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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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PokeParadox commented on US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only ...:

A very good example about how stupid some delays in release dates are is 1080 Snowboading on the N64... It missed the "Snowboarding season" in Europe by a mere month or so so they pushed the release back another year... cheers for that... cos you need it to be snowing to play a snowboarding game inside... >_>

I have a little theory... maybe the US market looks a bigger pie than it actually is? I know all of my friends that bought Pokemon Pearl/Diamond imported it, thus contributes to sales stateside and not here in Europe... just a little food for thought that we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by importing... but that's not to say that Nintendo of Europe need to get a clue.

Anyway I to am puzzled as to why Lost Levels isn't time limited for you guys... one thing I am glad about is at least the number of points to download the games is the same.

I tend to agree that this is all just an experiment to test the waters for "foreign" games releases on VC, I just hope that things get better once they have the data from who bought what. But at least this is a start, since it was originally stated that the VC would be region locked...



PokeParadox commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

Emmanuel... you do have some good points. I have waited since the Wii launch for 60Hz VC games... but the fact of the matter is that the prices should not be higher. Yes SMB2J is completely in English, and little of Super Picross might be in Japanese, but if no extra effort has gone into the European release of the games, then why are we expecting to pay a higher price? So it's entirely justified.



PokeParadox commented on September is Hanabi Festival in Europe:

There's really no excuse for them not to... I also wonder if that when they inevitably release Sonic & Knuckles on VC if it will automatically give you the lock-on variants... or will they charge extra for the downloads.

I definitely think that untranslated these games should cost LESS... the price inflation could be slightly merited if any effort was done to translate the games...



PokeParadox commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

While I think it's great that they are testing the waters with "foreign" releases... I can't understand the inflated prices, and the lack of bothering to translate Super Picross... I can, to an extent, see why they put a "limited offer" on SMB2J though(Testing the market).

I sincerely hope that they'll realise the mistakes here, apply some tweaking, and continue to extend the catalogue with other games which were never released in Europe.



PokeParadox commented on Europe VC Releases - 11th May - Ninja Spirit a...:

It would nice if they would just go ZCHWOOM and release everything, and spoil us for choice! It's not going to happen of course since the classic games have to be reclassified (just because they are a different medium now). But I agree that there needs to be more N64 games released PilotWings64 please!