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Released in 1992, Fatal Fury 2 is the second installment in the renowned fighting-game series. In addition to Terry, Andy and Joe, who appeared in the original game, another five distinctive fighters gather from around the world to compete for the championship title. Also newly added are stage-specific hazards and the ability to perform desperation attacks when a character’s strength is low. These particularly deadly techniques create the chance for a come-from-behind victory achieved with a single strike.

Moreover, the innovative two-line battle, which proved popular in the previous version, also has been radically enhanced. Pressing the weak-attack and strong-attack buttons simultaneously enables players to move their fighters to another line themselves, or to launch an attack that pushes opponents back to another line. This game mechanic, unique to this title in the series, allows the player to take advantage of the depth of the screen and create even more exciting bouts. Can you prove yourself the king of fighters again?

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Posted by Damien McFerran

In addition to Terry, Andy and Joe, who appeared in the original game, another five distinctive fighters gather from around the world to compete for the championship title.

Although the original Fatal Fury was undoubtedly one of the best challengers to square up to Capcom’s Street Fighter 2, many would argue that SNK’s franchise didn’t really get into its stride until the sequel was released.Improving on the first...

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User Comments (23)



Bass_X0 said:

ah, the debut of Mai and Kim. but i think i will wait until Real Bout before getting any from the Fatal Fury series.



Jazzem said:

Maybe it's a bit unfair to say, but I think it looks slow, clunky and 'rigid' going by that video.

Still, more Neo Geo games certainly isn't a bad thing



Adamant said:

The original Fatal Fury was a pre-SF2 fighting game, and played completely different from what you'd refer to as a fighting game today. This, however, is Fatal Fury done in the Street Fighter 2 style. It was released at roughly the same time as Art of Fighting, but uses the (better) Fatal Fury style of play. If you like fighting games, this one is worth a closer look.

But yeah, there ARE tons of sequels to this. If you're a patient fellow, it might be worth it to wait a while longer. Still great stuff, though.



KeeperBvK said:

Err, you sure about that, Adamant?
SF II hit arcades in March 1991, whereas FF did in November of the same year.



Adamant said:

It takes more than a couple months to design a game. The Fatal Fury developers wouldn't stop their half-finished game and say "Hey, Capcom just reinvented the fighting game genre. Let's scrap this game we're working on and make a clone of their game instead!"

Look at the playing styles of the two games. FF is clearly an old-style fighting game.



KeeperBvK said:

I'm not arguing on them playing differently, I just didn't like the term pre-SF II, as it suggests that SF II would have borrowed ideas from FF.



Adamant said:

How come? SF2 is th evolution of the concept seen in the original Street Fighter, which Fatal Fury also clearly took a lot of inspiration from. But while Fatal Fury more or less perfected the genre, SF2 took it to the next level, inventing a new one which proved much more popular.



Villain said:

I think it's a bit too kind to say that FF and SF2 are different genres. FF was good, SF2 was better, simple as that. And I will never see them as games from different genres. Let's not forget that one of the men behind SF quit Capcom and started working on SNKs fighters. I don't know the details, though. Feel free to fill me in.

The FF games are pretty much uncharted territory for me though, and I liked FF's oldschool huge sprites and colorful pixels. So I'll probable give this one a go. Does this game have the plane-shifting mechanincs from FF too? And does it work any better than it did there?



slangman said:

Cool dunno if this is better than Fatal Fury but at least it brings us closer to Garou: Mark Of The Wolves (its in the fatal fury series)



DDR_Paladin356 said:

I like this game...but I just bought Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1 for PS2 for like $10, so i dont really need to DL it. Now these Real Bout Games...hmm



DEMON212 said:

Upon getting the game I'm quite dissapointed, unless I'm mistaken, there seems to be no co-op mode. And without it, IMO SF2 still whups this game all over.



Jolted85 said:

I have real fond memories of the SNES version of Fatal Fury Special, I know this is Fatal Fury 2, but they are almost identical in terms of play, but the SNES wasn't nearly as powerful as the Neo Geo, infact mentioning the words, SNES, power, and Neo Geo in the same sentance isn't wise.



motang said:

Another classic, I remember playing this game in the Arcades when it came out...sigh*



sephiroth79 said:

Great game, but not up to par with SF2 in playability/control. The graphics and sound are amazing even today though, it's great to be able to finally play neo geo games without pumping 20 million quarters in or going to your rich friend's house.



morphballer said:

I'm going to wait until Fatal Fury Special comes out. Unless I can get a copy of Battle Archives Vol.1 for $10...



Adamant said:

Dear sweet mother, those super attacks are nearly impossible to pull off. And why do nearly all of them require charging? Rrrgh.



Bass_X0 said:

I think four stars is at least one star too many for this game. Especially when its easily bettered by many later NeoGeo fighting games. If this is four then every KoF title would have to be five stars going by the same rating system.



Adamant said:

The original SF2 got four stars. SF2T and SSF2 got five stars. Four stars seems just about right for this game. Three stars would indicate that it's just "okay", "decent", mediocre", and it's much more than that.

Also, Eternal Champions got four stars. Are you saying FF2 deserves to be graded lower than EC? Great games deserve to be recognized as great (and EC deserves three stars The CD sequel is the good one, not the original)

(plus, what's wrong with the KoF games getting five stars? They sure deserve them )



bentiancai said:

the combo system is not in good form in fatal fury 2, i have to say that FF special has much better balance and control

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