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Nebulus (C64 / Commodore 64)

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Weird things are happening on Planet Nebulus. Someone or something has begun building huge towers on the sea bottom without having a construction license.

You get to the base of each tower in your submarine. You must guide your creature around and through all eight towers in order to reach the top of each and defuse an evil threat.

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Posted by Kelvin Green

Weird things are happening on Planet Nebulus.

Nebulus (known as Tower Toppler in the US and Castelian in its NES and Game Boy incarnations) is another title from Hewson that is memorable largely due to its idiosyncratic presentation. The game is particularly noted for its striking visual design, and...

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User Comments (42)



KhaoShar said:

o_o >_< OoO

This looks amazing!!! The rotation of the tower, the multi-paralax scrolling in the sub levels.... if the gameplay can keep up with those optics, you can count me in!

Hope 'tis not one of those games that can be cleared during a single coffee break, though. Many games of that era tend to be great but short, trying to prolong playingtime with a plus of difficulty and a minus of continues... anyone can tell me about that?



Adamant said:

Ah yeah, I remember this. It was pretty, but not particularly outstanding in any other way.



Simbabbad said:

Excellent game, I owned it when I had an Amiga and I'm amazed the C64 version is pretty much the same quality.

The game is part platformer, part puzzle and part die & retry, it's really excellent and original and well made. Maybe I'll pick it up.



DEMON212 said:

As I said on Drake's channel. It looks weird but fun. So I can see me getting this.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I have the original C64-Box, but the game doesn`t load anymore. If this appears on VC, i will download it as fast if i can.



Oldschoolmayhem said:

When will the C64 come to America? I want this game as Wasteland would be awesome if it came out on the C64.



Dazza said:

I really like this game, but it is HARD! If you have the persistence to perfect your timing and memorise things then this game is easily worth getting. Don't be put off by a 3 star rating on this if you have uber l33t skillz! It is great fun once you get past the pain barrier



Falk_Sturmfels said:

Unacceptable rating. Three stars? Which type of bullsh... is that? Nebulus is a great puzzle game with spectacular 3d-graphics. No question about. Get it!



Quimby said:

Unacceptable rating. Three stars? Which type of bull is that? Nebulus is a dull puzzle game with craptastic "3d"-graphics. No question about. Skip it!

Sorry - I couldn't help myself, I don't know why. I have never played this game, but it looks a bit bland... but what do I know?



mr_niceguy said:

Looks pretty good to me, very creative for it's time. Too bad we don't get Commadore 64 in NA, it seems to have some interesting games.



Mr_64 said:

Quimby how on earth can you judge a game you've never played. Tetris has worse graphics than Nebulus, does that make it a terrible game? For an 8-bit game in 1987, the presentation is pretty top notch. The game itself is very challenging and the 3D ascent of the tower is a truly imaginative concept for a puzzle game. On the downside, it's rock solid!



KeeperBvK said:

Does anybody know if the original cheats still work on the VC version? On gamefaqs it says:
Unlimited Lives and Time & Tower Select
Pause game play and hold Left, Up, and the J key and press Fire to gain unlimited lives and time. While holding down Left, Up, J, and Fire, you can also press 1-8 to jump to that tower.



Kelvin said:

Keeper, I'd imagine that the cheats don't work, as I can't see how you'd do the joystick and keyboard presses at the same time on the virtual keyboard.

Fierce, it's not a frog, but it looks like one.



neuzd said:

Wow, now that's an awesome use of parallax scrolling!! How many parallax levels there were in the shooter sections? And it's just a C=64 game!
I don't remember to have ever seen this game, but I'm impressed.



Bass_X0 said:

are the controls responsive enough on virtual console? i don't want the games difficulty to rely on fighting with the controls to make them do what i want them to. that just kills any desire to play a game.



Bass_X0 said:

I downloaded this by accident today. I was in two minds about downloading it. I was checking to see how many blocks it would take up and i clicked on the download button thinking it was the button to go back. Agh.

Anyway, it seems like an interesting game. As the review said, I'll die a lot and it will require patience. It is annoying when you get trapped and there's a thing coming right for you but that just means i walked into a mistake.



CrazyOtto said:

They should have released the NES version of this, so the US, Australlia, and Japan could have it too.



Bass_X0 said:

Its okay. Kinda frustrating, especially the time limit. But there is genuine satisfaction in completing a stage. I can only get up to the third stage before I run out of lives though. I die more times because of the time limit than falling into the water.



RurouniTeeter said:

Oh will people just hush about Majora's Mask and Super Smash Brothers for once?
You'll get it when its here.
In the mean time, play something else.



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

I'm so thankful this game finally came to shore. I love this game and the 64 version is probably the best version of it.



In the meantime you should play C64, JTCPingas09. Tower Toppler is a totally awesome example of C64 greatness. There's really no reason to wait. Sure, I'd suggest the Jumpman games and IK+ above this, and anybody questioning why the C64 is on the Virtual Console (for shame) needs to at least play Mayhem in Monsterland before they start hating on the C64, but this is a solid game and also the only one currently available in the US out of the above games.

Yeah, the level design is pretty structured and there's not really a variety of ways to get through the levels, but the psuedo-3D effects on the C64 are trippy enough to be worth the 500 points on it's own, and it's just a really enjoyable game.

Also, I love your avatar Turbo Genesis 64. Ballblazer is ace.



Bass_X0 said:

I managed to get to the third tower recently for the first time. And I can now do the first tower with relative ease now.

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