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Fri 26th Dec 2008

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PaakType commented on Feature: The Making of Jet Force Gemini - Part...:

"what is regarded by many as the N64's finest action title"

Well, for the first half or so, anyway. Then, the game expects you to collect all 200+ frakking Tribals in the game--while an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, mind you. So at the point where the plot seemingly turns into a race against time, the game itself enters hardcore collectathon mode and grinds to a halt.

I've never finished the game because of that ridiculous design decision. Which is a pity, because I really did love the first part. Ah, Rare.



PaakType commented on Ogre Battle 64 Hits Europe This Friday:

"Is it real-time or turn-based strategy?"
Sort of a hybrid. Units move on the stage map in real time, but so slowly that it may as well be turn based--plus you can pause to give orders at any time. Actual battles are hands off; your soldiers act independently based on where they're positioned in the unit (a character might do two melee attacks in the front row, for instance, but cast a spell from the back row) and what basic command you've given the unit (attack the leader, attack the weakest enemy, etc.).
Anyway, this is about as good as VC news can get. I only hope North America doesn't have to wait too long.



PaakType commented on Review: Contra ReBirth (WiiWare):

Minor error in the review:

"a new character . . . named Genbei Yagyu."

Actually, he's not new. He was the second playable character in the massively underrated Neo Contra (although he was called Jaguar Genbei in that game).

But yeah, the game sounds well worth checking out.



PaakType commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2009:

I sincerely hope Getsufuu Maden defies the odds and makes it over to the US. It's a pretty great action RPG that wouldn't really require any translation effort to be playable for English speakers (well, except maybe for the stores).