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Mon 13th Oct 2008

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Vantes commented on 5 Spots Party Coming to WiiWare:

Well, I realize that most of the WiiWare fans are looking for something more hardcore... and we'd rather hear about something like Icarian: Kindred Spirits being released in the US...

But, I remember playing the original 5 Spots on my PC a few years... with my cousin (who is a casual gamer)... and it was always good times... that original game became less interesting once you had seen all of the pictures several times... but up until that point, it's fun. It looks like they're making an effort to extend its lasting appeal with more pictures and various game modes. And since the Wii will allow for multi-player, this seems like it'll be a good game.

So yeah, sure I gotta get games like Swords & Soliders first, but I'd definitely get this eventually...



Vantes commented on Team Meat Interview - Super Meat Boy:

This whole thing looks really interesting... the flash version seems cool. I'm anticipating the WiiWare release... but iCan't help but feel like the game is a clone of the Jumper series. uNEED to know what Jumper is if uConsider yourself a fan of platformers...

Check it out...

Hardcore platforming action there...