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I'm quite looking forward to it, and am generally impressed with the footage they showed of it. Unfortunately though the demo with Miyamoto wasn't as impressive as it should have been. I like the art style, although not as much as Wind Waker's, and am glad they decided to stay away from the realistic realm of graphics.

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It looks cool that they found a way to make an older Link look good in Cel Shading. It was a shame that Shiggy had problems with his Motion+, plus I love the poke at Apple "Can you turn off your wireless devices please". hehe, nice one Nintendo.




Can't wait.

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Well, i saw it, and I can't say I was too impressed. Now, I'm a HUGE nintendo/mario/zelda/metroid fanboy, but my interest in playing essentially the same game over and over again since OoT is finally waning. I'm not dissing the game or anything and I know there were technical problems with the live demo, but until I see more of the game and hear other people's impressions of the gameplay, colour me meh/undecided.



so is that werid fariy girl thing out or what.


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Graphics: nice WW/OoT, with just a hint of TP
Gameplay: the WM+ is exploited nicely, with different ways to slice (a la Wii Sports Resort swordplay)
Judgement: I'll get it.

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I am far less excited for this now than I was before E3.



I love it! The part realistic part cell-shaded wasn't what I thought they were going for, but I still like it. It looks very clean and crisp. I also liked the look of the gameplay even though they were getting some technical difficulties. There are also defiantly some TP inspirations like that thing you can control and fly around to interact with stuff was an awful a lot like when you can control a Falcon after using the plant flute. Can't wait for more gameplay footage!

I wonder what the final build will be like? Since this won't be released until somewhere in 2011, a lot of stuff will be probably different from what we seen.


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Graphically, this is how I want my 3D Zelda games to look! Like a 3D 'A links to the Past' The vibrant colors and beautiful environments are fantastic. I'm really loving the motionplus controls as well, but again it's a shame it had to go wonky during the demonstration.



I miss the Twilight Princess style. I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous.
This game looks pretty, don't get me wrong, but it also has an aspect of cuteness that I'd prefer wasn't there...
Still, it's a new Zelda game, so it's obviously a purchase in my book!

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Would had been hilarious if he got a game over.



Looks good, but I said the same thing about Twilight Princess which was a huge letdown. I'm going to have to see more to form a real opinion.

Oh, and change that lame as hell name, Nintendo. (Skyward Sword? Yuck.)

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Looks good. Surprised by the graphics, and hoping the controls are awesome!



It looks good but I wasn't as blown away by it as I thought that I would be. They have a lot of time to polish it up before it hits retail. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.



I have never been a really fan of zelda, anyways the DS game spirit tracks was really good, but I don't like at all twilight so I think I will pass.

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It didn't help that during the demonstration they kept saying "PEOPLE PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES." But the game still looks awesome.

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Very few people seem to be talking about the name..... does that not sound like it has something to do with flight?

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The controls were really glitchy, but it's all stuff that was done on WSR, so I'm sure it'll work fine upon release. I am really excited about the control system and playing the game in motion plus.

I'm not a huge fan of the art style either. I also thought it looked kind of bland and characterless. My feed could have been better though. I'm looking forward to a good quality trailer.

Nothing about the story or gameplay style really other than the controls. I guess I was hoping for more.

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