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It's a father-son kind of thing in outer space. Again. Whilst relaxing deep in his watery planetary star home, little Ristar receives a panicked message from the strange wormlike people who wear Fezs, going something along the lines of "someone's kidnapped your father, the great leader, and enslaved the local populace. Er, help!".

Rising from his stupor, Ristar prepares for an interstellar mercy mission. His cute five-pointed look is deceptive - only one person ever called him 'Twinkle' at school, and they only ever did it once, because Ristar was Alpha Centauri head-butting champion three solar cycles on the trot. Evolution has given him an exceptionally hard forehead and extended arms to match. This so-called 'evil tyrant' is going to wish he had never been born…

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ristar proves that being unique and different can sometimes be a good thing.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Ristar actually began life as basically the same game. When Sonic Team began developing the game that would become Sonic the Hedgehog, they initially envisioned the character having the ability to reach out and grab things as part...

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__Nathan G


Nathan G said:

I never even heard about this game when it came out all those years ago, so I can understand when people go on about it being underrated. And I agree, its a brilliant game that can easliy stand up against soinic and co. Well worth a look!



Mart said:

This game is quality. I was one of those fortunate enough to pick this one up when it was released back in the day. It's a bright, colourful, solid platformer. Think Sonic style enviroments with varied Sonic gameplay. This isnt your typical Sonic gameplay though where every level is just a different background and you jump and spin through different obstacles. Ristar has stretchy arms to climb, grab switches, hang on to flying owls, and much more including snowball fights with an eskimo. If you missed this one first time round and you owned at least one sonic, you owe it to yourself to give his intergerlactic cousin a go aswell.



Sektor said:

i'm sorry everyone but i think this game is terrible, it's good fun for about half an hour but then it gets boring.
i terms of controlls it doesn't run smooth and feels blockly and like you can't move
it's no fun and to kill an enemy you just stretch your arms into him.
the nice and colourful graphics don't hide this games awful gameplay.
dnt waste 800 points, you could be spening it on something so much better.
e.g. super mario world, f-zero and so on.



danstan said:

I remember loving this game a lot more when I was a kid...

In New Zealand, everybody owned a Megadrive (Genesis), not a SNES, so I missed out on many classic games. Now that I've got access to many SNES games through the Virtual Console, this games mediocrity is pretty apparent.

Not an awful game, but four stars might be a bit generous in my opinion...



BJDJ said:

I'm quite surprised that there has never been at least a sequel to this game. However the only reason why I wouldn't download it is because you can get on the Sonic Mega Collection for Gamecube.



TheNintendoBoy said:

I just wish Ristar's walking speed was a tad faster. Perhaps they'll update it if we all ask them real nicely?



Sektor said:

i'm sorry everyone but i think this game is terrible, it's good fun for about half an hour but then it gets boring.
i terms of controlls it doesn't run smooth and feels blockly and like you can't move
it's no fun and to kill an enemy you just stretch your arms into him.
the nice and colourful graphics don't hide this games awful gameplay.
dnt waste 800 points, you could be spening it on something so much better.
e.g. super mario world, f-zero and so on.



TheNintendoBoy said:

^you need to finish it. Maybe the emulation is choppy, I dunno. Last time I played it it was super smooth but it's not fast paced like Sonic. It has very varied gameplay with lots of small puzzles and secrets to find.

You don't just stretch your arms to kill enemies, you knock them out with your head.



Mendez said:

It's a good game, though I don't really remember it. I played it a couple of times when I hacked Sonic Mega Collection to unlock it XD
I watched the video and it doesn't look as good as I remember though.
It just scrapes a 4* in my books.



Yoshi175 said:

I finally made myself unlock this on mega collection and it's awesome. I can't belive they made no sequals



alvieao said:

It bears repeating because I own Sonic Mega Collection: Ristar is an unlockable game within the collection. The character designer was Yuji Uekawa, who has since went to create new characters (and updating designs of Sonic and friends) in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Everyone should play and appreciate this underrated gem: unique platformimg mechanics and colorful visuals. Download Ristar if you have missed it the first time...



Clayfrd said:

I love this game. I recently unlocked it on Mega Collection, and frankly, I think it is amazing. It deserves nothing less than 5 stars because it is a unique platformer that, for its time, broke the barriers of what a platformer could be. The bosses are also fantastic, and they all offer a unique challenge. Great spritework too.



Mad_Bomber said:

I'd say 4 stars is more than fair. This game has some nice bright graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics but it still falls short of classic status due to some odd level design choices which really choke up the gameplay. It's really nothing spectacular. Worth checking out as it is a solid platformer but it's no Sonic CD.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I bought the Sega Genesis Collection for my PSP(has many of the games found on the VC), and Ristar is one of them. I was pleasantly surprised at how addicted I am to this game. I know this may be a bit drastic to say, but I enjoy it more than Sonic. Its got nicer artwork, a cool, cartoon-like visual style, and the gameplay is very fun.

