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EU WiiWare Update: Critter Round-Up & MaBoShi

Posted by Damien McFerran

Europe finally gets chance to sample the ‘delights’ of Konami's Critter Round-Up thanks to this week’s WiiWare update.

Although it’s nice to see EU gamers catching up with their North American counterparts (Critter Round-Up came out in the US in May) it’s a shame that the actual game is so uninspiring. We didn’t think much to it – feel free to check out our review. It costs 1000 Wii points.

The other title is MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade, a rather unusual Japanese puzzle title which, rather incredibly, isn't even out in Japan yet! At 800 points it could be worth a go, needless to say we’ll have a review of this online within a few days so you can be 100% sure before downloading!

Elsewhere, the import madness continues over on the Virtual Console with Dig Dug and Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa being made available.

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WarioFan63 said:

Hey! I dont remember giving Europe and Australia permission to have VC and WiiWare in the same day! Im having a talk with the King of America about this!



danik said:

Well i can safely say i dont want eithier of the wiware games + i have no points or space neway, but great to see them released with vc games. Hopefully will see wiware and vc again next week



stedaman said:

The VC games come under the Hannibal festival stuff right?
So when its back to normal VC stuff'll be back the same I reackon.

Critter Round-Up took long enough!




Virus said:

Wow, what a week for you guys. That MaBoShi is particularly surprising. I thought it wasn't expected to come out of Japan! However, I hope it gets good reviews; I wouldn't mind seeing more "Japanese" games over here. it bad that I naturally typed a "t" at the end of MaBoShi? Gah, I even did it then. Boy, who knew you could have a dirty keyboard...



Stratos said:

Wow, this is a pleasant surprise for you guys.
Are there any other games out in US that need to catch up in EU?



Kenji510 said:

The games we need to have next week on monday for Labor Day are... Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint, Super Mario RPG and My Aquarium as well... hopefully we get something good though next week.



Objection said:

Agreed, Let's N.A. has a similarly good Monday. I'm hoping (with 2 VC and 2 Wiiware standard for PLATTCHEN maybe Animales de Muertes (even though My Aquarium or MaBoShi are far more likely) SMRPG and a surprise VC title. Maybe an N64 game? Yes these are outrageous standards. But if Europe can get stepped up this much, it isnt impossible. Not...quite.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I just looked thru the instructions for MaBo Shi seams intreasting enouth & whoever at Wiiware world give the game a rating of at least 6 i would possibly download it but Im not sure on what game to delete next .

Soon hopefully soon i would be able to play games off of my 2GB SD card .
Hopefully .



Tabbyluigi said:

I hope the US gets Maboshi gets soon. I wounderhow good the review wil be. Nintendo title chepest Nintendo title yet= Maybe a 7 or 8? I hope something like this happens because it look wfully good. Anyone downloaded it yet. Opinions anyone?



CanisWolfred said:

Well, you got those games out of the way at least, and it's nice to see you got Wiiware and VC games. Plus, you even got a game that isn't available in any other region! I'd say this was a pretty good day.



Ark said:

Two VC games and two WiiWare games? Good for Europe. Things are looking brighter and brighter for them recently. =)



LAA said:

I'm quite disapointed in the games today, dont get me wrong,I wish wiiware game days were like this all the time!
But, I dont think the wiiware games were appealing to me and I dont really get VC games anymore.
I was hoping for Helix and/or Plattchen, but no.
Today also proved that Plattchen havvent kept their promise to release the game in August, (It was meant to be mid-August really, but no).
We can only hope you guys in the US get it on monday, otherwise, they have a lot of explaining to do.
Before anyone tells me, I know it got delayed because Nintendo didnt want the drums to be involved, but that was in June/July, they promised august when they heard that.



professorlayton said:

Mario Golf is scheduled for a September release in Japan. I think it has a slight possibility to being released. They could make it a Mario week!

On the WiiWare side of things, I'm expecting My Aqurium and MaBoShi.



LAA said:

@ +matthew2
No Offence Intended, but why is it, whenever we get new games, the US want them?
I'm not saying I dont want all the games you have, most of them I like, but some dont appeal to me, e.g Pong Toss, Midnight Pool etc.
It just feels like whenever we get something new, the U.S seem to want them when they next get wiiware, again, no offence, just curious.
Also, I wouldnt be that excited about My Aquarium anyway, I feel I've wasted points buying it.
The only way you'd like it, is if you really liked fish, if you do, then I would recommend it to you, if not, i wouldnt.
I'm not sure about MaBoShi yet, i'm not really thinking about buying it.



Cipher said:

"It just feels like whenever we get something new, the U.S seem to want them when they next get wiiware, again, no offence, just curious."
And whenever there are new games out in the US, you don't get hoards of Europeans saying "cool, I really hope we get that on Friday"?

"Before anyone tells me, I know it got delayed because Nintendo didnt want the drums to be involved, but that was in June/July, they promised august when they heard that."
How do you know there haven't been issues in development? Just because they haven't said anything doesn't mean it's all been going swimmingly.



