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Diatomic Lands on US WiiWare Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Not long to go for Grendel Games' latest

Those lovely chaps over at Grendel Games have just been in touch to let us know that their upcoming WiiWare title Diatomic has had a final spit and polish and is ready to head out into US Wii consoles everywhere from Monday, December 14th.

If you're not sure what Diatomic actually entails, a picture paints a thousand words, so observe this YouTube trailer post-haste.

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The official press release goes as follows:

“Diatomic” release date confirmed for US!

“Diatomic”, Grendel Games' original take on retro arcade action games will be available through the WiiWare service in the US from the 14th of December in 2009. A European release will be announced soon.

About Diatomic

“Diatomic" is a hectic arcade action title that focuses on making choices between defensive or offensive play. The player controls a diatomic protagonist equipped with a deadly tail that can be used as a whip or curled around its body as a shield. Defend your petri dish and destroy the invading diatoms. Collect the mystic “spinergy” power ups and engage in the all-devastating spinball move to obliterate your enemies. Stack bonus after bonus, hold the multipliers and become top-dog at the leader boards.


Hectic retro arcade action previously unseen on Nintendo Wii.
Physical game play: use your whip tail to destroy multitudes of enemies!
Play either offensive or defensive and score accordingly.
Campaign mode features over 75 challenging levels.
Engage in Spinball mode to obliterate the enemies' intricate patterns
Play co-operatively.

For more information you can check out Grendel Games and “Diatomic” on the following addresses:

There you have it - all the Diatomic-related information you could need, save for our in-depth review that will be up shortly after the game's US launch. Grendel Games has hinted at special rewards for those readers able to set crack high scores, so you'd better get practising your tail whips and Spinballs in anticipation.

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User Comments (27)



Knux said:

This really looks like Geometry Wars. I think I will wait for a review.



KeeperBvK said:

Looks like GW?!? Just because it features abstract structures from a bird's view?
Looks more like a cross of fL0W, Spore and Senko no Ronde.
But it sure does look promising.



Objection said:

It sure does. The visuals are very nice and the gameplay looks solid. The music I can do without, but this could be a fun time.



MrMartinLee said:

This does look promising. Money's tight, so I'll wait for the review, but WiiWare definitely has room for a good arcade-type game like this appears to be.



Rawk_Hawk said:

I want to rename this ElectroPlankton Battle Arena Extreme. Actually it looks pretty cool and original.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not quite sure what I just saw there. Guess I'm gonna have to read up on it. If you just obsorb bullets and send it back to them, how do you die?



Thomas_Joseph said:

Looks an awful lot like EA's Spore: Origins for the iPod. A bit more fleshed out, but pretty similar regardless.



vakama94 said:

at last!! i was waiting for this game for a logn time, i think it looks pretty cool, i hope its good, so i´ll wait for the review, and for 800 points you can´t go wrong( i guess)



Radbot42 said:

im glad i didnt spend my extra 1000 wii points yet cant wait to play this one on monday. ive been waiting for this one for a long time



Grendel_Remii said:

Hi Guys, thanks for the cool comments!
I'll try to answer some of the questions I've seen so far:

" If you just obsorb bullets and send it back to them, how do you die?"
-this is not the only move, you can use the tail to whip at enemies, so when you whip, you can't defend at the same time.

"Looks an awful lot like EA's Spore: Origins for the iPod"
-And yet, it isn't

Thanks again guys!



thaantman said:

man just spend my last 800pts didn't think anything good was coming out that would be under 1000pts. Not to mention eduardo the samauri toaster wasn't worth the 800pts, it wasn't terrible but could had been cheaper. Knew I've should had got mr. driller instead. Been interest in this game for a while. Where's someone to send a gift when you need it.



Grendel_Remii said:

@vakama94: Diatomic is played with a Wiimote and the Nunchuck. The Nunchuck is used to steer the diatomic around the screen. You can then use the Wiimote to slash in any direction to whip your tail. It's fairly straightforward; just slash in the direction you want to whip!

thanks again for the feedback!

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