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DSi LL Shifts 100K Units In Japan

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Two-day launch sales beat the competition

No matter how much head-scratching came out of the arguably non-portable portable's announcement, we've now learned one thing: it sells.

According to Famitsu and sales tracker Enterbrain, the giant handheld sold 103,524 units in two days. While an impressive number, it's still not too surprising given the massive popularity of the DS in Japan.

Last year, the human-sized DSi managed to move over 170,000 units in its first two days. Sony's all-download PSP Go shifted a bit over 28,000 on day one last month and has experienced slow sales since.

Be sure to check out our hands-on with the beast of a portable, where we learned that its screens are visible from the moon.


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Porky said:

Not as much sold as the DSI cause people still have them and many have downloaded games from the Dsi shop.



AVahne said:

when the heck is this coming to America? I FREAKING WANT IT NOWR!!!!!!!!!!!!



Percentful said:

wow... I was not expecting anywhere near this much. But then again, People in Japan love Nintendo. I doubt it will do this good in the US. I won't be getting one-I'm happy with my normal DSi, not to mention I have DSiware on it.



Corbs said:

That's about what I expected in Japan. I expect US and European sales to be much lower.



20thPaul said:

Well, nintendo anything will sell in Japan! I just got a dsi last summer, so I won't be getting this one. Personally I think that both nintendo and sony are releasing too many revisions of their handhelds....



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well its Japan its to be expected .
I just won't be getting this or the DSi lite as i want a propper system not a current system with some extra features shoehorned in .



HipsterDashie said:

So wait, you're saying it's... big. Big. Is that right? Because I don't think I'm really "catching your drift" here...



greyelephant said:


Man, I couldn't agree more. Seriously guys, stop harking on the fact that it's bigger than the DSi. Calling it a beast is just plain ridiculous.

Personally, I find it great that they're coming out with this model. I wasn't planning on ever getting a DSi until now. The system was too small in my hands and I hated using the stylus. This solves those problems.



moomoo said:

I didn't see this coming. Sony is screwed. I'm happy about it, though. I felt like the Go wasn't nearly as good as the previous models.



Corbs said:

We can call it whatever we want to. It's our site. Did we mention that it's a BEAST!

Plus, that's its selling point. Why do you think they're calling it the DSi XL?



Slapshot said:

I figured the sales would be pretty high in Japan, they buy Anything Ninendo/Sony that comes out over there. I dont expect it to do so well here in the States.



dsijared said:

@slapshot your in for a surprise i predict it will have major sales in the US it is easier to hold for people with big hands and people like bigger screens. who thought wii fit or wii play were gonna sell as much as they did. Wii play sold 5.18 million in 2008 and 24.43 million as of Sep.09 Wii play was the best selling game of 2008



Sylverstone said:

Wow, way to go DSi XL!

Sony, heed this warning:

You may be Japanese in origin but Japan is Mario country!!

PSPgo's time was not now. Probably late 2010 would've been better.



Digiki said:

I hear the DSi XL is the new fad in compensation for ones lacking assets...



JayArr said:

You could break open a coconut with this system. That's just something a normal DSi can't do.



Wolfcoyote said:

Even though I purchased my DSi on launch day I have no choice but to purchase the DSi XL - because the L button on my current DSi doesn't work. While playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 this week my R button was starting to be unresponsive as well. I won't be able to download any more DSiWare games or apps either until the XL comes out because there's no sense in purchasing games on proprietary hardware that's about to be replaced.

BTW: I have NO problems with the DSi XL's supposedly gigantic size. My faulty DSi sits on my desk at work playing music, and when if it's too big for my pocket then it'll go in my bag with my laptop.



JakobG said:

The PSP Go is a terrible failure.
I instantly knew that the very first time I've heard it.
But those numbers blow my mind!
Do you consider Apple with it's iPod Touch as a competitor?
After all, it sneaked it's way from iPod to handheld.



RyuZebian said:

Whatever Nintendo does it sells... In Japan, at least. Brainwashing? Perhaps. Maybe that Nintendo Ma channel thingy has something to do with it??? :s



Ren said:

seriously, peeps. I know it seems like a foreign concept to those of you who run out and buy every new console iteration on day one, but for many of us who didn't get a DSi, this is a much better option. I know its selling point is that it's large, but it is silly to continuously characterize that as a bad thing because you can't understand it's appeal. (cough* Corbie* cough)
I think this will also sell like hotcakes here. I'm very much looking forward to it, myself. The DS is not popular because of it's tiny size, it's because it's a great console all around with a great unique interface. The only drawback of the DS I can think of now is it's tiny size since it's library is arguably one of the best of any current system. This easily addresses all that. I wouldn't balk at these sales figures just yet, this may extend the DS lifespan by a lot.



mushroomer said:

Manga is brought to mind for some reason... In the states, books are rather large and inconvenient to carry around. Manga and books in japan are tiny. They can fit in your pocket. They split them up into smaller parts so, for example, if Stephen King book came out, it would be in about 5-6 volumes.. With that said, the japanese are really all about portability and this news does surprise me. And the assumption that the states would not take to this system is rather ironic wouldnt you say? the states is all about bigger and larger ... We dont care about portability. We just want to have more more more.. but in this case, the Japanse are the ones that are proving history wrong.



Sprace_Bot said:

huh, i'm considering getting one but they wilkl be a little costly and not at all portable.... unless you pack a suitcase everywhere.



nintendoman235 said:

i think it is a abomination and needs to be dumped in to a pit of lava.... boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo **********



Rerun said:

I want this. I got huge hands and playing on the GBA and DS all these years haven't done wonders for me. I'm really looking forward to this.

Is it worth importing this? The DSi was a dud since you can't change the menu language to English. I have a JPN DS lite (they had better colors) and I changed the menu to English without any hassle.




If I didn't have a dsi then insta-buy. But I do, so no. What annoys me is that I would've maybe bought this dsi ll if it was released round about the same time, or just after, the current dsi. I can't justify the purchase of another console that has no real, massive advantages for me personally. Also, why are the players of this console in the trailers only playing them sat down at a table? Its meant to be HANDHELD isn't it? Hmmmm; is it too heavy to be a comfortable hand-held play?

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