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Donkey Kong and Diddy have been captured by the Kremlings! So it's up to Dixie Kong to team up with new sidekick Kiddy to save the day.

In the third and final chapter of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, take control of Dixie and Kiddy and use their unique abilities to traverse the treacherous terrain, seek out the elusive Banana Birds, and ultimately defeat the Kremlings' mysterious new master, KAOS.

Featuring familiar and all-new animal buddies, two-player team and contest modes, and even more impressive computer-modelled graphics, Dixie Kong's Double Trouble is double the fun!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Alex Olney

Donkey wish your girlfriend was Kong like me?

Having stunned audiences with Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Rare had an awful lot to live up to on the final entry of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! sees the titular hero take...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Double the trouble, double the fun?

After the stellar Donkey Kong Country 2, people were wondering if the third game would be even more amazing. It was released very late in the SNES's lifecycle, so naturally it was expected that Rare would be pulling out all the stops. In DK Country 3’s...

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EU Christmas surprise - Donkey Kong Country 3

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User Comments (81)



Jazzem said:

Now this is a surprise! Sort of anyway.

It's a great game, but I'd consider it the weakest of the three without hesitation. It has some nice ideas, but more often than not they don't really add anything to the game. Still a pretty charming game And it has references to Mario 64/Link!



NEO-GEO said:

I love this game. For me is a kind of a drug! I Have it in all versions. The GBA version have a worse graphic, a different soundtruck (quite good) and a few of new levels. I preffer the original snes versione anyway!



Jazzem said:


They're very similar, Donkey Kong Land 2 and 3 (And 1 to a lesser extent) were all similar to their SNES counterparts (Though not the 'ports' that everyone makes them out to be, due to different level designs). As such, you'd be familiar with quite a few aspects of the SNES game



Bass_X0 said:

I really hope this comes out at Christmas. It would be great if they did - its a must buy game for me. An excellent platformer that is easily better than the first game and matches if not beats the second game.



Mendez said:

I don't have any favourites in the trilogy, but this one is just as good as the others! I also love the graphics on it.
I'll be downloading the minute it's released!



Yuri said:

I never understood why this is so "hated" (less revered). Probably my favourite of the three, as I dislike the fact that DKC2 had no heavy character.



Mirokunite said:

I remember getting this brand new years ago. This one is probably my favorite DCK game. I loved the exploration part of it.



Deity said:

Awesome game, definately worth 800 points. I bought this recently for £30 for the SNES as i wanted to play it so much and i got to say, it was definately worth the money!



eagidni said:

thank god it's coming... i seem to have lost my snes cart, and it brings me down every time i think about it. it was a very interesting game, and i miss it!



BJ1 said:

This is my least favorite of the DKC trilogy, but I'm glad it's finally announced. That's mean we may be getting Diddy Kong Racing and Donkey Kong 64 soon.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

I suppose that if Donkey Kong Country 4 had been made, Donkey, Diddy, AND Dixie Kong would have all been kidnapped.



ChinSpin said:

@ BJ

Dude why not get diddy kong racing for the ds, it has wifi so you can play anyone better than getting it on the vc.plus you can take it anywhere



Even though this certainly isn't as good as DKC 1 & 2, I certainly will buy this. I would have got DKC 3 but at the time but I had moved on to the N64.



Bass_X0 said:

Its certainly better than the first DKC game which is just a straight forward platform game with pretty graphics.



Storm101 said:

Rumor has it that this will come out tomorrow along with Blades of Steel and Rolling Thunder 2. That said, you should definitely get this game. It may not be as good as DKC2, but it's still a great game on its own and worth a purchase.



jg233 said:

Overall, this is the worst of the Donkey Kong Country Series IMO. The order goes like this: 2, 1, 3. That is also the order you should buy them in.



The_shoemaker said:

Yes I can't wait to beat DKC2 and get this game. I don't know if DKC2 is better or not, I think they'll end up to be about the same. But nothing can beat DKC2 music.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

DKC3 is a great game. Sadly, it is really just a rehash of DKC2, just with a new Kong. I know I will be buying it on the VC only because I never finished it when I had an SNES. If you are a fan of DKC by all means download it. However, if you never really got into the series, it will not change your mind.



eagidni said:

ahh, what a wonderful gift on christmas eve! i seem to have lost my actual snes cart, so i've definitely been waiting for this one.



