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Mon 21st Sep 2009

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Roebuck commented on Nintendo Download: 12th February 2010 (Europe):

I've had Overturn for a bit now, and I like it. The cusomization is good with a new add-on when you defeat a boss. The online is really great but lacking in players. Which is my only complaint.



Roebuck commented on Review: TV Show King 2 (WiiWare):

I have this, and it is really fun. I like how frequently you unlock thr trophies and pillars and especially the online play and submitting questions.



Roebuck commented on Podcast: Episode 9 - Muramasa, Mario and More!:

Awesome show! Like Nobolo said, "That's the first podcast I have heard. I really appreciate all the effort you all put into making something like that. I will definately check out future episodes." Me as well.