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April 15th - Australian DSi XL Retails for AU$299.95

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Aussies still not PALs with Nintendo on pricing

The good news is that our friends down under don't have to wait too much longer for the DSi XL, however they're going to have to pay more than any other region.

Currently you can pick-up a DSi XL in the US for $189.99 ( ~£125), in the UK for as low as £139.71 and Europeans for around €166 ( ~£149) but the Australian price puts the machine at around £183 – almost 50% more than the US price.

Oh well, might as well wait for that 3DS thing they're already talking about.

Nintendo announces the price point for the newest member of the Nintendo DS® family. Nintendo DSi™ XL will be available in stores from 15 April for only AU$299.95 (~NZ$385.95)!

With the largest screens in the Nintendo DS family, Nintendo DSi XL comes in two stylish colours: Burgundy and Bronze. Nintendo DSi XL is not just about its wider viewing angle, it also comes with bonus pre-installed software too!


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Aviator said:

A Wii costs $400.
A DSi costs $269.
A DS Lite costs $200.

The good news is that our friends down under don't have to wait too much longer for the DSi XL

If Nintendo has said that, I would punch them in the face.



Sean_Aaron said:

Damn, that Steve Irwin pic makes me sad. Guess it's an appropriate feeling for Aussies facing this gouging from Nintendo. I'd seriously import an LL from Japan instead guys...



James said:

Can we have this news post permanently on the front page, please? Just for that image.



Token_Girl said: is your friend, Aussies! (You can import US versions too, if you can't read Japanese).



Chunky_Droid said:

I want that as my wallpaper! But yeah, 300 is a bit much for it, though I guess they did have to make it more than the DSi, otherwise there'd be no point picking up the normal DSi



Machu said:

Picture no funny!

Anyway, this news sucks for the Aussies, but the thing that really p's me off... Americans get everything cheaper than anyone else, yet they whinge more! Grrrr!



GamingAddict said:

That is quite a bit of money. Never realized how much other countries had to pay until I started reading articles on this site.



Percentful said:

@machu nah-uh! We got UNO DSiware for 300 points more! That means we don't get everything cheaper!
I really hope people can see that I'm not being serious in this comment. We do get a lot cheaper. Sorry, Australian people.



JuneBelle said:

.......Before blaming Nintendo of Australia, maybe someone should be looking at import tax dues of each country or the rest of the overhead involved, including minimum wages for the game store employees or for the people involved in shipping the device and other fees.



moomoo said:

Why does everything cost so much in Australia? Seriously, it's gotta suck to live there and enjoy games.



Chunky_Droid said:

That's probably a good point JuneBelle, though it obviously won't stop people importing, including myself

When the DSi came out I paid about 50 dollars AUD less than I would have by importing the thing, and that included the shipping costs



WiiLovePeace said:

I'd love to own a DSi XL (or a DSi even) but at that cost? Hell no!
Any ideas of the price for the Japanese version (in pounds so I can compare to the other prices if possible please). As for the 3DS I don't think it'll stop me from buying a DSi simply because the DSi has an awesome backlog of games & I haven't played any of them but I want to (as I have not owned a Nintendo handheld or any handheld since the gameboy!). Importing ftw!



Pj1 said:

Nice to See Steve Irwin but it still upsets me that he's gone, he was a Legend. So are you guys in Australia pay more for Nintendo products, I once worked for a car rental company and picked a British family who live in Oz and they said that they bought loads of games in the UK because they are cheaper. Oh I suppose I've answered my own question...



kjin said:

I guess that's why Nintendo introduced region locking to the DSi...



RowdyRodimus said:

One of the reasons it's so expensive in Aus is the VAT or Value Added Tax, basically it charges taxes on every step of the production (from raw materials til final boxing) which is set at around 17% and then they add an extra 10% tax because it isn't made in Australia.

What it does is make the final price almost twice as much and looks like the companies are doing it when in fact it's the government. America is fixing to start using this to pay for the Health Care loaw that was recently passed.

People say that politics doesn't affect them, well, here's why everyone needs to be involved.

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