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Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games

Posted by Darren Calvert

Now that the Virtual Console Archive has a commenting facility we thought what better time to ask what are the games you would most like to see on the Virtual Console. The catch is you can only pick ONE game per format and you have to give a brief reason why this should be released before any other games.

Here's my wish list to kick things off:

NES - Punch-out!
The good news is this game will most likely come out early this year (although I am sure not the Mike Tyson version which I used to have!) Even by today's standards the gameplay works great. It gets quite tough later on so you'll need to get your timing just right and come up with some good tactics. Some of the boxers you have to fight are hilarious and very camp!

PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 - Splatterhouse
There's countless great games to choose from for this system. Why did I end up wanting Namco's gory hack-em-up more than others? I don't know there is just something special about this game. It is flawed in many ways, the controls are sluggish and it doesn't always feel that fair. That aside the atmosphere is great and when you get a well timed pole swing against a sewer monster and watch him splat against the wall there is nothing like it!

Megadrive / Genesis - Thunderforce III
The Megadrive was not short of horizontal shoot-em-ups but for me this is the best one. It's stunning to look at even now, the lovely parallax scrolling on the ice world really shows off the Megadrive's capabilities. It's a real adrenaline pumping game with non-stop action and a cool techno soundtrack.

SNES - Super Mario Kart
No surprises here, this is probably the game 99% of readers will choose. It's just the game I had the most fun on in my SNES days. Everything about this game is genius, the tracks are so much fun to play. A lot tighter than Mario Kart 64. We can only hope Nintendo are holding this one back because they are planning to bolt some wifi connection features onto the original game. We live in hope!

N64 - Bakuretsu Muteki Bangioh
OK stay with me! This game never got a release outside Japan. (Although the Dreamcast got a port which was released outside Japan) The gameplay is basically a 2D shooter where you can move anywhere in the landscape and fire in any direction collecting fruit and taking on all manner of strange foes. It sounds dull on paper but the game itself is a really exhilarating experience. The secret to success is timing the special weapon at just the right time to cause a massive combo which results in the whole screen being filled with lines of light like fireworks. Think Geometry Wars on the x360 but better!

Now what are your choices?

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Stuo said:

NES - Uninvited.
Classic point & click game that paved the way for monkey island etc. & one id really like to have finished!

PC Engine - Bonk 2
Quality platform game, keep you busy for hours!

Megadrive - Streets of Rage 2
Also my favourite beat em up ever, and the best of the series!!

SNES - Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
What needs to be said, this makes the classic game even better! The amount of money i pumped into arcade machines playing this!

N64 - Now this is where the choice is hard! so many quality games on this system that still hold there own today! Goldeneye is obviously a timeless classic, and whilst i pray it gets released my choice here is Snowboard Kids! Probably the best most fun multiplayer racing game there is, no matter how good any one player was the game let the person last catch back up to race so it was always a neck a neck fight to the finish line! Fingers crossed!



Shrapnel09 said:

NES - Mario 3 (come on, thats thE best NES game of all time). thats a gaurentee however, the original contra BETTER be on there eventually! Heh, I remember playing it and a goal was not to get hit through the entire game and i almost succeeded till the final boss got me... so pissed -.-

PC Engine - sorry i have no interest in this console, its so weird how i heard absolutly nothing about this thing until VC started up, am im like PC what? And its not like im no yougin' myself (i'm 20 actually) so im no noob when it comes to old school.

Genesis (MD) - Phantasy Star III, a personal favorite of mine and i really hope they get this sucker on there.

SNES - Super Mario RPG! this was literally my most favorite game of my childhood, sooo many memories. Thankfully its already been confirmed. however if i had to wish for game thats unlikely to appear it would be The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse by capcom. Real fun game but im sure they need to write checks for disney to get that game up there and i dont think its popular enough for that.

