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1080° Snowboarding (N64 / Nintendo 64)

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Prepare to experience the thrills and chills of the ultimate extreme sport in 1080 Snowboarding. This Nintendo 64 classic offers one of the most accurate yet accessible snowboarding simulations around – all from the warmth of your living room!

1080 Snowboarding features six huge courses, loaded with cool places to pull off more than 25 outlandish tricks. Six different game modes are on offer, including head-to-head races against a friend or the CPU, Time Attack, Trick Attack and a Practice mode.

Impressive 3D graphics (lens flare, varying weather and lighting conditions) and an atmospheric soundtrack round off this perfect wintry package that anyone can get a kick out of.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Thrills and chills

1080° Snowboarding is a title that divided gamers when it was first released. Here was a game that mixed Nintendo's usual penchant for killer gameplay with a more serious subject matter than the company was used to dealing with. It got lazily compared to...

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User Comments (53)



James said:

Can't wait for this one to come out in Europe. One of the best n64 games.

The panda was brilliant



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Are the controls good in this game? Because i once tried a demo of 1080 Avalance for Gamecube and i couldn't get the controls right. Will it be worth Wii Points?



Mirokunite said:

You know I wonder if we will ever get snowboard kids. But anyway, this is a pretty good game, I wonder how the controls will work with the classic controller.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

I really never enjoyed playing this game the first time around, but Snowboard Kids was certainly fun; the multi-player mode was especially addicting, but racing solo wasn't bad either. I suppose if Mario Kart and 1080 Snowboarding reared a chilid together, Snowboard Kids would be the end result.



Tetsuo said:

Still the best snowboarding game there is nearly a decade on. It looks amazing, has difficult-to-master controls and has a nice variety of options like Trick Attack, Contest mode and Time Trial. OK, so the music is (and always was) a bit naff, but the graphics still hold up very well indeed.



Mr_Vengeance said:

I played this game for hours on my own back in the day. The Time Trial mode is fantastic because of the excellent controls and superb course design. Trick Attack mode is just as good again for the same reasons, plus there is also the Contest mode which again kept me busy for countless hours.

This game may not be the biggest title ever, but less is more in this case because what you get is perfection. One of the best games ever to come out on the Nintendo 64.



SKKTR said:

I totally agree with the pro's and con's of the review.

Yeah, we all wished to have more content in an already perfect snowboard sim...
But this is just like with every great game. You want more.

For me it's 5 Stars because you will never get your gobbly hands on a better snowboard game on the VC.

On a side note: 1000 Wii Points is ok, but I've also seen used copies of 1080° Avalanche (the superior sequel for Gamecube) for $10.



adzix said:

yoshi175, what a pointless comment.
if you state that it is awful, explain why. just bashing a game won't help anyone (except for your status as being extremely cool)

anyway, i had this game about 10 years ago, or maybe 9.
loved that it was really hard to master and for the time it looked stunning. the gfx didn't age that badly actually, and the music always kinda sucked.
this is one of the top3 snowboarding games, definitely worth your wii points.



Steve said:

Great game, it's actually better than 1080 on the gamecube. I loved this game in '98 so it's a shame I won't be able to play it until late may since I'm abroad.



Mendez said:

It's alright, but I find it hard to control and the tricks are way to difficult to perform...
I was thinking about giving it another go but other games take priority.



shed said:

I agree with the review, 4 stars seems right. It's a lot of fun but it does lack a bit of depth. Once you've mastered all the moves it gets old pretty quick. It's awesome fun while it lasts though, especially in 2 player.

__/l\ T /l\ R I


/l\ T /l\ R I said:

R - Rotate - R - Rotate - B - R - Rotate - B - Z = 1080!!! And they had the nerve to call SSX "tricky". I loved this game back in the day. Even managed to get hold of an earlier PAL version from Australia. Feels a bit on the slow side nowadays though 4 stars is a fair rating.



Adamant said:

"R - Rotate - R - Rotate - B - R - Rotate - B - Z = 1080!!! And they had the nerve to call SSX "tricky"."

Haha, yeah. In my entire life, I've only managed to do a single 1080 in this game. Had to resort to a cheat to get the other variant of the trick lighted in the practice mode.

Nevertheless, this game kicks major ass. A must download.



The_shoemaker said:

So in other words this game an't too great? Well for me it wouldn't none of my friends play old games just 360 and wii



JNoodles said:

I guess the update answered my questions as to if this was similar to Wave Race or not. Ah, well.



KhaoShar said:

Anybody here who actually downloaded it? How does it feel with the classic controler, is it recommendable?



MysteryfriendR said:

This game brings back memories. This was one of the funnest N64 sports game that was available with hours and hours and gameplay. 4 stars. Buy if you want a challenge because it can difficult at times.



Eliminat3r said:

Great Game , Great fun on the Half-Pipe. this brings back so many good memories ...
Bring on Banjo-Kazooie !



TwinCross said:

After loving 1080 Avalanche on the 'cube, I thought I'd try it's predecessor. What a dissapointment.

