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US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only games

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Apparently trying to imitate Europe's past couple of weeks, the US gets two previously Japan-only games this week.

First up is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. This game was never released in it's original form outside Japan, no matter what anybody says. The All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. DX versions are both easier, and the SMBDX version even removed five extra worlds! The game comes at 600 Wii Points, just like in Europe. Apparently, it's available forever, unlike the limited time release in Europe.

Second today is the phenomal arcadey N64 run 'n gun game, Sin and Punishment. Also not previously released outside Japan, this is one of the best games on the N64 and great for repeated playthroughs. Highly recommended. Again, like Europe, it comes at 1200 Wii Points.

So, two games not released before for the US today.

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Kevin said:

How come Europe only give Lost Levels for a limited time and we didn't?



jackaroo said:

Oh come on. Thats a (Trys to think of an alternate to the FU word) fluffing joke. We have to wait forever to get games from that the US have. Super metroid is a fine example. Out for like 2 months there and still not here. And for once we Finally get a couple of decent games before the US and what happens. They are released about a day after. Im gonna go to my room and sulk :´(.



Ash said:

All the people complaining about Super Metroid are idiots. You do realise it will only be added to coincide with the release of Prime 3 right?



Sentay said:

YAY! for 2 killer games but i'm almost sad about it not being temporary because that meant that anyone who had it were either a videogame fanatic or a mario collector and now just anyone (USA only) can get it.



JNoodles said:

YES! I need to get Mario and SnP with my next 2000 Wii Points... in about a month or two since I just got some and spent it all. -.-



ouenben said:

Once again USA catches up on games it missed AND still has Yoshi's story and Super metroid to itself =p

Also 1800 = $18 = £9
Europeans have to pay... £12.60 for them.

Although mario bros 2 is gone.

USA FTW (or Japan but I like being able to read my games)




BJ1 said:

Even though I live in the US, I think that's unfair for Europe. Sometimes, Nintendo disappoints.



alvieao said:

Finally, Sin and Punishment HAS COME TO...North America! Wow, so is the rare Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. I have to say this, but I told you so; and someone said we can't expect the Haanabi Festival games to come. Thank you, Nintendo of America! You finally realized how much the NA gamers wanted S&P since 2001.



yeehaw said:

Ah man, WTF is up with Nintendo. Why did Europe get a limited release of Lost Worlds and USA didn't. I really don't understand, why would they do this? What has Europe done to you that is so evil, Nintendo?... We're always treated like this. We have to pay more, we get late releases, it's just not cool anymore I'm sad...



DEMON212 said:

Surprise surprise, Europe gets screwed again.

Things like this really smeg me off. Because there's no friggan point to it. What's the motive? What's driving Nintendo's brain here?

"Make the game a collecters edition, it'll sell millions"

"Great idea, but how about this, we only do that for the EU?"

"Fantastic idea"



"Why is it a fantastic idea?"

"No idea, it just is"

"ok then "



Ash, while I totally agree with you (because it was quite apparent that we'd get SM when MP3 was released). It still is bloody irritating, that we have to wait ages for MP3 and SM, while when we finally get something that you lot want, you get it 4 days after us.

So we have to wait 2 months, 3 months, a year, 2 years, and you wait a month at the most maybe? 6 weeks?

What's next? The Nintendo Puu will be released in America Oct 2010. It'll then be released near the consoles end in the EU however, at a release date of Jan 2017. Good news though, as the EU's launch will have 25 launch games, whereas the U.S only got 24 -_-

It really is a disgrace to all Europeans who buy a Wii in the future. Because now, people who buy a Wii today in the U.S, or maybe next month, or maybe in a years time, can buy SMB:LL. Whereas anyone in the EU who buys a Wii from today, is forever without the game.

Nice one Ninty, keep the promotions coming. How about for your next one, you release a limited editon mandatory update, that when you download it, you either get a bricked Wii, or a Mario channel? But when you DL it, it voids your warranty.