N64 - Goldeneye! hey man its possible, you should make a whole other article on this discussing all the possible rights issues. If you ask me Rare has no say in this particular game, sure they made it but its not like they own anything in the game (unlike conkers, banjos, or perfect dark). Same applied with the donkey kong country series, so i think its really up to the current owner of the goldeneye movie lisense and activision, and im sure activision would love to ash in, im just worried if sony has a part in this and if they do my dreams may not come true . Super smash brothers though would be my 2nd choice if i didnt get goldeneye however.

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus said:

Nes: Final Fantasy - VC needs some RPGs!

PC Engine: Never played any games on this console

Megadrive: Out of this world - First cinematic game I ever played.

SNES: Final Fantasy 6

N64: Goldeneye, hands down. I hope Microsoft and Nintendo work out some kind of deal for the rights because I think they would sell millions of copies of this game.



DJ_Kelv said:

Nes - Mario Bros 3 - The best 8-bit Mario
TG16- Bomberman 94 - Japan has this more up to date version- why cant we?
MD- Sonic 2 - For some good Co-op platforming and another sonic fix!
Snes- Super Metroid. Best....Game...Ever
N64: Blast Corps! Sadly overlooked game..Perfect for VC..Rare at their best.Hopefully there wouldn't be licensing issues



Mark said:

Nes - Mario 3. One of the best platformers around and it's ony 8bit!

TG-16 - Klax - Cool puzzle game

Mega Drive - Shining Force 1 & 2 - Some of the best sturn based RPG's ever.

SNES - Super Metroid. Need I say more?

N64 - Goldeneye - It isn't going to happen.... EVER. But still, would be awsome.



Shrapnel09 said:

now you people need to quite being so pessimistic about goldeneye, im almost certain that microsoft/rare doesnt have a say in this issue. Just because Rareware made it, doesnt mean they own it (doesnt the publisher own the game?) plus its not like Rare owns any elements of the game in the first place, if conker was a playable character in the game, then rare would get involved. its simply a matter of how big of a check nintendo is willing to write to the current holder of the movie lisence, and im sure activision (not EA) will be more than happy to cash in on this and allow it to be up there.

Maybe im being too optimistic and i dont know everything about licensing but i just keep thinking about the DKC series and i keep hoping. oh and sorry if it doesnt fully relate to the article, i just had to say something about goldeneye



Sven said:

Nes - Mario 2 (not those "lost levels"), never finished it as a kid
TG 16 - Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo aka Castlevania, if possible
Mega Drive - Sonic3+Knuckles (with Pal correction, please!)
SNES - Super Mario RPG (on Pal VC) never played it
N64 - Paper Mario, never played it and i love Paper Mario on the cube!

__Tantei Kid


Tantei Kid said:

These are only ones that haven't been ported to be playable on a current system (and only the systems I'm familiar with):

NES: it would have been Kid Icarus, but it's probably now Battle for Olympus.
SNES: MarioKart for sure.
N64: Super Smash Brothers



Bass_X0 said:

NES - Probotector
TG-16 - Parasol Stars
Mega Drive - Castle of Illusion
SNES - Secret of Mana
N64 - Donkey Kong 64



Mega_X_Gundam said:

NES: Legend of Zelda 2 cus I never played it before
TG-16: N/A
Mega Drive: Sonic 3
SNES: Super Mario RPG!!!!!
N64: Star fox 64 or Golden Eye ( i wish)



Don-Bon said:

NES: Hard to say, but probably Punchout. I love that game too, and I think it will be awesome to play it again.

TG-16: None because I have little respect for this system.

Megadrive: Very tough. Maybe Toxic Crusade. Was that for the Megadrive? I can't remember, to many games I've played over 20 years...

SNES: Super Mario RPG by far. I loved that game so much on the SNES and I want to play it again.