You kill enemies by grabbing onto them (your arms extend rather far), and "bonking" them with your head. As the Mad Bomber stated, the level design is a bit odd, but still enjoyable seeing as how nice every level looks. If you do not have access to the Sega Genesis Collection(PSP or PS2), then definitely invest the Wii points in this game, you will not be disappointed with this solid platformer.



President_Leever said:

"It's really nothing spectacular. Worth checking out as it is a solid platformer but it's no Sonic CD."

Funny you should mention Sonic CD, which is the worst offender when it comes to choking up the gameplay with odd level design (Im looking at you, crappy timetraveling system).



Roo said:

A visual tour-de-force that showcased the power of the Mega Drive and wowed everybody (who played it) with its stunning looks. Ristar requires the disciplines of skill, concentration and good reflexes - qualities any decent gamer needs! Master it, and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you've spent your 800 points on one of the finest 2D platformer there is on any console. A hugely playable game, far superior than the folks above have portrayed it to be. 5 stars, without question.



deshadow52 said:

i have played it and theres some parts i really didnt like for example in the third world(fire or lava world) first level

before the end of the levl you get this part where there six pipes and enemys stick out of first they show up for a split second one at a time which means the order you have to hit them in which means it simon based they then all show up and you have to kill them in the correct order

this part was badly made i would go into details but its hard to explain the people that played it would know what im talking about and later on it just gets even more annoying. annoying enough that i just stop playing it. its a good game but its just not for me but if your looking for game that is a really challeging platformer than your in for a treat with this one.



Ricardo91 said:

Played this one on my good ol' Sega Genesis Collection, and this is one of my favorite games on it. The audio and visuals are incredible for a Genesis game (The graphics remind me of Rayman on PSone.), and it has some real clever boss fights. I especially like the one in the ice world, where you have to feed hot soup to a giant ice monster. This and Comix Zone need sequels. Seriously.



Beau_Skunk said:

The game features creative level designs, boss battles, and characters. The music, and bright graphics are nice to. Almost makes you feel like a kid again. It's no wonder this game has become a cult-classic. Not as fast-paced as Sonic, but a great game.



Clayfrd said:

@Will - Look it up on Gamespot or IGN or whatever you like. You have to play every game like 25 times. If you want to cheat, you can just start and exit the games over and over, but it still takes a while. It's worth saving 8 bucks to take a few minutes to unlock it. Good game.



Corbs said:

An absolutely amazing platformer and one that is sometimes very underrated. I drag this one out quite often for a play through and it never disappoints.



Cally said:

Ristar is just great.

Nothing really sticks out about it other than that it's just a charming, delightful game. I can't think of a better looking Genesis game, period--so incredibly colorful with gorgeous detail. It has just enough challenge and depth to be compelling but not overly stressful, so it's mostly a superb platformer for pure enjoyability.

In my opinion, just the thing for the end of a stressful day (or times O_o)



CanisWolfred said:

I had unlocked it in Sonic Mega Collection, and only managed to play it once before I sold it to get the the PS2 version. Still, what little time I had with the game was very enjoyable, and I can't wait to play it again, once I unlock it in the PS2 SMC.



Ferret75 said:

I really don't like this game much.
It's slow and boring, and it just doesn't really bring me in.



James said:

Awesome game, fantastic music, great styling and a very happy game. As the Corbinator says, a great game to unwind with at the end of a hard day.



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

I just downloaded this game about 4 days ago. I'm surprised it took me so long to get this one. The game is unique. It grows on you too. At first, I was like these controls are slightly non-intuitve, but you get the hang of it. So I say dowload this classic and play it a few times before you pass judgement on it.



StarBoy91 said:

A truly underrated game. This, along with Sonic 2 (MD, 1992) and Gunstar Heroes (MD, 1993), ranks as the top 3 best Mega Drive titles ever (I know it's called the Genesis in the States, but I prefer Mega Drive). I never played the original cart, but I have played it on Sega Genesis Collection (PSP version), and I truly enjoyed it.
The graphics are some of the best I've seen on the console, the music is catchy and decent, and the action is superb. On the bright side, this game can be beaten without the ILOVEU code (oops, I said too much. !). Unfortunately, Hard mode is a mode I've yet to beat, and that damn Stage 6 - 1 is the most annoying aspect of the game. Otherwise, a topnotch game, nonetheless.
PS: If you've ever had the strange sensation that this game feels like a Sonic Team game, that's because it is.

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