Edwin said:

What specifically becomes harder when you put in HARDR or TUFST? Thank you.



Adamant said:

"I played this for the gameboy is it the same as the snes one?"

No. The Gameboy game seemed awfully unpolished, with dull level design and absolutely no subquests to screw around with. The SNES game has a much more intereactive world and some amazing level design with tons of fun little touches. You'll dodge a giant buzzsaw while jumping through hollow trees in a redwood forest, you'll play a game of stealth with pesky rats as an elephant, dogde lighting while swimming through water that will burn you to a crisp if you're in it as lighting strikes, "babysit" a fish, and engage in a first-person snowball fight with an evil snowman.
Amazing fun and imaginative.



Xenesis said:

In all honesty, I thought that DKC3 was better than DKC2...there's something about DKC2 that bugged me...maybe it was the horrendously uneven difficulty (Nail biting level followed by moderate level then a cakewalk and back to the super-hard again) or that finding some of the DK Coins/Bonus Tokens is practically impossible if you don't already know where they are. :/

DKC3 seems to fix most of those problems - DK Coins are easier to find but are more a puzzle and the bonus levels seem to be logically placed to explore and find them....and like in DKC there's a practical difference between the Kongs again, rather than Dixie basically being more useful 95% of the time.



Yuri said:

I completely agree with Xenesis, DKC2 seems all over the place sometimes - don't know where to look for items, and the frustration on some levels is pointless as many levels in between are very easy. It's like Rare couldn't get the difficulty balance right so went to both extremes in an attempt to even it out. DKC3 has a spot-on difficulty balance, and item collection is logical. I really do prefer it to DKC2, which just makes me confused in a broad sense.



Citan said:

Seriously, Donkey Kong Country 3 doesn't deserve the critisism it has had over the years. It had the misfortune of coming out after the near-perfect DKC2.

But hear my words: DKC3 is just as fun to play, if not more.



WoRMaSTeR said:

DKC 2 is better and it really has to do with the difficulty. This game is just plain easy to get 103 % after DKC 2. Most of the insanely hard levels in DKC 2 are optional to complete, so you cannot really complain. DKC 2 also last about 3 times longer and the experience is more enjoyable. DKC 3 adds nothing, but falls short of DCK 2 so it deservely got criticism.



Elmernite said:

I was so hoping they would release this and now they did!
So far it's seems great, not the same as DKC2 but still pretty fun.



Beau_Skunk said:

I personally prefer DKC2. The main characters don't feel like they can move around as easilly (or jump as high) as they do in previous DKC games to me. I managed to beat DKC3 in the first 3 days that I rented it from a video store. Though, it wasn't honestlly overlly easy, some of the bosses take some time to figure out, and some of the bonus rounds are well hidden. It's also nice that they brought back the ride-able steel kegs from DKC1, wich were absent in DKC2.
The barter system with the bears also adds a nice Zelda-ish quality to the game.



NES said:

I don't really liked this DKC back then, i don't think i would be downloading it.

While DKC 1 and 2 were very good i believe this one was rushed up. The stages and music were not as good as before and basically is just like Megaman games on the NES: this game is the same, no great improve from the others even the story is the same thing!.

Anyway overall is a good game, but not as good as the previous.



Indecipherable said:

This game is amazing. Its graphics were out of this world for the nintendo entertainment system. I'm very glad but not surprised to see it released on the nintendo wiis virtual console.
I strongly suggest this download.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Hmm i got 2500 points letft. Im probably going to get 2 Snes games, and then i will have 900 points left. Im thinking about getting this and DKC 2. What are your thoughts??



Mailable said:

The misfortune isn't from coming out after DKC2 but right near the end of the SNES's life. You can even see the N64 in several places during the game.

More fun than DKC, but it suffers from poor environment and enemy designs. The buzzsaw bees are really odd looking and appear like they belong in Bug! or some other offshoot, and most of the level graphics don't touch the memorability of most of DKC2 or some of levels from DKC1.