Oh, and make it EU only of course



Kelvin said:

Yes, very disappointing behaviour from Nintendo. Are they still upset because the Master System outsold the NES over here?



see Steve ... when I wish something it'll never come true

You got your Sin & Punishement now

btw fellow European guys/gals don't hold your hopes to high , we'll never see earthbound at our site -_- i got this feelin'

but why you USA-guys never satisfied ..... , i don't get it



alvieao said:

I really don't know why Europe gets a limited release but not America. Why would Nintnedo of Europe do that? Nintendo pisses me off sometimes, even though I live in USA.



RkGazMundo said:

Stupid bloody Nintendo of Europe!! Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, etc not being released here, stupidly unexcusable time gaps between USA and Europe release dates, Super Paper Mario took AGES!!! & then Nintendo act like they finally care by giving us great games first on VC...but now this!! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for you people in the USA but why can't we get the same treatment? The SMB:LL thing is just unbelievable.



diablos79 said:

(SIGH) Once again europe gets the s****y end of the stick. Why does nintendo hate us so much? Its like its written into thir core business plan or something cos thay've always seen us as more of an after-thought than a legitimate market. fun games tho .



RGVEDA said:


Here is the german news from

Nintendo hat bestätigt, dass sämtliche Neo Geo-Klassiker auch in Europa für Virtual Console erscheinen werden. Erste Titel sollen Fatal Fury, World Heroes und Art of Fighting sein.

Der Preis pro Spiel liegt bei 900 Wii-Punkten. Einen genauen Starttermin nannte Nintendo nicht.




Jellyscare said:

Demon212 et al,

You're creating an us and them scenario (Europe and America) but that's really not a great way to see things. I'm European but I haven't been 'ripped off'. Why? Because I had the good sense to buy a US Wii at launch.

Nintendo doesn't hate Europe. It's just that Nintendo Europe fixates more on its own profits than treating its own customers with respect. They've been like that for the last 20 years and I don't see them changing soon. If you don't like it then import. It's simple.



DJ_Philanegro said:

Wait, I don't get it. How come Europe gets a limited release, and we don't? I think that's highly unfair - Europe really has been getting the bad end of the draw after all. They always get new games late, and now they're the only ones who get a limit? Although kind of out there, I think American gamers should get a time limit and Europe can buy it whenever. Give them something, Nintendo!

Other than that, I'm grateful as always! =)



Justin said:

Hmmm... The Lost Levels and Sin & Punishment but no Picross?

Wow, thanks alot Nintendo. And that's still pretty unfair for the Europeans that they only had the Lost Levels for a limited time.



Steve said:


BTW, I laughed out loud when, after ready twenty-something posts from EU gamers whining about how unfair life is, Deckers wonders why us US gamers are never satisfied.

Oh, the irony.

Look, we feel for you. We really do. But how does it make any kind of sense to be upset when we get something good? "Hey no fair, we had to wait months for that, you can't just get it in two weeks! Humph!"

How very childish.



Starwolf_UK said:

My geuss as to why Europe got a limited release of lost levels and US not.

Like whole Hanabai festeval its a big experiment. Someone will be looking at the two sales figures and see if any so-called panic buying has affected the European one. I would imagine after 100 games they have pretty good estimates of download figures.

The true question to ask is who wants this experiement and why.

__that videogame guy


that videogame guy said:

"Apparently, it's available forever, unlike the limited time release in Europe."

i LOL'd when i read this, but seriously, thats pretty lame, but that DOES give hope to EU that SMB:LL will make a return someday, i just dont see why you guys would get screwed over like that



RkGazMundo said:

"Look, we feel for you. We really do. But how does it make any kind of sense to be upset when we get something good? "Hey no fair, we had to wait months for that, you can't just get it in two weeks! Humph!"

How very childish. "

Steve, it's not that we're being childish, I think we're being reasonable in saying that the EU only time limit on SMB:LL was a bit harsh and unfair (personally, I got it when it came out.), now nowhere near as many people will be able to appreciate this already rare gem. & the worst part about it is...NoE have no excuses for this, apart from the fact that it's a selfish money making ploy. Us Euro gamers are just sick of always being the last on the priority list, that's all. Heck we're not even asking for your sympathy, what's that gonna do for us? we want NoE's sympathy...something that, sadly, we will probably never get.



