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LIT Arrives in Europe on October 30th

Posted by Corbie Dillard

European gamers will get the game just in time for Halloween.

Wayforward has just announced that their WiiWare horror title LIT will be released on the European WiiWare service on October 30th for 800 Wii Points. The wait has been long, but European gamers will finally get the opportunity to experience the spooky title for themselves.

You can check out the official press release information below and you can also check out our review of LIT to find out if this is a game that you'll want to add to your WiiWare collection.

WayForward confirmed today that LIT will be available for download on Nintendo Wii™ via WiiWare™ in all PAL territories October 30, 2009. After earning a cult following in North America for its dark atmosphere, haunting visuals, and compelling gameplay, LIT will make its debut in PAL territories with an enhanced control scheme, and subtitles in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. LIT is rated “12+” by PEGI, “M” by OFLC, and “16” by USK. For more information on LIT, including screenshots, trailers, and artwork, please visit the official LIT website at

About LIT

An action-horror puzzle game, LIT puts players in the role of Jake, a typical high school underachiever. When Jake's school is overrun by dark creatures resembling the school's faculty, it's up to him to find his way through the darkness in order to defeat them and find his girlfriend, Rachael. The only way to stay alive is to stay in the light. Taking full advantage of the Nintendo Wii™ hardware, players use a variety of light-based objects to get through each classroom, including lamps, oscillating fans, computers, televisions, broken windows, and motion sensor lights. It's up to the player to figure out how to bridge Jake's way across each classroom as he inches closer to discovering Rachael’s ultimate fate.

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Bass_X0 said:

About time. I just hope i'm still interested in downloading it by then.



shinigami_tidus said:

After 9 months of waiting, Lit finally arrives europe o.O
News of the months! Is there any special feature for this version?
16 by USK? Ohoh, i hope BigN will release it in germany...



accc said:

Great game, all you Euro puzzler fans should download it immediately!



Popyman said:

Cool, I forgot about LIT. If ZAMN doesn't come out before Halloween, I think I'll finally get this.



Omega said:

So both Lost Winds 2 and LiT coming in the same month? Then I sure need some more Wii Points.

As far as special features go, I have heard that the European version has some gameplay tweaks to address issues with the controls mentioned in some reviews. And it's localized. Yes, Monkey Island, you can learn a lesson from that!



SanderEvers said:

Didn't like Lost Winds (1) so part 2 is a no-go for me. And this game looks like it's stuck in the previous millennium. So two times NO-go for me. I do, however, hope that Worms comes out soon



JayArr said:

Does this version have added cut-scenes too? I swear I read that some where.

It would be nice if they updated the NA version as well.



Odnetnin said:

I bet they purposely held out on releasing it until Halloween.
Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.



Starwolf_UK said:

Yeah themed Halloween release...whose idea was this? "Let's go for a themed American Holiday release for the European release rather than just throwing it in July".

I'm dead serious. This title has been ready for months and at one point was coming out in July (we'll just pretend the date of Q2 never existed). Well at least it has some improvements (which were also ready for July...) so the wait won't totally be in vain.



irken004 said:

This had such potential here in America.... It didn''t live up to my expectations.



ueI said:

@Odnetnin and Starwolf_UK: It's always Nintendo of Europe that does this. It never happens in America, not even with Castlevania III.



AdamTierneyWF said:

@Starwolf_UK - The game's been content complete for a few months, but it wasn't finished with PAL rating and submissions until a few weeks ago. July was our original goal.



Corbs said:

Great to see the game finally coming out in Europe. Great day to release it as well. It should spook your Halloween up nicely!



Corbs said:

We post it when they send us the press release. We're not psychic. Well Daz is a little bit when it's a full moon.



Golgo said:

Great. And would be super-cool if castlevania rebirth came out for halloween too.



Ren said:

I also heard some where; here maybe, that some control tweeks were made or fixed. Still don't have it but I was reluctant when I heard there are some annoying bits with the controls. Isn't there some way they could also replace the US version with this updated fix without any big problem?

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