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Water Warfare is a comical first-person shooter that uses water guns to battle and soak opponents.

A map with a particular theme - Playground, Beach, Plaza or Nature Park - is generated automatically when the game begins, so you can think up new strategies each time you engage. Game modes include Single Player Missions, CPU Match and 2-Player Split Screen. On top of that, players with broadband Internet access can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to battle with up to eight players from around the world, or participate in Ranking Mode.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Fill up your super soakers and prepare for a drenching in Hudson’s second WiiWare FPS game.

Earlier this year, Hudson released Onslaught, WiiWare's first FPS which proved that Japanese developers can actually make good FPS games! One of the only complaints with Onslaught was that it only featured online co-op and versus modes; there was no...

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User Comments (47)



Terra said:

This is certainly a more interesting FPS. I never expected originally that we'd get an FPS on WiiWare, let alone two that are both from Hudson. Hudson, you are my WiiWare gods.

Only problem here is the low-grade graphics but, honestly, you can't expect too much graphics-wise on the Wii, let alone WiiWare.



Toddr said:

I'm sure the graphics will look just as good as onslaught. The pictures probably don't look as good as the actual gameplay.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'd say I'm definitely getting this unless something sways me otherwise. I have complete confidence in Hudson with this one. I'm sure that the results of the Onslaught poll will be taken into consideration. And yeah, Toddr, I share the same sentiments. That's the case with some other games too. (SRZG comes to mind.)



Atlantis1982 said:

The last few times I bought a Hudson game that had online-multiplayer; they sucked (Bomberman and Alien Crush Returns). I really am having doubts, yes Onslaught did it right but I had no interest in that game anyway. So I will just wait till I hear more about the title.



tkubas1 said:

Wow that extra info was interesting! So there will be local play and 38 missions? How did they all fit? Looks like its already finished, they must of wanted to release it soon after Onslaught.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Atlantis: IMO, Snowboard Riot's online doesn't suck. Lag in Bomberman Blast is much worse. There's barely any in SR.

@tkubas1: Who cares? lol. All we know is, this isn't some quick fix. Hudson's putting a lot of effort into it and the fact that the game has online battles too really seals the deal for me.



KDR_11k said:

The screenshots on the Hudson website reveal what I think is CTF: Two flag status displays and a target score of 3 for each team. They also said there's a rocket launcher in the game and various items for your defense so I guess the raincoat you see on the dinosaur's head is the equivalent of a shield belt or invulnerability powerup.




There are not many actual shooters out their which you can play with your family for obvious reasons. Only the Wii Play one and probably the average Cocoto Magic Circus. This will suite me for "family reasons" as well as be fun for me personally



LGamer said:

Oh yeah! Finally a REAL family-game (with no blood or something for my little sister!) And you can play on WiFi ! I'll take it!



LGamer said:

@ KDR_11k

Lol. That is something you'll never will say in public. I guess the raincoat you see on the dinosaur's head is the equivalent of a shield belt or invulnerability powerup.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Atlantis: I got 1080 and I barely play it. Snowboard Riot is much better, IMO. More captivating.

I'll enjoy the variety of modes, personally. Capture the Flag will be really fun.



Modern_Legend said:

HMMMMMM an offline multiplayer fps.....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THANK YOU, somebody finally listens to me, I will get this and encourage them to make another...with real guns lol. but to be honest we still have 1 normal offline fps, james bond, which i have rented and will be buying solely for the offline multiplayer :D:D



geek-master said:

please have mii playibilaty and please have online play/wii speak compatibilaty/and random online play from peple all over the world like in mario kart!



BulbasaurusRex said:

Is it just me or was one of the players in that trailer (at 22 seconds) modeled after Sakura from the Naruto anime?

@mange - Maybe because Miis don't have enough hair colors (not even a decent red) and have hardly any clothing options.



KDR_11k said:

I bet this is going to turn into Naruto shadow replication vs Rei cloning facility soon.



pixelman said:

Eight bucks for a good, fun, family friendly FPS with on and offline multiplayer? Sold. Getting it ASAP.



ToneDeath said:

@27. jones2929
Probably not, but perhaps you could pretend this is a prequel to Onslaught?



McGruber said:

This game is great! The online is fun! If you liked Onslaught this game has even better online. Get this game! Get Conduit too if you want to see any more quality titles on Wii because every publisher is watching its sales.



pixelman said:

This is a great game. It has a few minor balancing issues online, but for 800 points it's awesome.

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