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Ronimo Games Announces Swords & Soldiers Contest Winners

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Four people get a special goodie bag, more people can win it in the future as well!

If you've been paying close attention to Swords & Soldiers you should know that the game is one of the few WiiWare titles to feature achievements, for those hardcore players who like to do some extra challenges.

A while back, Ronimo Games announced that if you collected all 25 achievements, a secret code would appear on the achievements list. The first three people that would send this code to Ronimo Games would get a special Swords & Soldiers goodie bag, of which the contents are still a mystery.

The game's been out for over five days now, so logically a few people have already achieved this impressive feat. Ronimo Games has announced that not just the first three, but the first four people will be getting a prize - The third and fourth players submitted their codes so quickly after each other that they thought it would be a bit disappointing not to give the fourth one a goodie bag as well.

Naturally, they have also revealed the winners so that people can praise their amazing gaming skills for generations to come. One of the names seems strangely familiar, who could it be:

  • 1. Henryk Huhn, Germany
  • 2. Jesse Hartog, Netherlands
  • 3. Marcel van Duyn, Netherlands
  • 4. Denis Tessier, France

If you're still a few achievements a way and are sad you didn't make it in time don't be too worried - Every month, Ronimo Games will pick a bunch of random people to get a goodie bag as well. You'll need a bit more luck, but you've still got a chance!

North American players don't have to worry either - Naturally, it would be unfair if you couldn't win a prize just because you get the game later. Once the game is out in North America, the first 3 North American players to submit their code will win a prize as well.


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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Sweet. I gotta get this game on the day it releases, then, so I can aim for the prize!
Nice job, Marcel. Be sure to divulge details on this mysterious "goodie bag". Heh.
Every month, huh? For how long?



Popyman said:

That sounds cool, but it'll probably push me to finish it as quick as I can, and I don't like that...



Shiryu said:

Ah, didn't even try it, having too much fun with the game as is, I should finish the Chinese campaign tonight. I will keep a very watchful eye on Romino's next games. Congrats to the four winners.

PS: Make sure you watch the game credits, it has a ton of fun "Thank Yous" down there.



Drake said:

@ Shiryu: Indeed, any game with B.A. Baracus under Special Thanks is awesome

@ Mik: I'll tell you when I get it



KeeperBvK said:

Yay, a German won...maybe I should've downloaded it and have come on top instead of that guy. ^^



Objection said:

Nice going Drake. I can't wait to go for it when it comes out here. At the least someone on N-L has to win it for that contest too!



Sean_Aaron said:

At least a reason to get achievements (I've never understood the point of them; bragging rights I don't really need, but free swag is always nice!).



tantrumario said:

Nice job Drake. You're must be one of the best gamers in the Netherlands to get that.By the way, are you gonna say the goodies here or in another topic?



killer6370 said:

How can I get these Achivements?
I tried 2-3 but theres only 1 that i got(I just tried the Aztecs level 8 theres an achivement that says don't use that rock) i did it and got no achivement.
Is it possible that you have to get them on you complete the level on in a other way?(I allready completed the Vikings Campaigne on level 10 but no achivement



Egg_miester said:

wow this fast i was hoping the achievements would be a little harder but good job to the winners maybe they are that good



IAmNotWill said:

Congrats Drake on winning your goodie bag! When you get it tell us whats inside!

@2: You won't have to finish it quick, they will start picking at random.



SonicMaster said:

Nice, Marcel! It would be insane if these were the Mega Man 9 challenges (not that I've actually played the game.)



WolfRamHeart said:

Way to go Drake! You must have worked really hard to get those achievments! I really hope you enjoy that goodie bag because you definitely earned it!



gijs said:

@18. killer6370
Are u sure u have your gamespeed on normal or higher. Cause u dont get achievements on gamespeed slow. Let me know if it helps.
Good job marcel!



Crazynoodle said:

Wow Drake ur a beast, how long did it take u to get it??? I cant wait till it comes in NA



Crazed said:

@Drake- Wow, I don't know what's more impressive. That you got one of the goodie bags, or that if you would have sent the code 5 minutes later, you wouldn't have recieved it. Talk about a close call... This is just more incentive to get the game as soon as possible. Can't wait to get it!

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