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Nintendo Download: 26th March 2010 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This Hanabi Festival's final game, with some nice things on WiiWare and DSiWare as well.

As previously announced by Nintendo, the Hanabi Festival wasn't over just yet. This week brings us one last import game, and it's quite a highly anticipated one, at that. They could've just left it at that and called it a day, but they've also added a second, non-import Virtual Console game, just to keep the count at two for three weeks straight, it seems. WiiWare and DSiWare get a bunch of stuff as well, although they are likely to be less popular than the new import.

The final import this time is Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, the followup to The March of the Black Queen and one of the Nintendo 64's very few strategy games. Like its predecessor, it's not exactly what you'd expect out of a strategy game. There's no real direct combat decisions made by you, instead, you tell your troops beforehand how they should behave when they get into a fight, and let them do it all by themselves. There's a metric ton of stuff to fiddle around with, and it is because of that that the game is quite popular with many strategy fans, fairly often being named as one of the best strategy games ever made. Like the single other N64 import before it, it costs 1200 Wii Points. We'll have a review soon.

Fighting game fans should take note of today's non-import VC release as well. Fatal Fury Special is in many ways similar to the many upgraded versions of Street Fighter II, basically being a rerelease of Fatal Fury 2 with some additions, such as the ability to play as the previously unplayable boss characters, and some characters returning from the first game in the series. Overall, it is without a doubt an improvement, and one of the best Fatal Fury games.

On WiiWare, we've got Art of Balance. It probably won't look very interesting at first, but looks can deceive. Circling around not much more than successfully stacking objects on top of each other and having them stay upright, it's surprisingly addictive and fun, and with 100 stages to clear you'll be busy for a nice while. We actually think it's one of the best WiiWare games available, for you might want to get 800 Wii Points and check it out!

There's also a new Hudson release on offer. Based on the massively popular PC game, Diner Dash sees you playing as Flo, a waitress at a restaurant, as she tries to cater to all customers' needs. You've got to help them to their seats, take their orders, deliver their food and more, and with you being the only waitress around things'll get quite hectic. New for this version is the ability to play online - With up to 7 others, in fact. It costs 1000 Wii Points, and we'll review it soon.

On DSiWare, we've gotten the same three Game & Watch games North America got last Monday, surprisingly enough. That's Chef, Judge and Mario's Cement Factory, for those not in the know. Faithful ports of the old LCD games, these all only cost 200 points and are still quite fun to pass some time with. We've reviewed them here, here and here.

Super Yum Yum: Puzzle Adventures is a puzzle game in which you play as Leon the chameleon (Surely we're not the only ones who think of Star Fox 64 because of this) as he goes around trying to eat all the fruit he can. His tongue has quite some range and pull to it, so if he shoots it out and hits any fruit with it, he will instantly be pulled towards it. As you can imagine, this becomes a key element in most puzzles, requiring you to carefully plan out your movements in order to cross gaps and reach all fruit. For its 800 DSi Points asking price, you'll get 48 levels. Expect a review soon.

Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. is the latest Gameloft title and seems to be another GTA clone, even though we just got one. There's the usual driving and gunning missions which you'll have to undertake, in order to earn money and make it to the top. It's cheaper than Tag Games' effort, at just 500 DSi Points, but will it be better? We'll answer that question soon!

Nine new games! Will you be getting anything?

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Sneaker13 said:

Still not sure about Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber but Art of Balance is awesome.



Bankai said:

A puzzler on the DSiWare, and Ogre Battle 64 - good stuff.

Hopefully both got to Australia.



bboy2970 said: Photo Dojo has been out for a week now. Where is the review? I think this is the longest NL has gone without reviewing a game. And its a highly anticipated one too.....



RedYoshi999 said:

2 games for DSiWare? Well, well, well. It looks like Australia finally gets the upper hand with 5 DSiWare games this week! It still doesn't make up for getting 3 out of the 10 games that Europe got the previous 2 weeks though. (and no, we didn't get catchup games) I believe the extra 3 are: Game & Watches Chef, Judge and Mario's Cement Factory. Also, yay for N64 games on VC!! Here's hoping Mario Party is coming soon!!



