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How to play Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint

Posted by Darren Calvert

In case you were one of the ‘lucky’ people to pick up Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint against our advice, you may be interested to know that the developer Bplus has released a video which explains some of the finer mechanics of the gameplay.

Maybe if you were not convinced to give this a try yet then maybe this video explanation may change your mind, then again maybe not! As always let us know your thoughts below.

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lucario13 said:

I actally like this game. Dont get many challenges anymore, the review was way too harsh.



Doogle said:

Too harsh? I don't think it was harsh enough personally.

Anyway I could hardly understand a word the guy was saying in the video. Maybe they should have added subtitles??!



AlexSays said:

It's never a positive thing when your game is so complex you feel the need to release a video explaining how the game works.

Can anyone even understand what he's saying in the video?



Nintendork said:

You mean there's a way to actually play this game without hitting random buttons?!? gasp



slambert215 said:

It sounds like the narrator is talking in a different language. I still have no idea how to play this game even after the video.



Mario64DStyle said:

Lol... Most reviewers look for Simplicity in a game.. A simple concept, that is fun and original.. This sure is.. original.. but it isn't fun, or simple..



Terra said:

Bplus are getting desperate, evident enough by poor sales and the fact it's still 1500 points in Europe. At least they are trying to explain to us how the game works but it won't sway me into buying it.



WiiMan192 said:

@ SuperMario
I agree. It's sad how you have to release a badly-voiced video to explain the mechanics of a game



KeeperBvK said:

"he needs a better mic"

Nope, he needs better English. ^^
Seriously, Austrians have quite a funny accent in my opinion (one of my current university teacher's Austrian), but couldn't they find anybody else to do the talking? ^^



blackknight77 said:

Yeah, I still think its confusing. It's visually a nice looking game. I think they should take the core concept and simplify it. I am sure they could make a fun game without so much stuff going on.



Hilanderous said:

I could hardly hear the guy over the pseudo-asian music. What I did pick up was that it seems that you can change any title to the color you want; then what's the point?!



Mario64DStyle said:

@What I did pick up was that it seems that you can change any title to the color you want; then what's the point?!

Thats exactly what I was thinking......
There is no skill what so ever with the way you score points, so I guess they felt they had to make the scoring system competely terrible, and throw in 5 other things at once to make the actual game seem to involve "skill"



Ricardo91 said:

Wow! That was a really helpful video, and the guys voice was crystal clear! It answers all my questions about the game! Now that I've learned the error of my ways, I'm gonna buy it right away!




Twilight_Crow said:

I like the game, but what's with this video?, besides the guy's talking, which is awful, they just explain the "obvious" part of the game, and not very well, they really must be desperate.



Starwolf_UK said:

As i've said before...I can’t help but think this would have been better before the game came out*. The damage is done, the game is forever tarnished.

*-Or something similar in the game...though qwhat Quizzlestick really needs is an option to turn off the all the random flying stuff



Robster said:

@Mario64DStyle: there actually is a skill to scoring because you have to finish a level by turning as little tiles as possible and scoring points mainly with the chains that form with tiles that fall from either side of the screen.
I'm actually getting a bit tired of the bashing of this game. I really like it, and yes, I think I paid too much for it, and yes, the instructions are way too vague and there could be improvements in the gaming mechanics. You have to invest at least an hour or so to get a feel for the game and some people will still hate it after that but I can't put it down once I start playing (the 'one more go' syndrome).
Do you really have to stress the fact that you hate the game and you hate Bplus and hate everything surrounding them after every newsfact that comes out of their company? (despite the fact that I too find it questionable to have emloyees posting stuff without making themselves known).



calculon said:

"Do you really have to stress the fact that you hate the game and you hate Bplus and hate everything surrounding them after every newsfact that comes out of their company? (despite the fact that I too find it questionable to have emloyees posting stuff without making themselves known)."

Sure do Robster!

On a more positive note - there is some good stuff that comes from Austria like strudel, music and Freud. Thank god for the past and my sweet tooth.



Robster said:

Mmm, nice one calculon. Bplus employees probably broke into your house, smashed up your Wii-motes and pissed on your console for you to hate them so much. Whatever happened to letting people learn from their mistakes and positive feed-back etc..?
A lot of bad things have come out of Austria as well and we came to love them again too!



Mario64DStyle said:

You havn't been on the internet very long, have you?

quit using hate, when we clearly don't HATE the company.. we just laugh at their sly attempt to make multiple accounts to raise their products standards.. I should hate you for saying I hate.. thats a crime you know



calculon said:

@Robster. I certainly do hope Bplus learn from their mistakes - they made a lot of very bad ones both in terms of gameplay and public-relations.

I don't hate Bplus, but I really don't agree with their methods in garnering people's interest through subversive methods and false-advertising and until they prove that they can do things right my opinions won't change. Considering the total lack of effort put into the tutorial video (ie. Bored in 30 seconds) I'd say they've got a long way to go. Personally I think they'd have been better off just working on their next project (if there is one) rather than wasting any more time on that monstrosity.



Wiiloveit said:

RE The Game (you just lost it): If Europe had the price cut of 1000 points, I'd really like to try this, but until then - I'm sorry BPlus.
RE The Trailer: I got this in my subscriptions the other day and must admit that I couldn't understand it either.
RE AlexSays: WTF?!? What's with the name change x.SuperMario.x???



AlexSays said:

I really hated the name.
I only chose it because I made the account without realizing how much time I'd spent on this site.
So the kind staff at WWW changed it for me.

I really like this site and check it regularly and because I've been using the internet for a long time now cough
You should really get that cough looked at.



Wesbert said:

Whenever I hear Austrians trying to speak English, I get this overwhelming urge to apologize to the rest of the world...



Mario64DStyle said:

(mmm, so who hasn't been on the internet for very long?!)
"mmm", you obviously haven't.. the internet isn't a nice place to lurk through, people like to critize and bash things all the time.. get over it.. just letting you know since you seem to have just gotten here.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm sure the game wouldn't have been bashed quite so much if it was nice and quiet like say Potpori. If there is one thing the internet hates, it is virial marketing. Remember how the All I want for xmas is a PSP completely backfired on Sony the moment it was found to be a virial marketing campagin.



Wiiloveit said:

I really hated the the kind staff at WWW changed it for me.
Hey there, kind staff, I don't like my name either - WiiloveitOnline is just too long. Has anybody even taken Wiiloveit as a username? Cough
Dammit Robster, I think I caught your cough!



Angelbound said:

First of all, claim all you like that you don't hate the company but if you didn't carry hate in your heart in general you wouldn't look for something to troll constantly, you're acting like fools, this is why companies are afraid to innovative he is just trying to not let all his work go down the hole.

The reason we get bad games is because of people like you. You bring it on yourselves, where is this so called false advertising? I kept my eye on this game and I never saw or read as such, you can put whatever false justifications behind your judgement but the is no evidence that this company is like any other greedy company.

I understand that some of us feel cheated out there by companies with bad products but you don't need to judge the indi companies, for example 2d boy focused on making world of goo actually alot of fun and worth 15 dollars probably more, so you see good companies do exist and more will come be patient.

People just want something to whine about as someone said earlier you made a bad game get over it, well look in the mirror your the ones not getting over it sitting here complaining like children.

The company tried to do to much at once thats really the larger issue of this game according to ign and other reviews, they are creative and had the right idea they just needed a little trial and error to learn from there mistakes, and if we don't recognise that then companies will never innovate.

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