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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ash commented on Video Previews for Virtual Console:

I don't think we'll ever see playable demos as it would almost certainly mean having to re-code the games in order to limit the content. Unless they build a timer into the emulators themselves.

Just can't see it happening though.



Ash commented on US VC Releases - 12th March:

I have to disagree on your Sonic Spinball verdict, guys. It was slammed on release - presumaby because critics saw it as a cash-in - but I believe it's a very good unrealistic pinball game. Not quite as good as Devil Crash, mind, but still pretty neat.



Ash commented on US VC Releases 5th March:

I love Elevator Action. The music...the cool intro...the car...being able to shoot the lights's full of little touches that make it fun to play. Would have preferred the sequel though.