Don said:

Why do people in Europe complain?! So they get their games late, oh no! So some games don't come out there, boo hoo! So some games get limited releases, it's the end of the world! Seriously, think of the people living in Africa, in India, in Afghanistan, in China, in Russia, how many games actually come out there? I doubt they even had the Wii released there and don't even get any Mario Lost Levels or Japan only releases. Heck, with the games that Europe gets, it's like all Japan-only releases to them because they get no video games! Believe me, I been to a few of these countries so I know. Plus Europeans got Mario Picross and we didn't and no one in America really complained as loud. Think of the people in third world countries, they really got the worst video game offerings compared to any developed region.



yeehaw said:


Dude, those other countries don't get games released cause Nintendo knows their history, and their history is that the majority of the people that live there just aren't interested in games (or don't have the money to buy it) [remember, Nintendo is a company, and a company's primary target is to make profit]. Europe has always been a great consumer of Nintendo products. The fact is that if Nintendo wants to take Europe seriously, they have got to straighten their act, and treat Europe like the USA and their own Japan.

And if for example the USA were the one with all the late game releases and such, believe me, you would be the one complaining.



Boo! said:

Don, I have a challenge for you; purchase and play your games according to PAL markets (Europe, Australia + New Zealand). This means you'll have to: Wait months for a release of some of the most anticipated games... I mean Super Paper Mario took over 6 months. WTF!? That is just stupid. Oh, and when you play it, you have pull out all your power cords as you find the glitch in 3-4, and swear in bewilderment as to why a game comes out over half a year late with a glitch. <br> <br>And dude, don't say talking European gamers complaining. When you've had these products pushed futher into the future, while the USA gets to play there games months eariler (and cheaper too, its rediculous the prices we have to pay really...), we've got the rights to say how it is. <br> <br>And please don't compare us to Third World countries, thats just silly. Third World countries is a completely different issue, I hate it when people bring in the issue of "people in X country are living in poverty..." this is about video games. And don't say I don't care for them, I'm a major volunteer in my town, especially with migrant centres, and I know their stories pretty well. <br> <br>When you get the side of the stick, you have every right to complain, and we wont stop you. Its easy for you to call us complainers, because you have it, in gaming society, much better then PAL regions do. Oh, and for the record, USA citizens complain too. I've heard a lot of complaints from US gamers, so stop stereotyping European people as being complainers. <br> <br> <br>End Rant <br> <br> <br>--- <br> <br>Gary, you've written some very true stuff, and I agree with you how The Lost Levels is unfairly now-removed from our VC... what about those who missed out, or didn't own a Wii? Big mistake on Nintendo's part.



PokeParadox said:

A very good example about how stupid some delays in release dates are is 1080 Snowboading on the N64... It missed the "Snowboarding season" in Europe by a mere month or so so they pushed the release back another year... cheers for that... cos you need it to be snowing to play a snowboarding game inside... >_>

I have a little theory... maybe the US market looks a bigger pie than it actually is? I know all of my friends that bought Pokemon Pearl/Diamond imported it, thus contributes to sales stateside and not here in Europe... just a little food for thought that we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by importing... but that's not to say that Nintendo of Europe need to get a clue.

Anyway I to am puzzled as to why Lost Levels isn't time limited for you guys... one thing I am glad about is at least the number of points to download the games is the same.

I tend to agree that this is all just an experiment to test the waters for "foreign" games releases on VC, I just hope that things get better once they have the data from who bought what. But at least this is a start, since it was originally stated that the VC would be region locked...



Delay said:

I don`t understand all this anger about Lost Levels. The game will eventually return in a better version as part of the Super Mario Allstars for the SNES. And personally what is bad about that America got "Sin and Punishment" only three days after europe? It is not like this takes anything away from us!



Drake said:

I honestly don't see Nintendo ever releasing All-Stars. Why on earth would they release four games in one when they can sell them seperately? Unless of course it costs 2000 points.



BF-Medic said:

Curse you Nintendo! Why do you treat your customers so different?? Don't you think we allready pay enough in EU? Maybe we should pay even more then we already do, contra US Wii owners? No wonder people think you will most likely lose out to PS3/X360 in the end....people don't like to be treated different! bah!



yeehaw said:

Enough with the All-Stars already! People! Nintendo WILL NOT release All-Stars on the virtual console this early. NEVER! Or it has to cost like Drake mentioned, 2000 points or something. Get over it peeps. It ain't gonna happen.

