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New Super Mario Bros. Wii To Feature Gamer Assistance?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Miyamoto lets it slip in E3 interview

Last year, it was reported that Nintendo had filed a patent for an in-game system that would make its titles easier for less-experienced players. As time passed the patent was largely forgotten about - until now.

The intention of this concept is to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy Nintendo's games. This basically means that both younger and older players will be able to complete the same game and get the same level of challenge and enjoyment. It's a bold idea but one that ultimately makes a lot of sense.

At E3, Miyamoto gave a little more detail on the system before practically confirming that it will be featured in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Here's the interview, taken from Kotaku:

Crecente: Let me put it this way. Generically speaking, do you think that — it seems to me that Nintendo has tackled many of the problems that non-gamers face when trying to become gamers — sort of blurring that line. And I think one of the remaining problems is the idea of failing and saving. And do you think that that concept of trying to get rid of that notion of having to do saves or start over a game when you fail could help you attract more gamers?

[Nintendo's Bill Trinen translates the question.]

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] As he says. That's right, that's kind of thing. Well, honestly, in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. —

Trinen: [in Japanese] Woah, we can't say that? [laughs]

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] It's okay for us to say it.

Trinen: [in Japanese] It's okay to say? Then okay.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] Let's say it.

[Trinen laughs.]

[Miyamoto covers his face.]

Totilo: I'll have to take this to a translator.

Crecente: Yeah, we have one in-house.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] In the New Super Mario —

Nintendo PR: Nothing has been said at this point.

Miyamoto: [in Japanese] You can look forward to the release of New Super Mario Bros. to see how something like this is addressed. A first time player might need help — even if the player's friend or dad can't help them, they can still be helped. Things like that are in the game.

[Miyamoto laughs, puts his hands on his face.]

Trinen: Well, yeah, so that's an idea behind, that's one thing we look at and think about is trying to help people get to the end of the game. Um, and maybe New Super Mario Bros. is a game you look forward to the launch of to see how we've addressed something like that in ways that kids are needing help to get through the game don't necessarily have to go ask their father, but might have other ways of getting to the end of the game.


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Golgo said:

Hope you can switch the damn thing off.
If I'm destined to fall I don't want AI surreptitiously rescuing me.



Starwolf_UK said:

I don't know why the office assistant came to mind just now, "Hey it looks like you're trying to jump a chasm"



MrPanic said:

It's nice that they added that feature, maybe the games get harder for us real gamers cause the noobs will get help to get through those levels.



Sean_Aaron said:

This is possibly the only way I'd consider getting this game since I've disliked every other 2D Mario game except the original Mario Bros. (now why hasn't that been updated or released on VCA, hmmmm?).



Pj1 said:

I hope you have the option just to play it in one player mode! It Looks really good, the music I'm a tad worried about it sounds like the DS version, this is to me is fantastic Nintendo has done it again but I wonder if they are able to translate the DS version for Wii-ware that would be great. All we need now is for SEGA to announce to a 2D Sonic game and all of my Christmas's and birthdays have come at once.



motang said:

Have to see it in action to really know what this new technology really is.



aaronsullivan said:

Sean... REALLY? You must have VERY narrow gaming tastes. How someone could like the limited but very similar gameplay of Mario Bros. and not like Super Mario Bros. is quite the mystery. You very may well be the ONLY one. To each his own of course, I'm just a bit shocked.

Surprise aside, I'm interested in what is making you consider this one. It seems like you are suggesting the help feature? Or is it the multiplayer. Just curious.



Knux said:

I don't need any assistance on any 2D Mario,but thanks for the offer Nintendo.



Lotice-Paladin said:

In some ways I agree with Sean. Some of the Mario games aren't what I expected. Except the older Mario games.



Adam said:

Haha, poor Miyamoto, I guess he doesn't like Nintendo's new policy of being ultra-secretive until right before launch. Seems like they're trying to tie his hands and he's a bit frustrated by it. But that's a cool feature. I'll of course never use it since Mario games only get easier and easier, and both World and NSMB were childishly easy, but that's not a complaint. They were still fun.



mjc0961 said:

"uh, Sonic Unleashed isn't that old..."
It's also not 2D.

