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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Chode commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

PC Engine - Snatcher - probably my favourite video game of all time. Used to have it on the Mega CD but I'd play any version I could get my hands on!

NES - Gremlins 2 If SMB3 is coming out anyway I'll vote for this awesome game.

SNES - Secret of Mana - especially since it's going for £60 in retro gaming aisles of high street stores

Megadrive - The Faery Tale Adventure - I dunno why, I just want it. I used to have it but didn't get a chance to play it much which I kinda regret.

N64 - Pokemon Snap. Would be nice to play through again. Either this or DK64, which I never played through to the end