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Thu 5th Mar 2009

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sponge commented on Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement:

i noticed that most people seemed to miss something . . . vaggies wouldnt be buying a game called 'super meat boy' with or without this ad. all they did was appeal to the 'fan base.'



sponge commented on Nintendo Download: 7th April 2009 (Japan):

dont envy any of those releases especially, except majora's mask of course, which will be everywhere very soon. adventure island would be cool, but i dont need it right away. its just a numbers game. id rather see quality, not quantity. not saying those are bad titles... just nothing im mad i cant have right now.



sponge commented on USA VC Update: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars:

really rapadash? was this the 300th release? pretty lame. but its cool, cuz im broke anyway haha. im glad its not something i want. master system needs quartet like a mofo!



sponge commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES):

there you go again with the variety argument about a game you admit you didnt like or play much. this is where you are getting the criticism, because its just not true. but whatever man.

really, its your loss that you never gave the game a chance. no worries.

but dont get mad because you got called out.



sponge commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

never beat this as a kid. beat it for the first time last week. l333333333t amazing game



sponge commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES):

just beat it for the first time less than a week ago. still stoked. black sheep as it may be, still very happy we got this game. way better than the real mario 2 (lost levels)



sponge commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES):

didnt mario 3 have the same 8 bosses? airship, koopaling, repeat.
mario 1 - the princess is in another castle 7 times.
if anything, mario 2 had MORE variety, not less. admit it, you just sucked at it. you forgot wart because you never got there. hahaha

the game is AWESOME.



sponge commented on Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:

LOL at super punchout being 'harder' and thats why people dont like it as much. RIDICULOUS.

both were great games. we just grew up on punch out. super punch out came so much later that some people missed it. most of us were in a different place in our lives. it just wasnt the same.

dont get me wrong, SPO is an instant DL when we get it. but dont desecrate the original with stupid insults.

LOL still havent beaten iron mike. finally got to round two, on VC. ill get there.



sponge commented on Super C:

where is CONTRA??

i DLed this on VC, super stoked about it. beat it for the first time EVER yesterday. crushed it, really. i under-appreciated this one back in the day. AWESOME game.



sponge commented on River City Ransom:

anybody notice extreme slowdown with two players? disappointed. maybe it was there before and i didnt notice, but it still bummed me out. BARF!

but i LOVE this game. first VC game for me.



sponge commented on The Legend of Kage:

this game isnt awful, but i would say on the level of donkey kong or mario bros. just a short game. small levels. i thought it was fun as heck, honestly. but i wouldnt DL it now just like i wouldnt DL mario bros or donkey kong. i mean, eventually, but its not at the top of my list.

but lots of unmentioned features, like the spell that has dead bodies rain from the sky. not an awful game by far.



sponge commented on EarthBound:

the copyright issues cant be all that bad, it was released once already, right? methinks we will see this game released one day. in some way or another.