.



pixelman said:

I agree, the pacing does seem a bit slow, but at the same time it looks pretty fun.



Kaeobais said:

@2: I think he walked into the wall, actually.

But, puzzles or no puzzles, it looks pretty boring, IMO.



Will_Ireland said:

Eh, graphics aside, this looks pretty dull. Walk from point A to point B, carry object from A to B, shoot some baddies :-/ seen it all before a million times



V8_Ninja said:

The visual style catches my interest a lot, but the gameplay doesn't interest me a whole lot. Still looks sorta fun.



iAmThetot said:

It looks a little slow from what the trailer shows and not too difficult. Still may be a buy for me.



ThreadShadow said:

This game looks great. It's robot protagonist does remind me of Machinarium....I hope that game comes to Wiiware or something too.



NuYu said:

Look like a game that tries to be special, but actually are plain dumb. Reminds me of Machinarium, but I think that may be because the developers want it to look like that game. But they lack the feeling that Machinarium has, and I actually find it kind of repelling.

But, this is just a early video. I hope it will prove to be a nice game when released.



Yasume said:

Not really impressive, but I'll probably still get it. I love 2D platformers.



Donatello said:

I dig the Art Style, but not the gameplay. Color me not exactly interested.' And Yet it Moves' on the otherhand....



vakama94 said:

looks good in motion but as everyone my only doubts are the slow pace of the character, still, looks like a lot of fun and i love the 2D platformers



shake_zula said:

Got to agree that it looks slow, too slow for traditional challenging platforming. Hopefully the puzzle elements will be great. I'm almost definitely going to get this anyway, any side-scroller with decent artwork pretty much has me sold.



irken004 said:

Looks nice, but the combat seems boring and the character doesn't have much agility.



T1m1 said:

The game kinda looks like it was a bit of a exploration feel to it with a mix of action which is always something i love to see, im not too concerend with the pacing since some gmaes of this stye have somewhat slow pacing and have some item that increases the character's speed



naut said:

Looks a tad generic, but who knows. We could be in for a surprise.



argus said:

It looks very slow and uninteresting. There aren't nearly enough enemies. It's a shame, because this game looks great in stills - but the gameplay looks dull. Pass.



Castro said:

It looks really nice. I'm in for some Metroid-esque action! I'm almost surely getting it!



Fuzzy said:

Looks interesting. As long as its not a disaster I will probably get this game. Thought the music was good. Had an Illusion of Gaia feel to it.



bejerild said:

This couldn't be less interesting to me. I love platformers, but this looks dull.



Sean_Aaron said:

Very pretty. I think they should have shown more of that boss battle at the end because that's the kind of thing I think could sell this game for people.

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