N64: Space Station Silicon Valley. This was my favorite game on the 64. I LOVE IT!



neeher said:

NES : Super Mario Bros 3
SNES : Chrono Trigger
N64 : Mario Party 2
GB : Kirby's Dreamland
MS : Alex Kid in Miracle World
MD : Streets of Rage 2

(I hope new systems like the gameboy, megadrive, gamegear, ... will come to the VC eventually)



robwho2 said:

NES - Mario 3. I had a NES but due to my young age didn't really have too many games and stuff. So, whilst I played the first Mario non-stop, I never played this one. Never played Mario 2 either, but from what I've read it is crap!
Megadrive - Power Rangers!! It's not that its the best game, it just holds certain memories for me! (or Streets of Rage 2)
SNES - Super Mario Kart. Ahhh the memories. As unlikely as it is, I reallllly hope they implement online features in this! My favourite SNES game of all time is Final Fantasy 4, but I already have that for PS so it isn't as urgent
N64 - Well, Goldeneye, but if I really really can't have that, Paper Mario. I've also never played Donkey Kong 64 so I wouldn't mind playing that either!

Also I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally really want to see them include portable games in virtual console. GameBoy games maybe just wouldn't work, but certainly GameBoy colour games. I've never played any Mario Land games, for instance.



Raphen said:

NES - Adventures of Dizzy - Never had a NES and so only ever played my mates (I wasn't allowed a NES and had to have a spectrum so I could do work on it when i got older - like that happened) so thsi should explain why I chose thsi game. My fondest memories of gamin when I was little was of that egg and I know it is probably rubbish on the NES but still...

PC Engine - Prince of persia only one I really know that I have played on another platform, except maybe twinbee and I have no idea if that is any good having only played pop and twinbee.

Mega Drive - Road Rash jsut so I can hit other bikers in the face with chains and stuff.

SNES - Aside from all the Nintendo stuff, MKII to bring back the excitment I got the first time when I got this while underage and started ripping spines out and the like.

N64 - ISS64 although this probably plays rubbish now a days with hyper realistic footy sims all around us sometimes you want to play out a 22 all draw in 5 mins.



Koopa said:

NES - Super Mario Bros 2 - The Lost Levels. I didnt like the Western Version of Mario Bros 2, but this, which was on SNES's all stars collection, was brilliant. Seems unlikely all-stars will get released, so here's hoping this gets its own release in the UK.

SNES - Super Mario RPG - I played this at a friends house who had imported it and it was amazing. I hope that despite the game not being released in the UK on the SNES it will on the VC

MegaDrive - Probably Streets of Rage 2 & 3, loved the first one but never actually played these 2 as my megadrive busted

Turbografx - Didnt actually have this console but I downloaded Bonk and its great, so I guess I wanna see Bonk 2 on here

N64 - If licencing gets sorted, Goldeneye. If not, I'd love to see Paper Mario



Steve said:

Nes - Mario 3, the best NES game without question.
Snes - Mario Kart & Pilotwings
Megadrive - Streets of Rage Trilogy and Sonic 2
Turbografx - Not played many
N64 - So many I'd love to see, Goldeneye to state the obvious, Conkers bad fur day.



Jonus04 said:

NES- World Cup Soccer! Awsome game and with 4 players option (Like in Bomberman '93) it would be amazing
SNES- Mario RPG (My favorite game of all time) and Harvest Moon
MD- General Chaos
TG-16-Bomerman '94
N64- Battle Tanx 2 and All three Mario Partys



MC said:

NES- Crystalis, an awesome old school adventure game
SNES- Super Metroid or Super Mario RPG, can't decide which one
N64- Turok 2, never got a chance to play this series much before
Genesis- Streets of Rage 2, one of the best genesis games
Turbografx- Splatterhouse



Abras said:

NES: Mega Man (you can't beat the original)
SNES: Super Mario RPG (I am so buying this)
N64: Mischief Makers
Genesis: Revenge of Shinobi
TurboGrafx: Prince of Persia

__Kyle Davis


Kyle Davis said:

NES - Duckhunt
SNES - Super Mario All-Stars
N64 - Goldeneye....of course.
Genesis - Sonic and Knuckles
TurboGrafx - Prince of Persia

__Christopher Thorne


Christopher Thorne said:

Megadrive - Road Rash
NES - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
SNES - Super Mario Kart
N64 - Space Station Silicon Valley or Road Rash 64



jochta said:

NES - R.C. Pro-Am
PCE - Devil's Crush (except MD version looks nicer)
Megadrive - Magical Hat Flying Turbo Adventure
SNES - Pilotwings
N64 - Wave Race



Haze said:

NES - Punch Out
PCE - Gates of Thunder (was a game on Cd for the Duo)
Megadrive - Thunderforce IV
Snes - Area88 a.k.a. UN Squadron
N64 - Sin and Punishment



Al said:

NES-Balloon Fight (really want this to come out on vc soon)
snes-mario rpg
n64-the obvious, zelda:ocarina of time



GK said:

NES : Super Mario 2
SNES : Super Mario Kart
N64 : Zelda - Ocarina Of Time
Megadrive : Sonic 2

__Jared K


Jared K said:

NES: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!!
SNES: Kirby Super Star. Best Kirby game ever, with awesome co-op.
N64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
PCE- I have no idea. Never played any of it's games.



Xray said:

NES: Dragon Warrior
SNES: Super Metroid
N64: Starfox 64
Genesis: Lightening Force (Thunder Force IV)



Indecipherable said:

NES: Punch out
SNES: zombies ate my neighbors
N64: 007 golden eye
Genesis: Beavis and Butthead
PCE - never touched one.



DEMON212 said:

NES: Never had one, but I love Super Mario Bros. 3.

SNES: Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Amazing 2 player game, countless hours of fun.

N64: Perfect Dark (OOT is out on NGC, why get it on VC?). Best multiplayer FPS ever.

Mega-Drive: Since SOR 2 is pretty much a certainty now that SOR 1 is out. My vote goes to The Revenge Of Shinobi. Amazing game with comic hero bosses.

TurboGraffx: Never played a TG before, but now that i've played Bonk, I can't wait for Bonk 2.



daza said:

Nes - Turtles I nearly sold my Amiga to get a Nes because of the super fast loading times.

PC engine - Ordyn Brilliant side scrolling shot em up.

Snes - Super mario kart with online multi payer

Megadrive - Micky mouse castle of illusion

N64 - 1080 snow boarding on of the best 2 player N64 games ever, closely followed by wave race.



720isback said:

NES - Super mario bros 3
SNES - Super metroid
N64 - Conkers bad fur day
megadrive - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Turbo grafix - No idea never had one



Chambers said:

NES - Bubble Bobble
SNES - TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
N64 - Super Smash Brothers
Genesis - Roadrash
Turbo - The Incredible Machine (if possible)



Cory said:

NES - Gun Smoke
SNES - Earthbound
n64 - Conker (wont Happen)
Sega - Mutant League Hockey
Turbo - Devil Crush



surpriser said:

PC Engine/TG16 - Dragon's Curse
NES - Super Mario Bros 2
SNES - Super Mario All-Stars
Genesis/MD - Sonic 2
N64 - Cruise'n USA



hoolak said:

PC Engine - Ninja Spirit
NES - Super Mario Bros 3
SNES - Chrono Trigger
Megadrive - Revenge of Shinobi
N64 - WaveRace 64 or Pilotwings 64

__Anger Panda


Anger Panda said:

NES- River City Ransom
SNES- Super Mario RPG
PCE/TG16- Splatterhouse
MD/GEN- Vectorman
N64- StarCraft 64



Jordan said:

NES - Super Mario Bros. Three- Best Mario Platformer
SNES - Donkey Kong Country Two- Spent countless hours on this one, best donkey kong game ever...
N64 - Goldeneye...but if not possible Super Smash Brothers...
Genesis - Sonic three w/knuckles-this game was simply amazing
Turbo - Yeah I never really got into this thing... Bonk 2?



BF-Medic said:

Street Gangs [NES]
Nintendo World Cup [NES]
Chrono Trigger [SNES]
Goldeneye [N64]



German said:

NES - Ninja Gaiden
NES - Double Dragon 1 or 2
SNES - Saturday Night Slam Masters (4 players and no more multitap)
Genesis - Vectorman
N64 - Goldeneye or Perfect Dark (maybe online if possible)
I never owned the pc16 so can't much about it.



inki said:

NES- Super Mario Bros 3, the first *mapped* Mario ever
SNES- Super Metroid, the game that changed my vision of videogames
PCE- Devil's Crush, one of the best pinball games ever, and one of the best 2d graphic ever.
MD- Thunderforce 3/4 amazing sidescrolling shooters
N64- Perfect Dark, my fav fps ever.

ps: I apologize for my ridiculous english, I'm italian



darthstuey said:

NES- Kickle Kubickle or Star wars
SNES- Mystical Ninja, Unirally
Megadrive- Virtua Racing, Gauntlet 4
PC Engine- Dragon's Crush
N64- Pilotwings, Waverace



Thores said:

NES- Little Samson
I bet most people who read this haven't even heard about this game. It was made by Taito, and was a Mega Man-ish side scrolling platformer where you switched between four characters- a young boy, a dragon, a golem, and a mouse- on the fly. One of the best platformers I've ever played.
SNES- LiveALive
Japan-only RPG by Square. Seeing as Nintendo said translating games wasn't out of the question once a good chunk of US games were on the service, I'd love to see this.
Genesis- Sonic 3
There are so many Genesis games I want to see on the service, since I was a Sega fanboy growing up, but Sonic 3 was just plain my favorite. I wanna see this before the end of the year.
TG-16- Never played it before the VC came out. Hopefully some decent games.
N64- Super Smash Bros.
Yes, you can already play the superior sequel on your Wii, but it's just great to have for completionist's sakes.



Chode said:

PC Engine - Snatcher - probably my favourite video game of all time. Used to have it on the Mega CD but I'd play any version I could get my hands on!

NES - Gremlins 2 If SMB3 is coming out anyway I'll vote for this awesome game.

SNES - Secret of Mana - especially since it's going for £60 in retro gaming aisles of high street stores

Megadrive - The Faery Tale Adventure - I dunno why, I just want it. I used to have it but didn't get a chance to play it much which I kinda regret.

N64 - Pokemon Snap. Would be nice to play through again. Either this or DK64, which I never played through to the end



ricketycricket said:

nes- rampart, awesome multiplayer game where you blow up another teams castle while they blow yours up, when time is up you have time to rebuild your walls tetris style. castlevania 1-3, awesome games, even though 2 is the best castlevania game of all time. super techmo bowl, only because techmo bowl was missing my favorite team

sega - mortal kombat 1. hopefully wont have to put in the blood code. chiki chiki boys, awesome game, used to play it for hours

n64 - super smash bros. just an awesome game



Lefty_Noob said:

NES - Dragon Warrior IV / Tecmo Super Bowl
Okay, I know, I'm cheating by listing two. But I'm an RPG nut and I've never had a chance to play this DW IV, so I'd really like to. But Super Bowl was my favorite NES game of all time, and I'd love to play it again.

TG16 - Cadash
I used to love this game in the arcades, and I hear Working Designs did the translation on the TG version. I'd like to see how different it is.

Megadrive - Streets of Rage 2 / NHL '94
Yes, I'm picking two again, sorry. But SOR 2 was one of the best side-scrolling action games I've ever played, and NHL '94 is still the best hockey sim ever make. Honorable mention to the Mutant League games.

SNES - Earthbound
First RPG I've ever beaten. Would love to play it again. Plus my nephews have never played it. They only know Ness from Smash Bros. I'd like to show them what the fuss about this game is all about.

N64 - Starcraft 64
Since I still have my N64, this isn't a huge deal, but I haven't been able to track down a copy of this game, and I love Starcraft on the PC. Would very much like to give it a try.



Kurtis said:

NES - Duck Hunt!! I know they have a duck hunt like game on Wii Play, but I'd pay $5 without a doubt for the original!!

SNES - Pilotwings. Who doesn't remember when you finally made it to the night helicopter mission?

N64 - Snowboard Kids. Throw Mario Kart and 1080 together and this is what you get, one of the funnest games ever. That or Super Smash Bros.

Sega - Mortal Combat 2



Harper said:

NES - MANIAC MANSION!!! I would love to see this on the VC more than any other game! (complete with hampster nuking ability, obviously)

SNES- Chrono Trigger

Genesis - Out of this World

N64 - Goldeneye 007 (of course)

PC Engine - Castlevania: Dracula X (Rondo of Blood)



skank said:

nes- lolo3

turbo- blazing lazers/gun head

snes- dragon quest v

genesis- phantasy star 2

n64- sin & punishment



E-dawg said:

NES - Pac-Man
SNES- Super Mario Kart
Mega Drive - Mortal Kombat
TurboGrafx - These aren't available in Australia
N64 - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask



Bullio said:

NES - TMNT 2. Loved that game to death, but my parents never bought it for me when I was a kid. I still haven't forgiven them...
NES - Battletoads. A forgotten franchise that I'd love to see again.
SNES - Super Metroid. Never played it. Been dying to play it. I'm looking forward to this game coming for the VC more than anything else. I'd say it's actually my most anticipated release for the Wii, including actual Wii games.
Genesis - Mutant League Hockey. Best. Hockey Game. Ever.
N64 - Doom 64. I still have my N64, but I never had this. I remember renting it and enjoying it, but I never had the money to fork over for it.

I have no idea really what came out for TG-16, so I'm using the vote for another NES game.



Bustacap said:

N64: Conkers Bad Fur Day (but i think it will never be released)
SNES: Secret of Mana
NES: ??
Turbo GrafX: ??
Mega Drive: ??
these above werent my time so i dont know any good games that were released for them...



neuzd said:

I played a Link to The Past when I was 29, about 12 years after its first release; so I can tell for sure that's simply the best game ever. No chances even for OoT.

2D Metroid are also another drug I'm addicted to...I just NEED Super Metroid.

Don't care for anything but these 2 pieces of art.



Cass said:

NES - SMB Lost Levels
SNES - Super Mario RPG and Super Metroid !
N64 - Conker and Paper Mario!
Genesis - hmm... i dunno, maybe Sonic2 >.>?
TurboGrafx16- dunno anything about this console



Tauran said:

NES - Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

Pc Engine / Turbo Grafx - Devil's Crush

Megadrive / Sega Genesis - Sonic 2

SNES - Four Way Tie: Secret of Evermore/Chrono Trigger/Super Punch Out!!!/Legend of the Mystical Ninja

N64 - Doom 64

Crazy Bonus Selections that won't ever happen:

Gameboy: Mario's Picross

Gameboy Color: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/ Oracle of Seasons

Gameboy Advance: Castlevnia: Double Pack

DS: Elite Beat Agents (with Wii Remote Beat hitting)

Playstation: Robo Pit or Final Fantasy 7

Tiger Electronics Game: Shinobi

Ok I'm Done!




Dazza said:

lol@tauran's crazy bonus selection!! - You forgot game n' watch!!



munky said:

my pickypoo

NES- wizards and warriors, blaster master, legendary wings
PcEngine- Splatterhouse, devils crush, Legendary AXE
Genesis- Alien Storm, El Viento, Strider
SNES- Star Fox, Super Metroid, secret of mana
N64- perfect dark, turok
Neo Geo- samurai shodown I,II,III...heck all of them!, King of fighters, Top fighter

If they decide to add other systems...
PS1- Ghost in the shell (japanese version was waaaay better), Ridge racer series
Saturn- Panzar dragoon series, sega rally
Jaguar- Alien vs predator, cannon fodder.. others were utter crap

my brain hurts



ben said:

NES- Super Mario 3
PcEngine - Couldn't tell you never played it
SNES - Super Metroid
N64 - Since we won't be getting Goldeneye, StarWars Shadows of the Empire,
that game is what made me get an N64



Steve said:

It's hard to pick just one game per system as there are quite a few that I would like to see surface on the VC. Here are some of those I'd like to see first.

NES - Super Mario 3 and the more unlikely Chip'n Dale's Rescue Rangers
TG16 - Any other Bonk (beside the already released one - even Air Zonk), Marchen Maze and The Dragon's Curse (the TG16 equivalent of the Sega Master System's Wonder Boy III)
Genesis - World of Illusion (talk about unlikely...), Wonder Boy in Monster World, Rolo to the Rescue and Landstalker
SNES - Super Mario RPG,Super Metroid, The Addams Family and Yoshi's Island
N64 - Paper Mario (probably the only N64 game I'm interested in now that Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 have been released)



Zweck36 said:

NES: Battletoads
SNES: Final Fantasy 3
Genisis: Streets of Rage 2
Turbo: Don't Care
N64: If Golden eye can't happen, then Star Wars Shadows of The Empire



Gary_Oak said:

NES: Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse
SNES: Knights of the Round
MegaDrive: Wonderboy in Monster World
TG-16: Blazing Lazers
N64: Mischeif Makers!



NES:Ducktales: 2 loved the first game and still play it but never got the second game
SNES:Hard this but Super Mario RPG as more people need to play it
Megadrive:Streets of Rage 2
PC Engine:Outrun always wanted to see how good a conversion it was
N64: Mischief Makers underrated classic
NEO GEO:Super sidekicks 2 as its fun
MSX2:Snatcher in English i wish



Thor said:

SNES: Chrono Trigger - If i could only get one "Classic" game on my Wii this would definately be the one!

Gameboy (Please, Please, Please): Alleyway



zeeroid said:

OK, let's seeeee....

NES: Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels (ie Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2) This game was fantastic, providing some intense challenge compared to the original SMB, and letting you play as Luigi OR Mario, and even differentiating them in terms of gameplay. Anyone who has All-Stars for the SNES will know exactly what I mean.

SNES: Earthbound. WOW, this was an amaaaazing RPG that broke so many barriers and really pushed the genre with its creativity and exciting gameplay.

Genesis: Shining Force (series). Another great RPG, especially for its excellent multiplayer and fun combat.

TurboGrafx16: Bonk sequels. Don't know a whole lot about this console, but gotta love Bonk

N64: Perfect Dark would be awesome, even if they didn't Wii-ify the controls (which would be even more awesome), especially because its only flaw (imo) was the intense slowdown, which probably won't happen on the VC. Too bad Rare -- Microsoft owns the license, so it ain't happening.



Dazza said:

That's a good point, the N64 Bangai-o didn't get a translation. One of the best things about this game was the awful nonsensical translation of the DC version.

Who can forget such classics like "If there is no civit fruit then I don't want to go on!"



Johannes said:

NES - Super mario bros 3
SNES - Harvest Moon
N64 - Excite Bike 64
Sega - Double Dragon
Turbo Grafx - Bonk 2



Noj said:

Slightly deviating from the format, but how about:

The mighty Earthworm Jim on either MegaDrive or SNES,
Speedball 2 on the MegaDrive
Final Fight on the SNES
Sunset Riders on the SNES



BJ1 said:

NES- Any of the Ninja Turtles games
SNES- Tiny Toons Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge.
N64- Donkey Kong 64
Genesis- Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures
TurboGrafx- Never played or heard of it, so I don't care.