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm in the UK with a UK DSi, and I downloaded the three G&W games just over an hour ago.

Someone must have their wires crossed.



Drake said:

I did indeed miss the Game & Watch titles, when I checked the DSi Shop around the usual update time, no new games had been added yet!



Gavin_Rozee said:

Yeah, for some reason they weren't showing up on the welcome page at first. Anywho, I was really hoping for them to be released here tonight. Thanks Nintendo of Europe!

Anybody know if there are plans for the other G&W DSiWare games to be localised?



Pj1 said:

I'm Still waiting for Super Mario Kart it's been 3 months since North America got it...

I might pass on this, Should I?



edhe said:

Ogre Battle 64 is quite interesting.

I didn't know what I was going to expect (a bit dissapointed that it doesn't play more like Tactics Ogre), but it's miles better than the SNES version - aesthetically, strategically (and already - from what little I've played) in terms of plot.

I'm glad you can choose to equip your recruits with multiple armaments à la Tactics Ogre, though I'm sure it will prove to be much deeper as I continue to play it - in terms of gameplay and story.



Tsuchinoko said:

wow, NA is the last to get Diner Dash, thats surprising. Who plays those games usually? Housewives i always though...



DarkLloyd said:

i hope we get Ogre battle 64 over here theres not that many 64 titles so it excites me a bit more to see a n64 title put up on the roster



sadface2010 said:

Australia gets the short end of the stick as usual, This week's winner of games australia misses out on is......(drumroll)..........Art of Balance!

I guess we can throw it into the pile of WiiWare games australia will probably never get........just like contra rebirth.

I had my 800 wii points ready this week and everything



PhoenixRising said:

Wow, I don't know which has more vaseline-o-vision. Orge Battle 64 or Diner Dash...

I was going to support Shinen' by buying Art of Balance but I bought the truly dissapointing Military Madness: Nectaris last week and so have reverted back to my stance that Wiiware still sucks despite the glowing reviews this site doles out.



KDR_11k said:

You'd think the first G&W titles they'd go for would be stuff like Donkey Kong that uses two screens like the DS...



GuarinoMatt said:

"The March of the Black Queen"... "Ogre Battle"... these titles came from the second album of QUEEN!



Scottie said:

Is Art of Balance really that good?, i am undecided about getting it. I have World of Goo as well, so is it still worth getting?



Omega said:

@26: Yes, the developers seem to be fans of Freddie Mercury. My favourite song from this album is Seven seas of rhye.

Art of Balance seems to be interesting. It has a nice looking presentation. But after similar games like World of Goo and Max & The Magic Marker I'll probably wait a while.

The other games don't interest me at all.



touffeboy said:

Mario Party Fan 999 you're my best friend xD lol i'm also a big fan of the series and it's one of the only games i'm waiting xD but 2 VC GAMES? Yeah I just hope than we will got 1 or 2 Vc games next week like ogre battle




Art of Balance = insta-download.
Super Fatal Fury = probable insta-download
Mario's Cement Factory = insta-download.

Super Yum Tum need revw.

Good week



PaakType said:

@26: Plus, the subtitle for the first sequel, Tactics Ogre, is "Let Us Cling Together," from A Day at the Races.



Rasnik said:

Finally Ogre Battle 64! Played the SNES OB on VC a bunch and i expect this to deliver as well.



RedYoshi999 said:

Hey, another Mario Party Fan! I always love to see people who love Mario Party as much as I do! Hopefully we will get them on the VC soon...



Scottie said:

No downloads for me this week, i agree we want Super Mario Kart and Cave Story please thank you!



Scottie said:

Wow i think i should now do the lottery, thanks Nintendo. Super Mario Kart this Friday brilliant!!!

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