The controls are unforgivabely sloppy, tricks are annoying to pull off, and even free riding feels loose. I swear it's easier to fall over in this game than it is doing real snowboarding (being a 'boarder myself, I can say that)!
The music, whilst technically impressive, is an abomination.
And worst of all, the game lacks character. Courses are bland, and the characters are dull with crap-tastic voices.

OK, I get it. It's more of a realistic snowboarding sim than Avalanche (which focused on arcade-style gameplay), but it's a sloppy, half-finished, dissapointment of a snowboarding sim. Do yourself a favour, AVOID, and save the money for a copy of Avalanche, you'll have a hell of a lot more fun.


KhaoShar, it might just be me, but I don't think the Classic Controller worked well on this one. To me, tucking felt flimsy, and pulling off tricks was more like a case of luck rather than button presses. And before you say, it's a new Classic Controller, it works fine .



ChocoDK said:

I don't think I will pick up this game then since I would be playing it alone. And I still love Wave Race but it would've been fun to play a Snowboarding game. Thanks for the great review.



uncle_smuck said:

Fantastic game a little stiff when pulling off tricks especially after playing SSX. Graphically very impressive and a good challenge.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

This is still one of my favorite N64 games and still the best Snowboarding game I have come across. The sequels for this series fell short. Even though the sequels for this game were bigger and had more going on, they just didn't have the perfect blend of difficulty, simulation of the sport and yet making the game fun all at the same time.

But yes, the main game is short. Everything is about replaying it over and over again. This game is for those who don't like to just run through a long 20 hours single player game and move on to the next, but replay some really well made stages over and over again and improve their skills.

Like Mario Kart, but with skill, speed and finesse instead of items, power skidding and dodging the levels pitfalls, lol.



AchubaNanoia said:

I'll give 4 stars for this game. I loved it back when I first played it when it was released. About 4 months ago, I bought a used copy for my N64, and it was still pretty good, even if the trick system was no longer the best one around, and I must admit, I thought it was pretty boring. Now that I sold my N64, along with my copy of 1080, I don't think I'll be buying it again.
So, in short, if you loved it before, it's a sure download. But, if you still own a copy of this game, of if you never played it before, I don't imagine it being a very good deal... the graphics are still pretty good, but the rest of the game just feels average after so many SSX's, Tony Hawk's and sKate.



Virus said:

It's a good game but nowhere near great. Too few tracks, an abnormal learning curve, and the trick system is pretty strange. Wave Race (1080 on water) is way better than this game, so if you need a realistic racing game, get that one.



sym1 said:

1080 is fantastic!! a little disapointing that when you finish it on expert it gives you nothing not even a super snowboard or mirror tracks or something!!!!!!.



jumpman64 said:

This game was a childhood favorite for me, but the gameplay has somewhat aged. Still, if you love games like Wave Race or are a snowboarding or racing fan, this is a must buy. An amazing addition to any N64 fan's collection!



Mr_Z said:

Good game, But not worth 10 bucks. Get SSX 3 on the Game Cube Instead.



rarson said:

This is another one of those polarizing games. For instance, if you like this game, chances are you might not dig into SSX too much.

This game was designed to be a realistic snowboard game, and Nintendo deserves credit for doing exactly that without sucking the fun out of it. I know, the tricks are hard to pull off. That's part of the fun though. I can run down a hill in SSX pulling off all sorts of crazy tricks just by mashing buttons. It doesn't work that way in 1080.

The graphics were awesome when the game came out and I still think they're pretty good. There's not a whole lot to add to a snowboard game to make it look much better than this, aside from maybe more polygons. The small number of tracks is one of my few complaints with this game, but what you do get is enough to have a lot of fun, and the game is really more about mastering the tricks anyway.

So yeah, obviously some people aren't going to like this game. I think it still remains one of the best console snowboarding games ever, but if you're more into the arcade style of games like SSX, then you might want to skip it. As a snowboarder myself, I appreciate the fact that the game is pretty well-grounded in the real world.



Terra said:

I've got the N64 version,.so i'll pass on the VC version. I'm getting the Cube version soon as i bought that off Amazon today alongside Wave Race: Blue Storm



Outrunner said:

Downloaded this and played it once. I dont like it.
Terranigma: Good choice with Blue Storm. It's a great game!



zombiekillr said:

how good is this? i love snowboarding... but are snowboarding games fun..? i might wait for snowboarding on the wii actually...



lockelocke said:

I just popped my N64 cart in and...wow, this really seemed a lot cooler 10 years ago. And faster. I'll save 10 bucks, and just keep the memories.



sashaboo said:

This is an amazing snowboarding game and i think it has very similar qualities to wave race 64 in terms of how the movement and control of your charachter seems to feel and react realistically. However i am the proud ownwer of its amazing and improved sequel 1080 Avalanche which is faster and better graphics but stills manages to retain the amazing feel of the N64 version. A classic



Ausden said:

Still remember my buddy going ape for this game. I could never get into it though. Definitely check it out for old times sake though.



Tyler_100 said:

I borrowed this game back in the day and didn't like it. After enjoying cool boarders on the Psx, I think I'll give this competitor a 2nd go.

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