(o boy, i'm gonna feel pretty effed up when All-Stars gets released this Friday. that'd be fun



hokuto_no_rob said:

Obviously it was a marketing experiment. If it performed better than expected, expect to see more of these limited time releases. A way to make obscure or average games seem more enticing.



@ Panda
Bravo! Exactly what needed to be said!
I rushed to buy some wii points to get SMB:LL, just so I could download it in time, but you Americans until, well, forever!
Sure It'll be back someday, but you can't say NOE didn't screw us over.




and please don't take it personal, i still love your site man

It's just that i can see it happen, nintendo is loosing it's interest with us EU gamers and visa versa , and yeah i know i better bought myself a NTSC console!!!
Most of our Wii-games even don't have 480P support ..



Clayfrd said:

I am very glad that SMB2 Japan has hit the United States for the first time in its original format and graphics style. I am a self-proclaimed Mario aficionado, I know just about everything about Mario, and I intend to get every Mario game (at least as far as platformers/RPGs on home consoles go). Through valiant effort considering my age constraint (14), I have obtained every home TV based console. Despite this, I still lack a few games of the famous plumber... they are as follows:
1. Super Mario RPG
2. Super Mario Land (is that what the gameboy game is called?)
3. Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan/ Lost Levels
4. Super Mario All Stars & Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World (Do these even count considering I have every game on it minus SMB2 Jap.?)
5. Super Paper Mario
6. Super Mario Galaxy (also doesn't count.... yet)
7. Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch... that will be tough to get at a decent price....
Haha, now that I've disclosed my age and amount of games I lack, I have left myself prone to being attacked with comments like "Clayfrd's and uber n00b." In all seriousness, though, I am confident that no one on this site will do that.

To conclude with a few comments slightly unrelated... Firstly, what is the deal with NOE? If it's not them, then what is the problem with the folks over in Japan? I think that it is ridiculous that Europe got the shaft. I guess I should just be glad that I can take my sweet time getting Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels. Secondly, I anxiously await Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. It will incorporate the Zapper. Finally... I am the younger teenager, yet I am one of the only people on this site that doesn't use "chatspeak." It's kind of strange...



Herandar said:

If I was European, I would be emailing NOE's mailbox multiple times a day. I actually might do so anyway, because this is totally ridiculous. If enough complaints get through, I bet they'll release the games again.

Demon212: "How about for your next one, you release a limited editon mandatory update, that when you download it, you either get a bricked Wii, or a Mario channel? But when you DL it, it voids your warranty."

Sounds like the Apple iPhone...



Delay said:

Or take Trauma center, it was released 9 (yes nine!) months later in Europe!
Metroid Prime 3 will be 2 Months later, which is at least aceptable.
Why can`t it always be like Mario Galaxy, which will appear in all big markets in the same month!



Jaxathon said:

Ive never played this game outside of allstars.

I also think that its kinda childish that people are mocking everyone that is saying that its not fair that the US gets this game forever on the vc...

C-mon guys. Grow up.



DEMON212 said:


I didn't even want a Wii. Let alone want one enough to fork out the extra to import it. And also, what if my imported console broke down?

At that time the only next gen console out was the 360, and that was horrible for reliabillity (SP) so there's no way I would've taken that chance with the Wii.

I import almost all of my games though, which is why I wish Ninty would've just made the damn thing region free. They did with the NDS, so why not the Wii?

Sony did it with the PSP and then continued it with the PS3?

So why not the Wii?

And we all know that it's not that hard to release games in the EU right after the U.S. As MS have been doing a fantastic job doing just that. So why not Ninty?

Lol @ Herandar.

PokeParadox. The EU's been getting crapped on by Ninty long before we were able to import easily.

We all deserve games, and had the EU not been getting crapped on for years by Ninty, and instead the U.S were, then I'd feel for them. Ninty need to learn the word "fair".



mwstevens said:

All this talk about the lost levels being 'limited' for us Europeans. Can no-one see what NOE are really doing...?

They've taken it off so they can put it back on again one week with a fanfare and then they dont need to put another good game up! grrrr

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