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Diatomic is a hectic arcade action title that focuses on making choices between defensive or offensive play. The player controls a diatomic protagonist equipped with a deadly tail that can be used as a whip or curled around its body as a shield.

Defend your petri dish and destroy the invading diatoms. Collect the mystic spinergy power ups and engage in the all-devastating spinball move to obliterate your enemies. Stack bonus after bonus, hold the multipliers and become top-dog at the leader boards.

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Posted by Sean Aaron


The first time many saw images from Diatomic one word was in their head: Geometry Wars (okay, that's two). The similarities in appearance are definitely there: closed-border shooter (attention: new term coinage alert!) and old-school wire-frame graphics...

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themortalangel said:

Interesting...looks a lil like centipede and spore. Waiting til I hear/see more on this before I make any strong opinion on this.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'll definitely get this unless something turns me off.
In any case, Diatomic devs have stated that they're working on a site and trailers and the like for release in a couple days so keep your eyes peeled.



Crazed said:

This game initially interested me, but nothing about it has come up. Hopefully nothing has happened to this game, since it is a very interesting concept and would recieve a lot of attention... if more information was given to help spark the interest.



Grendel_Remii said:

Diatomic is currently in LotCheck. We are preparing hard on promotional material. But it's coming :)



Syr said:

Anyone try this out yet? Looks like it could be quite good!



Jaceguay said:

very bad controls for the tail, impredicable and can be painfull to the wrist after just some minutes. If there was a option for the classic controller could be a good game.

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