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Mon 16th Feb 2009

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gig commented on The King of Kong Strikes Again:

That's great, I love the whole chasing high scores thing. Steve seemed like a really decent bloke in the film, good luck to him.



gig commented on Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement:

So Hitler doesn't eat meat so he couldn't have eaten meat boy, hence the game exists otherwise meat boy would have been eaten, but wait lots of people eat meat so meat boy would have been eaten anyway.....I'm confused.....whats the point?

Oh I get it controversy, just wait till the Daily Mail says that all game players suport facists, or don't, either way someone will have something to complain about.



gig commented on Peter Moore at MI6 Conference: Capturing the W...:

A decent boxing game with a bit of depth would be very welcome on the Wii. I've loved my Fight Nights and Knockout Kings from EA over the years and will be picking up FN 4 when released on the 360.

So far the best boxing on the Wii has been on Wii Sports but it does lack a bit of depth. I'm sure Punch Out will be grand and coming from Nintendo controls and production should be good.



gig commented on Review: Crystal Defenders R1 (WiiWare):

I have this for both my ipod nano and 360, both are fairly similar with the xbox having an extra set of maps 12 in total compared to the ipods 8. Both versions have heaps of waves on each map so lots of game play.

Although I'm not too likely to get the Wii version at the moment as I have the option to play it already both on the move and at home it's still a great game and worth checking out if you don't already have access to it on other formats.

I had no interest in tower defence games untill playing this on the nano and it's sucked up heaps of my time. Well worth it.



gig commented on Nintendo Download: Alex Kidd, Secret Command a...:

I always look forward to update days, then get a little dissapointed if I don't fancy anything, which is a little sad really.
What I need instead of more games is more time to play them if I could download a couple of free hours of gaming time I'd be happy with that



gig commented on Wii to increase by £20 in UK?:

Oh dear, Nintendo obviously need the cash due to hardly selling any hardware with the Wii and the DS failing badly to compete with other consoles......Oh wait sorry wrong company.

Weird though most consoles come down in price as the years go by but not the mighty Wii by the dawn of the next gen it might be up to the £400 mark that will teach all those people for not getting it closer to launch.



gig commented on Former King of Kong to Appear at E3:

Good luck to Steve, his skills and those of other retro legends, Billiy Mitchell included are just awesome.
I loved the film which has gone on to inspire a bit of a high score junkie in me, sadly not really many true high scores,,,ok not any high scores but I'm trying.



gig commented on DSiWare Launch Titles Clarification?:

As long as the opera browser is better that the cartridge one that was released, it was dire.

Black DSi all the way the outer camera looks better IMO.



gig commented on Eyes on DSi - hands-on report:

@ jangonov

I too traded in my lite and am waiting to get back into my DS games on the new machine, It's interesting and a shame there isn't a system seller game coming out at launch to show of the hardware to it's best potential. We'll just have to make do with DSiware.



gig commented on Korner Entertainment Announces Math Blazer For...:

My folks bought me maths games for my C64 when I was a kid, I remember one, Pirates it was called, the quicker you answered the question the more accurate the cannon ball fired at the pirate ship was, as bad as it sounds it was actually pretty good, maybe shooting stuff helped



gig commented on New female lead announced for Ghostbusters: Th...:

I'm sure the voice of Milano will do just fine.

Ghostbusters on the C64 back in the day was fantastic even without any cast doing voices, it did have digitised speach though which back then was pretty impressive.



gig commented on Target Confirms 1000 Free DSi Points:

I don't see why DSIware games have to fall into the 'minute waster' catagory just due to being downloadable, look at Lost Winds on Wiiware it's a fantastic game and although short held me captivated more that many full price retail offerings.

I'm sure there will be a fair share of time wasters and rubbish on DSi ware but we should hope for more substantial releases as file size has never been a measure of greatness in gaming in my eyes at least.



gig commented on Target Confirms 1000 Free DSi Points:

Sounds like a great idea, allowing people to get a couple of free games when buying a DSi will greatly increase nintendo's attachment rate per console sold.

Once you have downloaded content it means your more likely to stick to the console. I could never sell or trade my Wii or 360 as I've got way too many cool downloaded games that I couldn't and wouldn't sell on.



gig commented on British Tabloid Blasts Sega For Gory MadWorld ...:

Tell me why "adult" means violent or sexual content in video games?

To be honest I'm never suprised by bad press from the media regarding video games, I'm suprised however that they haven't managed to link brain training to some foul desease that makes people do sums well and read nicely.



gig commented on Nintendo Lets You Know Who Is The Daddy:

I'm pretty sure the DS and DSi will coexists for some time. Although on the surface their markets are the same i believe the younger market will be happy with their DS's for a while, with the initial buyers of the DSi coming from the older demographic (say 20-40's) buying into the DSiware and the webbrowsing capabilities.



gig commented on Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Comes to DSiWare!:

Hmmm if it didn't have Katamari in the title would anyone care?

Still it looks quite fun with a bit of a spin on the block puzzler. Musics quite cute too, hope they don't change that for a EU release



gig commented on Indie Developers Enjoy Great Success in 2008:

Digital distribution is only as good as the games that get released that way, and it fair to say there is a fair bit of shovel ware on all download services, pretty much the same as retail. That doesn't mean you don't get the odd gem though and if developers are taking chances then you have the possibility of some great inventive games.

DSiware I'm sure will survive the transfer onto DS2 when/if it comes as I hope wiware will survive the transfer onto the next nintendo home console. I tend to replace my old consoles with the next gen when they get released so continued backward compatability is essential other wise I end up with too much plastic under the t.v.



gig commented on Phantasy Star Zero Mini Coming to DSiWare:

@ Wiiloveit: I agree demo's are allways a good thing I've purchased loads of games after enjoying a demo which I otherwise wouldn't have looked twice at.
It's the big advantage XBLA has over Wii Shop Channel is that you can pretty much always try before you buy. Nintendo needs to sort out it's act on that a bit as there must be a few 3rd party developers that would be quite happy to allow demos to be downloaded. The Nintendo channel try's alittle with it's ds download service but it could still do better IMHO.



gig commented on Phantasy Star Zero Mini Coming to DSiWare:

Sound fair enough to me, mini price for mini game, even if it is just a paid for demo it's sounds like it worth a go. Some RPG are so long winded anyway, I love the genre but rarely have the time to commit long enough to get the most out of them.



gig commented on Crystal Defenders R2:

I love this game I've had it on my Ipod Nano for a while and it gets played alot, even better it only cost about £5.
Just downloaded the Demo on XBLA today so i'll be checking that out later tonight
If the wii version brings any new gameplay or the controls enhance the experience I would even consider this, the price is off putting though.



gig commented on Pop Plus: Solo Coming to DSiWare:

Pop was fun for a night, but I've never been back. That doesn't make it a bad game, for less than the cost of a couple of pints a nights entertainment is pretty good value.

Looking at some of the apps available for the Iphone most are fairly one trick ponies giving brief fun on the go, and that model is working pretty well for apple so I don't see why Nintendo need to break the mold of casual gaming it's so fond of at the moment.

Hopefully Frontier will come on board the DSiware, there was talk along time ago of a version of Elite for the GBA so maybe Frontier could make it happen on the DSi. Now that would be cool.



gig commented on Review: Winter Games (C64):

Elite for the C64 was the best hands down. Head over Heels and Iball close contenders. The IK series were good but I want headbands, Way of the Exploding Fist had it all.

The Music to Bruce Lee was ace you can check it out at