Bensei said:

The developers of Plättchen just said that they try to get it out in August, that wasn't a promise. Also, they said America will get it first (what is strange, since European companies normally start with the European market)



Wiiloveit said:

MaBoShi looks pretty funky, I remember NGamer featuring it in a WiiWare preview (and not understanding it due to an overload of squiggly), but I'd never really heard anything else of it. Still, the last Nintendo puzzler (Actionloop) was great, and Dr Mario was pretty good (minus frustration), and when I saw that this one only takes up 80 blocks and only costs 800 points, I was pretty impressed, especially considering the idea of downloading a mini version to the DS. I'll wait for a review, but I must say it does look pretty good. Can anybody tell me whether I need three players or is it still ok in single player?

As for Critter Round Up - FINALLY! I don't care about the game, I just wanted it on the Shop so that I don't feel left out for being a European. Meh.

Oh, and we get VC aswell??? Kewl. Let's hope we get WW and VC every week from now on rather than just in alternate weeks once Hanabi's over (pleeeease Nintendo).



Sage_Joch said:

Mabushi seems strange enough to actually warrant a purchase. I'll wait for the review though to make my decision. As for critters round up, well the less said the better..



LAA said:

@ Cipher
I already mentioned, that I think MOST of the games the US get, I want, but not all of them, so far we've got 2 games the US want My Aquarium (I really wouldnt get it) and MaBoShi (I'm not sure if its good yet) and they're the only games we've got which the US havent and they want them, I dont want Midnight Pool, Toss Pong, VIP Casino etc.
Also, if I was part of the developer team of Plattchen, I think I would actually tell someone, if there was something wrong with development, otherwise, people wii just start making up rumours and if I was a developer, I wouldnt want that.
Gradius Rebirth looks intresting...
Is it just me noticing this, because Gradius rebirth was only announced a month ago and its getting released in japan next week!
Plattchen was announced almost a year ago and still not released!



Bensei said:

Soory for the Offtopic question but... is it really impossible to get the detailed electronic Manuals offline? I mean, even the Channels have more detailed descriptions than just the Controls, so why aren't the full manuals included in the Wiiware Games but only in the Shop???



TokiToku said:

@ aaronjayhead
i was June 16th with Cocoto Fishing Master and Block Breaker Deluxe.
it would make the game take up to much space. the manuals are made up of html files, a average vc one takes up 1 mb, in fact, manuals in nes games usually take up more space then the game.



Ricardo91 said:

Whoa. Last week, Europe got SMRPG and SMB The Lost Levels (permanently), and now they get 2 VC and Wiiware games? IN THE SAME WEEK?? You guys are on a roll!

Too bad both Wiiware games suck lol.



Ricardo91 said:

True, but it doesn't look all that good to me. Not my type. But that's just my humble opinion. For all I know, it might actually be good.



Starwolf_UK said:

a average vc one takes up 1 mb
In Wii numbers that is 8 blocks...and consider Wiiware games may have larger manuals...



Raptor78 said:

what I think is really cool about MaBoShi is that it also includes a downloadable DS game that you can unlock which at 800 points for a wiiware game and a Nintendo DS game is probably the most value for money on wiiware so far.
I wasnt interested qabout this game, but the more I hear the better it sounds.



Homer_Simpson said:

The DS game is essentially identical to what you get in the full game, but with altered graphics.



Kenji510 said:

Well, since next week is Labor Day for us in NA, I hopefully we really get some cool good games as well... im hoping we get these games on monday...

:: WiiWare ::
MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade
My Aquarium
Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint

:: VC Game ::
Super Mario RPG



Bensei said:

To optionally download the manuals would be nice, I don't want to hook my Wii to the internet if I want additional information.



RGVEDA said:

Quote Stratos:
"Wow, this is a pleasant surprise for you guys.
Are there any other games out in US that need to catch up in EU?"

Oh yes, there are some games

Here is the Wii Ware US and EU Only List. German date spelling:

US Only:

01. 12.10.08 V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack (High Voltage Software)
02. 26.05.08 Family Table Tennis (Aksys Games)
03. 02.06.08 Protöthea (Two Tribes)
04. 23.06.08 Gyrostarr (High Voltage Software)
05. 14.07.08 Major League Eating: The Game (Mastiff)
06. 28.07.08 Frat Party Games - Pong Toss (JV Games)
07. 18.08.08 Midnight Pool (Gameloft)
08. 25.08.08 Helix (Ghostfire Games)

EU Only

01. 15.08.08 My Aquarium (Hudson)
02. 29.08.08 MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade (Nintendo)

You see, the EU has to catch up some games



Objection said:

@kenji that would be my ideal week right now
@RGVEDA don't feel too bad. only half those games are worth getting. now, that does still mean you are behind 4 good games...



Kenji510 said:

@Objection_Blaster yeah i know and tomorrow is Monday Labor Day too as well... im hopefully and hopefully we get those games what i listed earlier or something really good too of what we get since its a holiday monday.



Wiiloveit said:

@P.D4NG3R: And Helix. And Midnight Pool.

As for the game, I've played it quite a lot over the weekend and can safely say that it is a really fun mini games collection (and ball is really addictive too), despite the fact that the games' shallow-ness often tires after sessions of over twenty minutes. I'm putting a review of it over on the games comment section, so I suggest you check that out for my full opinion

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