Does that tree have lips?

Freshly cut screenshots of Robox have been released, and it certainly looks like a compelling platformer from the creative team based in Valencia, Spain. If the various layers of background look as good in-motion as they do stationary, we should be in for a real treat.

Our protagonist is sent on a probe to explore a strange planet; and investigate the disappearance of similar probes sent in previous missions. Things don't go according to plan as he ends up crash-landing on the planet's surface and suffers a form of amnesia. Native creatures are willing to aid him in his quest to restore his memory and find a way off the alien world. These tiny creatures will also help repair the damaged areas of the spaceship: the more that gets fixed, the more skills and memory files our character will recover.

Various locations on the planet can be explored, with multiple paths and "hidden secrets" to be found. Gamers will be playing with the Wii Remote held sideways to compliment the "classic" nature of the game, but at times you will have to point the Wii Remote on-screen to manage and control the little critters. In order to make it through the game, you'll have to find a way to survive, but take time out to explore and discover the secrets of Robox too.

The game is "about to be launched" but there is currently no firm release date for any region yet, so stay tuned as we get more info on this one.