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Wed 18th Feb 2009

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thasabigwii commented on Talking Point: About "The Waggle":

i think that motion control is not very popular only because people have gotten used to analog sticks but what they fail to realise is that analog sticks were used becase there was nothing else to use at the time. the same way it went from the d pad to analog sticks, there has to be somthing after that and its motion. playing a game with your fingers seperates you from the game and is also a little barbaric. it is not the endpoint in game evolution. motion and hopefuly in the future full emersion of some kind is how we are going to playgames. granted the wiis controls arnt perfect but + is going to get it even closer. in the end, people have to realize that playing with your thumbs, just cant be that much fun or imersive.



thasabigwii commented on Liight:

this game looks so hot
i really want this to come out