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New Zealand

Fri 19th March, 2010

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pink_dsi_26 commented on Review: Brain Challenge (DSiWare):

I like this brain game way better than the Brain age Arts & letters. This game is fun and there is lots of content. The brain age ones are borring and repetitive. And the Dr guy is so annoying, & yes i think this game is worth the 800 points.



pink_dsi_26 commented on Review: Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. (DSiWare):

I wish i waited for the review...I bought the game the day it was released and i played it like twice and haven't touch it since. I agree with the review...the glitches are annoying, the view and controls are annoying too. I agree, the real GTA China town wars is the one to get if u wanna gta style ga, this is just garbage. Thank goodness it was only 500 pts, but its still 500 pts wasted. And the selling sweets (lollies as us NZders call them), OMG i hadn't even got that far in the game, but it sounds silly & out of place for this kinda game.



pink_dsi_26 commented on Review: Zoo Frenzy (DSiWare):

This game is entertaining and cute, but the story mode doesnt last very long, and you cant really make the zoo of your dreams. This game is definitely one for the kids.



pink_dsi_26 commented on Review: Car Jack Streets (DSiWare):

Bummer!!! Australia/New zealand miss out again..., i was so looking forward to this game being released today and even saved up my points for it...and nah we dont even get it.. I really hope we will get it soon.