Does Mario really need this? They keep making the games easier and easier.



Outrunner said:

I'm wondering how this game will be as a single-player experience... Will it be missing something like say, 4 Swords Adventures?



astarisborn94 said:

(facepalm) Miyamoto, is this really necessary at all? I mean, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario Galaxy provided little challenge. I've beaten Super Mario World 100% in just one week! What are you thinking? Isn't it obvious that your games are being dumb-down?



Slapshot said:

What Im hearing is basically NSMB Wii will be as easy as lets say Imagine Babies. Yeah Nintendo thats a real good stab in the back of Hardcore Gamers. I caught this statement right off the bat and was like great another SuperEasyNewSuperMarioBros. Guessing Nintendo didn't learn anything from last years casual catering and abandoning the hardcore, and Vitality Sensor oh come the F... On Nintendo.



J_K said:

So is this like New Super Mario Bros Clippy Edition?

You've come upon a lava pool. Do you want to:

  • Jump it and hope you make it?
  • Freeze podobo and use it as a step?
  • Access the in game guide and don't think for yourself?


brandonbwii said:

Whoever said NSMBWii was going to be easy. Isn't the patent for an optional feature? He may up the challenge because of this. SMG2 is supposed to be more challenging but it will likely include this feature as well. I mean for those that enjoy Bash Party do you have a problem with the option to spend "money" to unlock the better puzzles? Same rule applies here. I'd love a new Zelda without some annoying fairy or talking hat giving me clues all the time, yet it'd be nice for only those who need it.



Kaeobais said:

As long as it's optional, then great. It'll boost their sales whilst making the games harder for us since the noobs (didn't someone already say this?) will have help.



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm pretty sure you will be able to turn the help off, but I doubt the game itself will be that hard, still, is Mario it has to be fun, I also hope it is long.



SupermarketZombies said:

I don't think that having this feature will boost the game's sales, but I do think that it will add to new player's interest in gaming leading to game sales in the future. Would you keep paying to do something that you never succeed at? Of course not. Kids will be able to enjoy games more if they can reach the end without too much frustration.



Lady_Gryphon said:

You all might think that those games are easy, but I found them hard. Not everyone plays at the same level or wants the same level of challenge but still wants the experience. I probably would never finish a game like this without a heck of a lot of help.



Sean_Aaron said:

@aaronsullivan: I don't see how not being a big fan of traditional 2D plaform games means I have narrow tastes myself. They're okay, I just don't find running and jumping on the heads of things overly exciting.

This game does have very nice visuals; I'm not fussed about the multi-player, but I am open to the possibility of a fun Mario 2D game existing after enjoying Super Mario Galaxy. The fact that it will have the ability to remove the frustration factor that caused me to give up on both SMB3 and M64 makes it more likely I'll give it a try.



Invertedzero said:

I seriously think this is a good way of helping to tackle this experienced/skilled, inexperienced/novice divide. The only way people learn is by taking on more difficult challenges - that's the nature of life, school, workplace, uni, everything.

So whilst its expected that these games won't be of extreme difficulty because of the new audience, it is expected now that the new audience will have to gradually play more and more difficult games, like we did back in the day (80s or 90s). to be honest though, super Mario bros on the NES was a simple game, but difficult. All of my family played it, my, auntys, uncles, (part from my nan) and even though it was difficult, everyone found it fun due to its simplicity and the fact that even though it was difficult, it could be seen that the result was obtainable, and in reach with enough practice and skill. We didn't have all these ingame hints and faqs back then. I mean heck i completed some very hard games somehow when like 6 years old that i look back now and think how on earth did i do that? People learn by seeing that something is possible whilst being challenged. It's this balance that needs to be achieved in modern day gaming. people have grown too accostomed to being fed information, i even used to see this a few years back when i was at school - maths, people just dont try!! i would go home, try and figure something out, and 49 times out of 50 figure it out by myself, through persistence and effort. Others would just not bother think and ask ridiculous questions instead of going and figuring themselves.



Vantes said:

"I don't know why the office assistant came to mind just now, "Hey it looks like you're trying to jump a chasm"


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