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Wed 11th Mar 2009

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AdamTierneyWF commented on LIT Officially Headed to Europe:

Thanks for the kind words, guys. To clarify, the changes in the EUR version will include:

  • Removal of 'the all-powerful A Button'. Now A Button controls items in Jake's hand, and C Button affects objects in the room. No more accidental lamp deaths.
  • When sweeping with the flashlight for clues, objects in the darkness stay lit slightly longer.
  • Rachael's phone calls (and Jake's) will be subtitled onscreen in each different European language.

"Would it be overly cynical of me to suggest that perhaps the 'enhanced and improved control scheme' may result in the price being bumped up by a couple of hundred of points to 'cover costs'?"

That wouldn't be a factor, these were easy adjustments. We don't know what the EUR price will be yet, but expect it to be comparable to the US price (or whatever is the $8-ish price in Europe).



AdamTierneyWF commented on Atari 2600 Version of LIT?:

Haunted House was (and is) incredible. Probably my favorite 2600 game ever. The dynamics between running in the dark with no flashlight (but missing collectables) and lighting up (but attracting enemies) was brilliant. True survival horror.



AdamTierneyWF commented on Atari 2600 Version of LIT?:

Hey guys,

Wow, this shouldn't have been news. I'm surprised to see it on a few different sites since it was just a post I made on Atari Age for fun. Okay, so a few things:

1) Salstadt = Adam Tierney (me), LIT's director.
2) I was actually pretty heavily interested in the 2600 homebrew scene back around 2003, when I co-developed an original 2600 game, FADE OUT:

In some ways, that game was kind of a precursor to LIT, since it dealt with the light v. darkness theme.

3) Because I've done art for 2600, I now a few things about the hardware's limitations, which is why the BG and sprites are the proper resolutions (not jut made up). I was aware I probably went over on color changes per scanline, but since I just did this for fun (not to turn into an actual game) it didn't really matter that much to me.

Here are a few more mockups I did from way back when, starting with a Prince of Persia 2600 adaptation. Most are over limitations, although many were revised later to work within 2600 limitations: