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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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robwho2 commented on Review: No More Heroes:

Started playing this last night and am so far pretty impressed. It's just fun and FEELS like such a cool game. Was already annoyed by the same things you were however - boring sidemissions and the pointless free-roam stuff. The motorbike is pretty cool though, for a few minutes. Even that got boring when I was forced to keep riding about on it for 'bout 10 mins cause I couldn't work out how to get off it. Honestly, the down button?! Who does that ...



robwho2 commented on Defend Your Castle:

Looking good.. looks like they've made a genuine effort to make this something seriously special.. in a different way from the flash version. Cool. Will need to wait and see now how they expand on the actual concept, just to make the game feel like.. bigger, somehow, than the web version.



robwho2 commented on Uh-oh! Wii Pay And Play...:

I've been annoyed at the crapness of Nintendo's online play thus far when it's been free.. if they make me pay.. yeah, I won't be pleased. I agree I wouldn't mind paying a little monthly for an Xbox Live type service, but if as is suggested here they are suggesting we pay by game or something whilst using by game friend codes they can right off. I'm not happy.



robwho2 commented on Mario Galaxy Receives Universal Acclaim:

I loved Sunshine myself, but this does look like something else! Mines was pre-ordered on Amazon but alas I was a stinge and went for free delivery, so who knows when it'll arrive!!



robwho2 commented on LEGO Batman:

Lol I dunno, the idea of LEGO Star Wars just never appealed to me, was it really any good?



robwho2 commented on Review: The Simpsons: The Game:

Based mainly on this review I've gone totally nuts and just bought this

I dunno, I hope the controls aren'ts as bad as I've heard on the street, the lowdown, the 411.



robwho2 commented on Wii Could Outsell PS2:

I think long-term it is possible, but to do so Nintendo are gonna have to start actually satisfying the demand there is.



robwho2 commented on Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC:

Whilst I'm usually completely against censorship, I think I am actually in favour in this very exceptional case.. but I'm still not sure.



robwho2 commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

NES - Mario 3. I had a NES but due to my young age didn't really have too many games and stuff. So, whilst I played the first Mario non-stop, I never played this one. Never played Mario 2 either, but from what I've read it is crap!
Megadrive - Power Rangers!! It's not that its the best game, it just holds certain memories for me! (or Streets of Rage 2)
SNES - Super Mario Kart. Ahhh the memories. As unlikely as it is, I reallllly hope they implement online features in this! My favourite SNES game of all time is Final Fantasy 4, but I already have that for PS so it isn't as urgent
N64 - Well, Goldeneye, but if I really really can't have that, Paper Mario. I've also never played Donkey Kong 64 so I wouldn't mind playing that either!

Also I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally really want to see them include portable games in virtual console. GameBoy games maybe just wouldn't work, but certainly GameBoy colour games. I've never played any Mario Land games, for instance.