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Phantasy Star Zero Mini Coming to DSiWare

Posted by Philip J Reed

Looking for another big franchise to dip a toe in the waters of DSiWare? Well, Sega's got your number.

The Phantasy Star series is set to release a DSiWare installment in the form of Phantasy Star Zero Mini. Japan will receive the game sometime this month, and while there's no assurance that it will see an English-language release, we can certainly hope. One way or another, it will be interesting to see how RPGs translate to the DSiWare service.

It will support four-player wireless co-op and a visual chat feature, and is going to sell for a paltry 200 Nintendo Points.

Sounds interesting to me, and it's great to see other genres representing themselves on DSiWare. Viva variety!

Source: IGN

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Bahamut_ZERO said:


How are they going to pull off an MMO on DSiWare? Makes no sense, especially for only 200!



VenomTheEvil said:

@ Bahamut ZERO

Errm you do know they are RPG games right?

The Online titles are the spin offs known as Phantasy Star online



Corbs said:

This is exciting, but I wish Sega would just make Phantasy Star V and get it over with.



Stratos said:

i wonder if this will tie in at all with the full retail DS game Fantasy Star Zero. It would be cool if you could bring you character from the DSiWare game to the main game or vise versa. Who knows, maybe this is the multiplayer component for the main game.



Wiiloveit said:

I don't care if I like the game or not - at 200 points, I'm definitely getting it!



xesbeth said:

Downloadable content for PS0 like new missions, weapons, boss, monsters, etc = GREAT
Other than that = Lame



tkubas1 said:

thasabigwii: I agree, I always think these are some cool new wiiware then Never mind Its just DSi ware.



Terra said:

I'll just get PS Zero. While this is good, i'd rather just buy the full game and get it over with.

Speaking of Phantasy Star, the copies i bought Universe for the PC with the expansion have FINALLY come through. That took ages to come through. It may not be the best PS game but i played it before and liked it.



Adamant said:

Wait, this is a REAL Phantasy Star game, not another one of these lame MMORPG spinoffs? Awesome!



Objection said:

I plan to get PS0 but if I ever upgrade to DSi, then I'll likely pick this up. Problem is, I don't foresee making that jump for a while on my current gaming budget.



odd69 said:

what is the real shame about dsi ware is that the millions who already own 2 slim ds's probally won't upgrade. nintendo should atleast do something about this. i am not going to rebuy another ds sorry. i know i will miss out on some good stuff but even if i sell my other ds to upgrade to the dsi i wont even get half of what i paid for.



Ricardo91 said:

If I ever decide to get a DSi, I'm picking this up in a heartbeat. You can't possibly go wrong with an RPG that supports 4-player wireless co-op and costs 2 bucks!



KDR_11k said:

I'm kinda worried about the "mini" part. What exactly will be mini about it?



Moai_Head said:

I'm kinda worried about the "mini" part. What exactly will be mini about it?

The complete game features eight areas, hundreds of enemies, a ton of bosses, customisable characters and thousands of pieces of loot. The DSi release has three static characters, one boss and from the looks of things there'll be no loot/grinding/etc. at all, just the incentive to defeat it quickly for a better score. Think of it more as a taste of how the game plays for those unfamiliar to the hack-and-slash PS games.



vherub said:

Sounds suspiciously like pay-for-demo action
though I remain optimistic



Starwolf_UK said:

Am I the only one who thinks this will just be a demo of the real Phantasy Star 0?
Thats what it sounds like. It'll probably be the TGS demo with the auto revive removed.

Before you go "these PAID for demos are really getting on my nerves" you have to understand that Nintendo approve of it simply because thier entire 1st party output is just that (a few Wario Ware minigames, a few clubhouse games, a few bit of magic bombed hard etc...).

I would have loved to see challenge mode from PSO make a comeback and this sort of game could have been a stab at that but without the rewards (unless you could make it link to the DS verison somehow) nobody would bother...



gig said:

Sound fair enough to me, mini price for mini game, even if it is just a paid for demo it's sounds like it worth a go. Some RPG are so long winded anyway, I love the genre but rarely have the time to commit long enough to get the most out of them.



ReZon said:

I'll pay $2 for it - even if it is only a demo. The four player wireless thing sounds nice, but I hope no one is getting their hopes up for that to be online.



Wiiloveit said:

More demo-type things at 200 points each would surely go down well, and get more fans for games that are bound to sell porrly / have sold poorly. Hows about the first three songs from Elite Beat Agents? What about the first world of Big Bang Mini? Hell, hows about a selection of Picross delights aswell? Cheap things are always going to be attractive, so people are more likely to try games out, and in many cases, they will also end up wanting the full thing. If they don't, then at least the developers still get a bit of cash for those that tried.



gig said:

@ Wiiloveit: I agree demo's are allways a good thing I've purchased loads of games after enjoying a demo which I otherwise wouldn't have looked twice at.
It's the big advantage XBLA has over Wii Shop Channel is that you can pretty much always try before you buy. Nintendo needs to sort out it's act on that a bit as there must be a few 3rd party developers that would be quite happy to allow demos to be downloaded. The Nintendo channel try's alittle with it's ds download service but it could still do better IMHO.



-TR said:

Sounds great, I just hope if you buy both it and the game you'll be getting something extra.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I was so shocked when I first heard that it was only 200 Points especially considering all the content found therein.



Crazed said:

Even at 200 points, here's the question. Are you getting Phantasy Star 0? If so, its a nice buy. Not for me, though.

@Objection_Blaster- I agree! It would be nice to go through a level of a game (i.e. Sonic and the Black Knight) for 200 points to see if you like it. Speaking of which, is SBK good?



CanisWolfred said:

If I weren't getting the PSP version instead of the DS version, and if I actually was getting a DSi, I would totally get this!

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