StarDust4Ever said:

Guys, I know it's been a year since the last guy posted, but I think Nintendo really has been listening to us!!!

The 3 Bonks, 3 Sonics, & 3 Marios were a given, so I won't be mentioning them, except SMBLL. All of the following games were listed earlier in this thread:

SMB: Lost Levels (Import)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Zelda 2
Open Tournament Golf
Balloon Fight
Bubble Bobble
River City Ransom
Ninja Gaiden 123
Techmo Bowl
Castlevania 12
Lolo 2 (3 to come?)

Devil's Crush
Gates of Thunder (CD)
Ninja Spirit
Blazing Lazers
Air Zonk
Dragon's Curse

DK Country 123
Street Fighter II: turbo
Harvest Moon
Super Metroid
Contra III
Final Fight

Streets of Rage 1 & 2
Phantasy Star II (III may likely follow)
Shining Force
Shinobi III
Alien Storm
Wonderboy in Monster World

Sin & Punishment (Import)
Paper Mario
Pokemon Snap
StarFox 64
Zelda: OOC
Wave Race
1080 Snowboarding
Cruisin USA

King of Fighters

Master system...
Wonderboy released today, more to follow, no joke!

Hmmm, okay, we all know about the sour deal that went down with Goldeneye007; DonkeyKong64 is a possibility; Perfect Dark and other non-DonkeyKong Rare titles seem doubtful. I don't know. Super Mario Kart gets a thumbs up (Nintendo may be rationing some of their remaining 1st-party titles), so does MarioRPG (eventually) now that Square is releasing more games. So see people, that is hard-core evidence that Nintendo is still giving people more of what they want...



Ricardo91 said:

I have no idea why I'm posting on VC-Rs very first article, and I'm sure no one is going to read this, but I think that VC-R should do a list like this again, especially considering how disappointed everyone is with the recent release schedules (though I've said already that this Monday looks promising.). People would go nuts on it! In a good way. I could list games I want, but that would take far too long, and like I said, probably no one would see it anyway.

@Stardust. You have a point. Releases have been slow recently, but Nintendo has given us most of the goods. It's just that some people recently have been making it sound like Nintendo has completely neglecting us and they haven't.

Posting on old articles. I must be very bored right now.



Super_Sonic said:

1. Megaman 7 (SNES)
2. Earthbound (SNES)
3. Super Smash Bros. (N64)
4. Megaman X (SNES)
5. Super Mario Kart (SNES)
These are my most wanted titles and are not in order.



AlexSays said:

It's a shame only two games mentioned in the article have been released.

And it's been more than a year...



Wario4mom said:

Nes: Mega Man 4- It had the coolest bosses and interest.
SNES: Super Mario World 2 - Baby Mario!!!
N64: Pokemon Stadium 1 ,and 2- There are way worse games on VC than this.
Megadrive: Sonic and Knuckles- obvious.
Pc-Nrver heard of it.



lockelocke said:

1. Tetris Attack (SNES)
easily my most played SNES cart, ridiculous multiplayer, and a US/UK release is long overdue, Japan have been sitting on this one forever!
2. Life Force (NES)
cause we are in desperate need of a (true) co-op shooter
3. NBA Hang Time (N64)
somehow made the impossible to improve-on formula of NBA Jam better
4. A Boy And His Blob (NES)
the most bizarre and punishing title available for the NES
5. Earthworm Jim 2 (MD/SNES)
the most creative platforming/shooter hybrid to come out of the 16-bit era, period.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, I'd rather play the Dreamcast version of Bangai-O. Super Mario Kart is my least favorite Mario Kart game. Really looking forward to Thunder Force though.



dfalco said:

my top 5
mario kart snes
mario world 2 snes
starfox snes
banjo kazooie
chronro trigger

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