Outside of that, I actually do prefer the gameplay in this game from the others. You have a heavy character, many of the positive elements from the first DKC return, and the level design is much tighter now. What it lost in trying to establish atmosphere, it gained in a more skillfully and solid gameplay design.



TheNintendoBoy said:

The first few minutes of the game almost made me stop playing.. the game is much more kid friendly and the music is worse than in the prequels, but the platforming is still pretty good and somewhat more in depth. I never liked having to collect coins and talk to characters in this or DKC2. Unfortunately Rare seemed to like that stuff a lot and made it a major ingredient in their later games like Banjo Tooie.



Xenesis said:

Wormaster: On the other hand, DKC3 had a hidden Hard Mode which removes all the Kong Barrels and Continue points. Getting 105% is a Nightmare compared to 103%.

And like I said, it's not the hardness that truly bothered me of some levels, it's just that the change of difficulty of levels was in all honesty all over the place. This is especially notable in the last two worlds, the Fairground one and the Keep.

To be fair, the only reason I bought DKC2 was that I never owned it on the Console (I finished a friend's copy) and I wanted to give it it's full chance. I kinda regret not getting the original or this instead. :/



Storm101 said:

This game is painfully underrated. I think it's just as good, if not, better than DKC2. The levels are the most creative yet, the enemies are interesting (it takes place on a different continent so of course they'll look different) and it's just plain fun to play. The graphics are also the best on the SNES right by SMRPG and still look good today. The only place it falls is in its soundtrack.



Timmy said:

this game was great but it would be nothing without the graphics the bears i think were plain stupid



Nadroc516 said:

man this game is great, i knew it would be good, becuase i played a few levels on the gba version, but this game was really great.

surprisingly may be my favorite of the series



Olimar_91 said:

The soundtrack isn't as good as DKC2, but overall the quality matches up. I'd definetly recomend it to a fan of the series.



The_shoemaker said:

I think just maybe tomorrow I'll get it. along with bubble bobble and breath of fire ll. But maybe not or I might be tempted to play it before I beat #2. So maybe I'kl just get breath and bubble, then wait until I beat at least 1 vc game before getting another



Sariku said:

I gifted my friend this game, another friend Legend of Zelda, and bought myself Kid Icarus. I still own this game for my still working SNES though, so I'll pass.



Garlyle said:

I think even for today that this game's one of the most beautiful platformers I've ever played, and definitely one of the true classics of the SNES Era. It's definitely worth getting, and admittedly I favour it over DKC2.



Jon said:

OH MY GOD. I love this game lol..I used to play this all the time when my SNES still worked.....I didn't know this came out yet, so buying it.



BJ1 said:

I think I will get it. Thank you Chinspin. Although others may want it for the vc, instead.



tank2tank said:

The only thing stopping this from being the best in the series is that it didn't bring anything really new to the gameplay, except the new overworld which is a bit pointless really. And also it came out too late when everyone was going nuts over Mario 64. One more thing... what's a DK game without Donkey or Diddy!

Oh but its still an excellent game, and I mean really excellent. If you liked either of the others you'll like this too, but its basically the same thing over again.



The_shoemaker said:

It's cool how super mario 64 is in this game. I think it's the best in the series, just because it feels so.......differnt. also it's like you have free control on where you wanna go. Like right now I can do one world, or do a differnt one. So if I'm fed up with one, I can go for the other. 5/5



calc_nerd said:

All three DKC games are equally good. This one I felt was a little easier and shorter than the other two, but it kept the SNES alive for a few more months after the N64 launch.



hackattack said:

This game really kept me from being bored, but i really makes me mad when those stupid bee things kill me.



Worenx said:

Had it for SNES, but it's MIA, so I downloaded this to take me back. Inferior to DKC and DKC 2, but still a great game brimming with nostalgia.



cr00mz said:

i agree diddy kong was the best character in the DKC trilogy and any other donkey kong game. My favorite DKC game is the first one. Because its the first and only DKC game i owned (back in the SNES day) I also like the level variety, the least one i liked was the factory theme otherwise every other theme was awesome. I "recently" (back in december) bought the first one and beat it pretty quickly, After i beat it, i bought DKC 2 WOW what a improvement. First with all the coins and DK emblems. but also the level design. But it is damn hard. Especially those Gusy Garden and other levels with the wind mechanic. Still havent beaten it i think i'm stuck on the third last level or something. Anyway i biught DKC3 2 h ago and i'm allready on "hub" 2 I like this game the best its a shame diddy isnt in it, the overworld is awesome the music might not be as good as the Second game but to me all DKC songs are awsome. As for buying if you are not really a DK fan and would like to try it out i suggest the last one first. It is easier (so far) and has all the extra the second game had.The first game is only recommended if you've played it before or if you want the full trilogy



pikmin95 said:

i wonder if nintendo will make a donkey kong country 4 on the wiiware, just like they're doing with mega man 9.



carson said:

I agree, that DKC2 is the best and DKC3 is 2nd best. I still like DKC3. it played great and opened the doors to new Donkey Kong Characters.



lockelocke said:

DKC3 achieves the nearly impossible by managing to live up to the two classic titles that come before it. I especially love the genius world map, which (kind of) allows you to roam freely before you enter a level, instead of being on a track.



Kidpit said:

Ya know, there's something I've been curious about. Why does the game take up four more blocks in the EU version (67) then the USA version (63)? Is there some extra content in The EU version that was cut out for the USA one?



GN0LAUM said:

This is a solid game. I wrote a long rant about how disappointed I was with the second one but this one made me happy. Its nice to have two very different characters to choose from (since #2 gave you two light weights) and the design on the overworld map is fresh and unique.

One thing though, why is Donkey Kong only playable in one of the Donkey Kong Country games? He's my favourite character to use, and he's barely in his own franchise. That's like putting Mario in Mario 1 and leaving him out of 2 and 3. What?



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

@Pikmin 95

I am not sure that a DKC4 on WiiWare would happen. I believe Rare is a property of Microsoft now, so I am not sure that they could make the game for Nintendo.

DKC3 is great though. DKC2 built on the great mechanics of DKC and made it better. The newest installment was awesome, but felt like more of the same (not a bad thing). I guess I am just saying, it wasn't the big leap in level design, like DKC2 was.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Well this was worth downloading. A new twist on DKC. The first had Diddy and DK, the second had Diddy and Dixie. This one has Dixie and Kiddy.



RallyFTW said:

I beat this game with 106%. Definitely one of my best video game accomplishments.



HolyBlade said:

I don't understand why one would consider this the weakest of the (at the time) trilogy. People keep saying that they hate Kiddy Kong, but DK, in the first game, was about as useful as Kiddy...

So ok, DKC3 is not nearly as awesome as DKC2. However, it is leagues ahead of the first DKC in terms of level design, and it's still a fun platformer to play.



RegalSin said:

Dear god the game was funner and better then the original DKC but it holds no flame to DKC2 ( which was basically Killer Instincts twin ). I mean I could play this game happily just right now.

Interesting fact that all westerner games will run faster on JAP-NTSC SNES ( Super Famicom consoles ). Which makes this game a bit more challenging for players with westerner carts and an converter.
They released this, and DKC2 on the GBA with extra sound effects ( which is lame because it has the lame DKN64 font as well ).
Honestly this game is bad arsery as the enemies just look so fed up with you and are unhappy. But seriously the nicest things about DKC-1-2-3 is the transition of the appearance of the Kremlings and foes.

Take Krusha, who gets an major overhual in the second game. while he gets an super remix in this game.

Then their is the racing pipes and while the Maze or Kremling Isle is way more greater then this game will be, the game is dead crazy insane. You will be so happy no matter what.

However both DKC2 and DKC3 out does the original DKC game which leaves the original limping. However all three are better then every single DKC or DKN64 game or any other DK game to be released ever ever ever. Rare did thier homework back then unlike nowadays.

The original Rare team was an small bunch as well. No voice actors, or bs theater weirdos. Just programmers, artists, and musicians. The story was written between them or whoever made up that jibberish.

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